Saturday, March 2, 2013


Feeling down in the dumps... I'll admit I did go shopping today. However it was 50% off everything sale at the GW, so I made like bandit and found some major goodies. First up, I found three dresses:

A cherry red vintage dress with 3/4 length sleeves and the most fab buttons. I've been watching this dress for awhile. It has a little love on it (vintage does mean aged) so I wanted to wait down the price. It fits lovely though, and warm enough for wintery wear. I will probably style it up first thing on Monday.

Next up a Newport News green midi dress. I loved the color and the odd neckline. It's a bit long on me, but I imagine I'll be glad for it come breezy hot summer days. I'm liking longer lengths right now anyway. Still unsure how I feel about the waistline on this. I don't have the most defined waist (naturally, I do a good job faking it with clothes). But I'm hoping comfort will outweigh the iffyness. I'll give it a go and if not, it may go onto someone else.

Finally this radical tie dye tee shirt dress. I can see tossing this on with a pair of sandals or tights and boots. I nearly passed it up, but it's cut large enough through the hips and length for my taste and the colors were so awesome. Hellloooo 90s flashbacks (I was obsessed with tiedye as a kid)

I snagged a pair of loose gaucho/yoga pants in black. I'm sure you can imagine them. I was searching for some colorful ones, but the only other pair I found was in red-brown... which doesn't go with most of my closet. I was hoping to a find a pair of harem-y pants pants, but for how 'popular' they seem to be, I haven't even seen a pair of fast-fashion ones in the GW.

After finding the Sherlock coat, I realized I didn't have a Purple Shirt of Sex (okay, BBC Sherlock fans will know what I mean) so I grabbed this Express shirt. I love express shirts. And if I finally get my new coat cleaned... I can do a proper Sherlock outfit.

The pièce de résistance for today: A pair of Doc Martens!!! Dark brown, totally rugged. A little chunky, but most docs are. Shopped all day in my Frye boots, but I'm sure these docs will be just as comfortable. I'm also super obsessed with the zipper, makes them quite easy to get into. A little research shows these are Dr. Marten Gammas. They remind me of my Frye harness boots, which were decidedly TOO tough for my delicate feet. These however are much lighter, but just as rugged.

And finally I found a little bee for my Sis, Sheila. Okay the bees are on the item, but just a teaser image for this because it's going to head on up to Canada where hopefully it will fit and she will love it as much as I do!
Buzz buzz~


  1. Great finds - I'm itching to get out and shop now!

  2. I'm jealous you're going to do a Sherlock outfit. :-)

    I know how you feel about being down in the dumps. It's one of the reasons I haven't posted in a while.

    AWESOME finds at the GW!

  3. Ack! I'm just reading along and there's the Purple Shirt of Sex! Oh man, you should put a warning up for all future BC sexay-shots. And hooray for the Docs! I really, really like this pair, they have chunky goodness and look great on you.

    1. Lol! Future warnings will be in place. ;)

  4. . . . I meant "a *link* to the Purple Shirt." Because of course, I clicked.

  5. Ooh, I love the green dress and the Docs! I wore an Express shirt yesterday! (we don't have that store up here, so it was all "exotic" to me!)

    I'm so excited - a bee! I'm getting quite the collection from you! :) Thank you for thinking of me!

  6. Fun finds! I love the red and green dresses. That red one looks super special with it's twirly-ness. And those boots are awesome!

    I was also feeling a little down, so I splurged on a few pieces over the weekend. Hopefully they aren't purchases I'll regret.:)

  7. Great stuff!
    Love the tie dye dress and docs!

    XO Arezu

  8. Great GW haul! I have a dress with that same ruching at the waist as the green dress, and find it quite comfy and flattering. I hope you have the same results!

  9. OMG those Doc Martens were a total score! I'm sorry you are having a rough time. Glad you got some new additions to the wardrobe though!

  10. Great finds! Love those Docs :)

    If you can believe it, I used to have a pair of Docs way back in college. I was still just about as preppy as I am now, but with more edge, I guess ;)

  11. Great haul! One thing I love about your fashion is its range: you can and do dress in a wide range of styles, from extreme bohemianism to traditional femininity. You manage to make them all work. That's enviable. BTW, my last name (in German) literally means "bumblebee".

  12. Wonderful finds!! I have been feeling the same way lately and it's been hard to not shop because that is totally what I want to do to perk myself up too! I've been instead filling my time with favorite shows and extra time with the hubby and that seems to help. I hope you're feeling a bit better!

  13. Love all 3 dresses!! The tie dye one is really really you!!
    Those Docs are amazing!! whay do I have to have big feet??

  14. Good shopping work. Hope you are feeling better too?

    I thought about you Saturday, when I went past my local Docs shop - the shoes and boots are gorgeous, but new- they look so stiff and like they had major breaking-in required.

    I have a dress just like your green one, in navy. I think it gives *some* waist definition, but isn't as flattering as another dress I had that just skims (column-like). I will break out and style mine, if you wear yours!

  15. I understand the feeling of wanting to go shopping when I'm feeling sad. It usually helps as long as I don't go overboard. And I was completely obsessed with tie-dye in the 90s too. :)

  16. I enjoyed shopping with you since I'm "unshopping" right now (more on the blog soon). I can't wait to see how you style the green dress.

    Wow, Doc Martens! A pair is on my wish list.


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