Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Shirt - Gap, thrifted
Dress - LAmade, thrifted
Jeans - Target, thrifted
Boots - Yuchen, ebay
Belt - Blogger swap with Lynne

No I don't mean underwear, just wearing my pants (or trousers) under my dresses. The storms blew through last night, knocking things around. We had a pole and some limbs down in the neighborhood, but otherwise we're safe and fine.

However it was still really windy today so I didn't want any mishaps with a fullskirt, so pants. This dress is desperately underutilized in my closet. It's perfect for layering, but I don't know what kept me from doing so.  Any good ideas for this dress?

Also I thought you guys might be interested in actually seeing the Pink Watermelon! She's got her happy face back on (left), green keyboard and ear buds, with a shiny new not-possessed mouse with black polka dots in lieu of seeds. I also finally got my paintings hung up. I wish I could say that's my desk 'messy', but that's it on a clean day. I'm hyper organized, but never seem to have enough spots for everything.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Starry World

Blouse - Simply Vera, thrifted
Belt - Rugged Warehouse
Skirt - gift made by Tamera
Ride Boots - Cydwoq
Necklace - Tiffany&Co.  gift
M earring - Wendy Brandes
Other earring - convention

A little bit of warm weather means I got to wear this skirt that Tamera made for me! She found this amazing starry fabric and made a skirt to my perfect specifications. How cool is she?! This skirt is going to be a go-to for me. Sadly as I was taking the photos for today, the clouds were really rolling in. We have wind advisory warnings going up so we're tying down stuff to our porch so everything doesn't blow away.


I'm making crockpot chicken and herb dumplings for dinner so we can stay warm and comfy inside. I hope the worst of the wind passes through tonight. Tennessee weather can be very scary at times. Hope everyone is keeping an eye on your local weather. Stay safe out there.

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Pink Watermelon Lives!

Shirt - ?? Old shirt of the DH's
Necklace - Sparkle Park Designs, etsy, swap
Cords - Hollister, thrifted
Flats - Cydwoq

My computer is now back in the land of the living (as of this moment). I'm still waiting for another part to come in the mail, but the power supply I purchased did revive the Watermelon (my pink and green computer).

For everyone who ordered and paid over the weekend, I shipped your packages out this afternoon. For those on the fence, I'm leaving the sale open until Wednesday. Then I'll be pulling down all the sold obi pictures. Major thanks again for all who helped out and the condolences on the dead computer.

As for playing catch up, the gorgeous Val over at Late Blooming Sparkle  and I did a swap last week. My buttonflowers for one of her necklaces. This goldfish necklace had already been on my etsy fav page when Val reached out to me, and I excitedly agreed to a swap. I've begun amassing an interesting little jewelry collection, especially little fish or other creatures. This goldfish trio was a perfect match for my taste. Val was a delight to swap with!

Other new things - My grandmother gifted me with this beautiful cobalt blue coat. It has a nice oversized fit, which means I can layer it up a bunch when it gets really cold! I've been wanting a bright colored piece of outerwear and this was a nice surprise.

Also on the horizon - I'll have guest post up with Ada over at Elegance Personified as she settles in with her new baby.

And the awesome Meghan of Meg's Ragged Edge dedicated an OOTD post to me today! Isn't she awesome!!

If I've somehow lost my head and forgotten anyone or anything, please forgive me and shoot me an email or tweet (@MeganMaeDaily). I'll still be playing catch up for a little bit. And now after nearly four hours of Bio II, I need to do something entirely mind-numbing like watch television and eat.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The WTF Sale


Hi everyone! Apologies for a lack of posting, but here's the skinny - Ever have one of those days where you wake up late, forgot your phone, can't find your keys, you accidentally put on mismatched socks, and the day just spirals out of control from there?

That was my Friday. I came home from a crazy day and my computer wouldn't turn on.

So, my computer's busted. I'm currently blogging off the DH's, but I really need to get to get my own working asap as all of my stuff is on my desktop.. I have no idea how much it's going to take to fix my desktop. We're hoping it's just the power supply, but in case it's not, I'm planning for the worst! Hopefully it'll be an easy fix, but in the mean time I need to shore up funds for worst-case senario.

So I'm slashing my obi prices down to $13 a belt and putting a couple of things up for grabs on my Shop My Closet page. I've also posted tie combos of the belts that haven't been sewn up yet so if you like one of the combos, you can order it and I'll get it together asap. Email me at Ecc3ntriccynic[at]gmail[dot]com to order or ask questions!

I am still available through my email and on twitter (@MeganMaeDaily) - Thank God for smart phones.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Megan of Mass Destruction

 Tee - Gap, thrifted
Jeans - The Limited, thrifted
Pumps - Naturalizer, thrifted
Earring - Wendy Brandes

Guess what !!! I finally got my first piece of Wendy Brandes jewelry!! I ordered one of her fabulous lettered stud earrings with an M (even though I often forget to show my jewelry, I wear single or mismatched earrings a lot).

I waffled over many different ideas, but over the Christmas holidays I received lots of interesting star studs that I thought would go well for remixing with a classic M.  The stud earring is from Wendy's WendyB diffusion line. As one of her smallest pieces, I was still happily surprised at the substantial size of the stud. I know it will get lots of wear. I'm already looking forward to my next WendyB purchase!

As for today's outfit, I was channeling a little bit of classic Wendy style. Dark jeans and black shirt. This tee is the replacement I've been looking for to replace the Talbots one I had. It's got the same stripes, 3/4 sleeve and just a bit longer in the body.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Sweater - Banana Republic, thrifted
Striped shirt - ?? thrifted
Skirt - thrifted
Boots - Natacha, ebay
Belt - gift from Sheila

This outfit felt very witchy! I wanted to wear a skirt today, but didn't want to freeze, so I wore skinny jeans underneath. I also tried out layering a pattern under my sheer sweater. I liked the effect. The overall look came out awesome I think. This is my umpteenth try of a longer skirt. This one is light and I like the printed bits and panels. The colors felt right with where my style has gone, and I didn't trip over it once!

Definitely trying to challenge myself this year, in fashion and in school. I'll admit that after two sessions in my first two classes I'm very disappointed. I find myself picking up on what the teachers are saying, noting references to books or material, while the rest of the class is blank stares. I'm really hoping since my night class is a continuation of last semester's that the group will be a little more lively.. or at least alive.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter Chill

Jacket - Ruff Hewn, ebay
Sweater - Jones Sport, thrifted
Cords - J.Crew, thrifted
Boots - Yuchen, ebay
Harness - Audra Jean

So I think the general consensus is that it's too cold for sanity. Or leaving warm blankets and bad television. But I still had to leave the house which meant I needed to be dressed. So I took an outfit I already knew worked, tossed on some accessories, and a jacket (and a coat).

I don't have much to say so I stole these questions from Beth's blog:

If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?  Telekinesis. Super power for the powerfully lazy and OCD.

The movie or the book? Books are always better, but movies are an interesting way to keep fandom alive and bring stories to a wider mainstream audience.

Beach or mountains?  Mountains I guess, though I get sick at going up and down altitudes.

Coke or Pepsi?  Coke.

Flats or heels?  flats

For whatever reason, you have to start your entire wardrobe, shoes included, over from scratch and you can only buy 15 pieces.  What are they?  A good pair of boots (cydwoq), a good pair of shoes (trippen), a good pair of sandals (cydwoq), three dresses, three skirts, five tops, and a pair of jeans. That's 15 right?

Thrift or retail?  thrifting.

Chinese or Mexican food?  Chinese food. I dunno, I'm not big on Mexican spices like cilantro or cumin.  I like both types of food though. I'm pretty sure there are few foods I don't like. (No mushrooms)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Holiday

Shirt - Cato, thrifted
Skirt - Jcrew, thrifted
Tights - Anna Sui
Army flats - Trippen

Ah, the return to classes, and the Monday Off at the beginning of the semester. We all fight the shock to our systems. My resulting panic at the looming year ahead, the mind boggling at how a semester's worth of  work will be done and learned. I will admit it will be quite a busy one, and apologize for any future lack of posting, commenting or communication lapse. I do hope to be able to handle my current commitments.

I did take advantage of my long weekend to make this mini-skirt not so mini. I thrifted it on Friday, loving the print. Once I got it home, I realized there was no way I'd be comfortable with the length. I have alright legs, I'm young.. I just don't feel comfortable with short skirts on my body. Something about the air exposure feeling, blech. Comfort always comes first for me.

So I decided to cannibalize my mori girl skirt to make up the length. The mori girl skirt was gorgeous, but for a style not quite mine. The colors also matched well with the mini skirt while not fighting the already bold print.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Five years

 Sweater - westbound, thrifted
Skirt - All Saints
Tights - Sockdreams
Boots - Natacha

Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of marriage for the DH and I. We got married as young stupid in love kids. Thankfully we've spent the past 5 years growing into the people we are today. We've both changed a lot, as many do in their 20s, but I fall back in love with him all the time. I'm grateful for his patience, encouragement, and general ability to deal with me and still say "I love you" every single day. For more than five years (and then some).

He and I have decided to put more emphasis on our actual ceremony date(3-15) versus the legal-paper date (1-18), but it's hard to pass a milestone of five years without acknowledging the most important relationship in my life.

And I'll admit, I celebrated a bit by going thrifting. Lol! Yes, even after birthday gifts galore, I found some gaping holes in my closet as I cleaned last night. I have a pitiful ratio of shirts to bottoms! So I went and grabbed a couple of new shirts and stupidly also came out with a couple more things as well. But I did get to give my other new pair of boots a spin!

An unknown to me brand - Natacha! Another stumbled upon pair on ebay, they remind me a lot of Fluevog Swordfish family with the long toes, but they also remind me of a knight's armor with the layered bits. And the best part - they're grey blue!! I have been hunting high and low for the perfect pair of grey blue boots. I found these lovelies for only $30 on ebay, and with major thanks to Ally, bought them!

Speaking of birthdays, the party hasn't stopped! I've added some more late comers to the party! So head back and check them out~!

Friday, January 18, 2013

With Great Thanks

Sweater - etsy
Necklace - gift from Beth
Skinnies - Joe's Jeans, thrifted
Boots - Yuchen, ebay
Earrings - gift from Ana

No it's not thanksgiving, but I'm having my own personal day of thankfulness here in the MMD household. I feel heart heavy with joy. My friends, both local and world wide, have joined me for celebrating the beginning of my own new year. I've received many different forms of personalized gifts, each one thoughtful and unique.

And I couldn't be happier and more grateful. I've tried to thank everyone individually, but I also want to thank everyone who joined the e-party, both in post and in comments. For the tweets, facebook posts, the emails, and snail mail. To those in real life who gave me art and fashion, food and love. You all have fed me body and spirit this week, this month!
New Boots pair 1 - robot sci fi boots!
And I know you all want the deets on what I got!

2 paintings by 2 different artists, a starbucks giftcard, a teal tunic with belt, manicure stuff, socks!, gorgeous birthday cards of all sorts of levels of gorgeous, star jewelry, hematite jewelry, mouse earrings, a homemade skirt with Stars!, birthday cash that went towards two pairs of boots and will soon be going towards a piece of Wendy B jewelry!!, kitty cat art magnets from the Met, an amazing e-party, incredible meals at so many different places and donuts, and a homemade german chocolate cake by my grandmother.. If I missed anything, I apologize. I tried taking pictures to remember who sent what. I've never had so many birthday presents in my life!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

MMD E-PARTY (Massive Post)

Rocking a thrifted J.Peterman dress a la Alice with Trippen flats and my wedding Tiara
Birthday hats are overrated.

It's my birthday!! Every year, try as I might, my birthday celebrations go awry. Something about this time of year has everyone bustling on with their own business, content to stick to resolutions, go back to school, to work, nose to the grindstone. Instead of partying alone this year, I asked the blog world to join me in my 23rd year of life and celebrate.

Here are the lovely party attendees:

Starting off the party in style, My sister-in-cat, Lynne, brought some of her best shoes to try on for the party!  And because she's been one of my biggest supporters - she's also wearing a cluster of buttonflowers with her rocking striped dress.

Continuing on with the gorgeous shoes, Ana steps into the party with her new button boots and a grown-up goth girl look to die for!

My lovely neighbor to the North, Amber offered up her fantasy tulle and teacup photoshoot with the dearly departed Miss Maryjane Frystack. Amber is currently with her ailing chicken, Alma, and the sympathetic alpha-chicken Starr. Much love and prayer goes out to Amber and her ladies. I'm glad to have them at my birthday.

Thanks to a recent trade with the gorgeous Kristan, she decided to share her dressed up MMD gear along with a pair of Fluevog guides for the party!! Halfway around the world, opposite hemisphere, style still sings!

Same birth month, nearly same name - Meghan is a girl after my own thrifty heart. She brought her A-game to the party in her newly thrifted pirate coat and those beautiful boots.

Same name - different sound, Megan, brought out her origami dress, MMD obi, and the most incredible pair of flats. We're here to party and those are some boogie shoes!

Pretty in pink and purple, Beth brought out her incredible skirt and MMD buttonflowers to play. Unpictured here, but she's also rocking the rocks I gave her for Christmas. ;)

New to my reading list, Mia! She's got the best hair around and the cutest smile. I'm a fan from day one and I'm thrilled she joined the party.

Two ladies who always give me the best advice, a fearless sense of adventure, and have been cornerstones of my blogging realm. Patti joins us from her warm weathered beach in a lace blouse.

While Ally is flying her picture in from the shivery Northeast in this cocktail dress and splash-of-color scarf. (You two better behave if I seat you together!)

The mysterious Secret Squirrel opted not to freeze her toes off across the pond (and rightly so) entered a wedding party photo from the warmer months with glass of (wine?!) I did say BYOB. ;)  I haven't met SS in person, but from what I've learned about her, I bet she can party!

Cara had to have a costume change - this is a MMD party afterall - I did ask for over the top! So she decided to show up in her MMD belt and swap out into a plaid dress that I might need to steal off her body. GOR-GEOUS.

Tamera must have taken my challenge to heart and grabbed every leopard print around her! This badass beauty is bold! I think she needs some leopard print shoes now. ;)

EE bares her toes in these beautiful Gucci heels! Reading EE's blog is like a calming yoga session. I always look forward to her hair adventurous and her sweet thoughtful posts! 

Next up we have FOUR guests, two of which are ticking down the days until their own birthdays. The lovely Mrs Keely and her soon-to-be baby boy and the lovely Mrs Ada with her very-soon-to-be baby girl.

The ever inspiring Pat. I'm so in awe of her project and would love to spend a day crafting with her. She transforms even the ordinary into extraordinary.

While not her intended outfit, Robin of Frannie Pantz decided to keep warm in her kickass boots and teal sweater. Maybe she can start the dance train along those tracks?

Melanie shows up with the best tee shirt ever. She's got the right idea if you ask me!!

My IRL friend, Quiton, had to get in on the e-party too! This girl rocks you guys. 

In her own words, Sheila says every party needs someone who is a) late b) stumbling around and c) wearing a lampshade…and she's happy to fill that role. Of course she does it in style with a pair of Melissa Vivienne Westwood Dragon lady shoes and a Desigual dress. 

Gracey rolls in for the evening with her Duck Face Robot dance. She's gotta teach us all the dance so we can boogie down all night. (Isn't her hair totally rockin' roll!!)

Anne the spy girl, uncloacks with this party ready look! She may be late, but certainly more than welcome!!

Sacramento rocks the fanciest blouse I've ever seen. Isn't she beautiful! 

Don't forget the four feets as well! They're all awfully tuckered out. I am too after such an amazing birthday. Thank you to every one, those who read, participated. Those who sent me cards and gifts. You're all amazing and have started out my 23rd year of life in the best way possible. Go curl up and get some rest! Tomorrow is another day, party hard!

Tamera's Mr. Bill and Diva Kae

Beth's Taylor and Pippin
Late to the party, Sheila brings her kitty cat Vizzini to play

Once again if you want to join the party late - just leave me a link or send me an email. I'll be updating the post if more people decide to join up!  If I have not added you to the list, and you have contacted me, leave a comment, please.