Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sew Saturday: Pin Up (And a Recipe)

I've been gifted a lot of brooches and pins over the holiday season. I wanted to show where all my pins end up! This is my favorite tote bag, sushi-neko with a skull patch. Pins include: Star Trek pins gifted by Debbi, Canada pins gifted by Sheila, A phantom of the Opera pin gifted by my MIL, DS giveaway pin, Fluevog pin gifted by Lynne, I care pin gifted by Hillary, Kuroneko pin from a convention.

I'm a forgetful accessorizer, so I add all my pins to this tote, which always gets a big response when I carry it. It's not quite a sewing project, but I did add the skull patch myself.

Also I wanted to share a tasty recipe. It's been DH approved, which is rare. So I consider this an easy fix for a picky eater. Sorry for no picture, these sandwiches usually get scarfed down super quick! So if that's any indication of tasty, I hope you'll give it a try.

Chicken Hummus Panini
Shredded chicken
Tablespoon of hummus
Muenster cheese
Bread of your choice
Butter (optional)
Green onion (optional)

Mix hummus with shredded chicken. Add in green onion or other tasty toppings, assemble sandwich, press with panini press, george foreman grill or grab a hot skillet and flip!

This is a perfect lunch or easy dinner to use up leftover chicken. If I don't have any leftovers, I'll toss a couple of chicken tenderloins (2 per sandwich or 1 chicken breast) into a pot of hot water with a general seasoning blend to boil until tender enough to shred.

I like using vegetable or red roasted pepper hummus, but plain, garlic, or even chipotle is a great way to play with the flavor balance of the sandwich. Hummus is also an excellent and healthier option to a mayonnaise or other spread. It gives a big flavor punch. I like adding green onion, but adding bell pepper, celery, tomato, all sorts of veggies can pad out this sandwich to give you more bang for your buck. You could even skip the chicken part entirely and make a hummus pressed sandwich!

Muenster cheese is an awesome melting cheese that's very mild (US based kind), and it holds the sandwich together well. I opt for oat bread and no butter to keep things a little healthier, but choose whatever you like best.


  1. coool!!! :)) i love the bag ;D
    Drop by my blog too dear?

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  2. LOVE that bag. And the pins make it even better, I love pins as well. I always put pins on my hats x)
    x, Lara

  3. LOVE the bag. Totes are my favorite type of bag and I love to DIY them up.

    That recipe sounds wonderful. :-)

  4. Yum--recipe sounds delish--i'm gonna have to try it!

  5. Hmmmmm, I love hummus and I'm making this sandwich as soon as I get the ingredients.

    I love your pin bag. I'm trying to find something creative to pin all my brooches on, partly because I tend to forget them if I don't see them.


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