Thursday, March 14, 2013


Blouse - NY&Co. thrifted
Underlayer - DIY'd All Saints
Goucho Yoga things - thrifted
Tetra flats - Trippen
Necklace - gift from Lynne

Ever wonder "What do I wear to the Doctor's Office?" - I do. Every year. I went in for my yearly doctor's appointment to get myself checked out. Cancer runs in my family (skin and cervical) and so every year I go and get checked out, come hell or high water or early morning appointments. After lots of poking, prodding, testing and assurances that the weird moles I've been worried about should be okay and non-melanoma-y and a restock on anti-baby pills, I'm good for another year.

This year I opted for ultra comfort in the form of a lagenlook loose layers. I didn't get a shot of my lovely paper dress, but I'll leave that up to your imagination. I assure you, it was the height of patient fashion.

Despite my squinty angry look, I was actually really glad to get today over with. Now instead of hyperventilating over blood tests, pokey doctor things and other panic inducing things, I'm going to worry about sewing. I thrifted these yoga-y pants while on my constant hunt for a pair of harem style. I think they're going to get some detailing and a piece of elastic run through the hems to gather them into bloomer style pants. Fingers crossed it turns out well!

Edited for blurry bloomer pants!:


  1. I hate doctor appointments. Hate them. I did my yearly one last month, so glad it's over for another year!

    Love your very comfy look - I'd say flowy layers are definitely the way to go for the doctor!

  2. Blech. I just had mine a couple of weeks ago. It was a follow up from about six months ago when they had to do a biopsy for cervical cancer. Turns out, though, I'm fine! Phew! I love to be comfy for those appointments too since the appointment in and of itself is NEVER comfortable.

  3. Ah, well done for getting it over with. Your outfit looks comfy and just right. I await your trouser project with excitement! I do like a harem pant x

  4. Oh, wow, I am so obsessed with Lagenlook right now, I can't even tell you. There were a couple of (pricey!) boutiques in York full of the stuff, and I just swooned. I love how you're working that influence here, and I am very glad the doctor's appointment is done for you! (HATE those so much.)

    Yay, bloomers!

  5. So beautiful - love it with your hair. Glad you got though the appointment, awesome to be proactive, and your bloomers are adorable!

  6. Cool idea about the yoga-pants. Can't wait to see your end results. And yay for taking good care of yourself! I went to the derm yesterday b/c I had what I thought was a strange mole. He looked at it and said, "oh, that's nothing, but I don't like the looks of *this* one" and sliced a different one right off me! Keep checking those moles, gf.

  7. Loving this allover loose look on you - very androgynous yet still feminine. Your redone pants are the perfect length for knickers!

  8. I'm digging your hair like this. Your outfit looks comfortable which is key when going to the doctor's office.

  9. Ant-baby pills! That's what I always called them. Tee hee!

    Smart girl, taking responsibility for her health. Catching things early can be the difference between life and death. Go you!

    And the outfit is perfect for the Doctor's office. I always love wearing something extra fabulous to visit the doctor. Gives us something else to talk about.

  10. Yay for a good doctor's report!!

    Love the Lagen look on you--very floaty and feminne and perfect with your hair!!
    Can't wait to see the new DIY!!

  11. That's funny, i didn`t know in English they know the word " lagen ".
    That's a dutch and i think als german word.
    I made the strangest faults in writing my last blog, i think you must have seen that ;-)
    Instead of "day" i wrote the word "They" 2 times. And i absolutely know the difference.
    Sometimes i feel so ashamed when i read my own blog. Don`t know why i chose this strange words.

    Anyway, i like your lagen look, i wear layers pretty often too.
    Very comfi.

    xo arezu

    1. I only know it from learning about the Lagenlook style. I think it's exciting to learn different languages though. I know I wouldn't do well typing in a language other than English, myself, and I make enough mistakes there. ;)

  12. I only worry about what I have to take OFF at the doc. This week I had to have a strong anti-inflammatory injection into my, uh, sweet cheeks. When my skirt dropped to the floor, I couldn't bend over and pick it up by myself (back issues, the reason I was there to start with, ugh.)

    Bloomers. You are so freakin' cool.

  13. Aaaack! Colon cancer runs in my family. So I know about the poking and prodding. Love the bloomer pants!!



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