Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring has sprung

Tee - 4ever young
Belt - gift from Sheila
Skirt - thrifted, DIY'd
Tennis Shoes - Arche
Petite Star Stud earrings (barely pictured) - gift from Ana

I know spring doesn't technically start until next week, but it's 70F today! Glorious sunny and warm day! I had to go with something fun and swingy. My favorite striped top, my recycled red dress (I know..), and my shiny arche tennis shoes. Yesterday I got into a sewing frenzy and turned two dresses into skirts. I like dresses, but I own 12 of them (not including the ones I turned into skirts). Proportionally in my closet, that is a LOT. So I decided to finish out my skirt rainbow by adding an orange and red skirt to the mix.

I took the button detail that I loved from the dress and added it to the bottom of the skirt. That way I keep all my favorite parts and have a fun midi skirt to mix and match with different tops. I've definitely been loving the longer length. This outfit was so comfy, the weather so nice, the DH and I had a lovely walk outside!

And in case you couldn't tell... I really like this sort of look..



  1. Oh I love all of your remixes Megan! That striped top is a lot of fun and YAY for 70!!!! We were supposed to hit 70 today. I don't know if we did but I'm not going to turn my nose up to a day I can get through sans coat. I feel a little ashamed, however, at you gauging 12 dresses as a lot. I think I have about 30 . . . woops!

  2. LOVE this! And gah, 70 degrees!! I want that! I want bare legs darn it! Red and black is one of my favorite combos too, nothing wrong with that!

  3. The look works, so glad that you do wear it a lot!

    Ugh, I want your weather.

    Also, I sound very much like Beth!

  4. OH WOW, YOU SHORTENED YOUR HAIR AGAIN - BRAVE GIRL. Red looks good on you. I am happy to see the past outfits. It is good to reflect on older styles. =)

    I like the asymmetry (on your left side) going on in this outfit. And I am a sucker for Red, as well as a sucker for Black & White Stripes. =)

  5. 70 degrees! *sob*

    Very clever with the recycling! Red + black + stripes = awesome in my book, of course, but the asymmetry makes it awesome +.

  6. Love the longer length, and of course the bright color of the skirt. Great re-fashioning.

  7. Oh, gosh, I'm having some blasts from the past from the early days of your blog! I love seeing how you've changed over the years - the hair! Your style, though, has really changed - you've grown and tried so much.

    Great outfit, and please? complaining about your weight when that tiny belt is hanging on your hips? I couldn't even do it up! You look gorgeous any size.

  8. Very cute! I do love mixing red, black and white. You do it so well too! It's been lovely weather in these parts as well.

  9. It's so cool to see you in different versions of what you love!! You look great in them all, this new one no exception. We'll be taking a moment tomorrow to enjoy Spring in it's Southern glory. It's my favorite season here, for sure. Enjoy your weekend!! BTW, I love your refashion. :-)

  10. What a cool top - I can see why you like it sooooo much! And bring on spring - it's been in the mid-60s here and all the flowers are popping!

  11. This look works for you. Stylish and unique.

  12. Awesome DIY Megan--i love the look and the button detail is so cute!!

    I'm doing the opposite--i'm turning a maxi skirt i thrifted into a blouse!!!

  13. Very stylish in any version!!!!
    Wanna follow each????
    Let me know....

  14. I love this look. No wonder you wear that stripe and red so often. But I really like your choice of shoe with this outfit. Bring on the springtime! - I'm with you there.

  15. Love the dress re-fashion, and seeing all of these red/black/white looks gathered together. Gorgeous in the sunshine!


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