Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kitty Cat Sunday

Bruce beauty shot - look how pretty!
I'm going to start today's post with my adorable little monster heads. I visited my mom today so we could have post-tattoo comparisons, but also so I could nosh on her butternut squash sauced pork ribs (OMG YUM) and smooshy my cats. Spike, as usual, was his loveable self - rubbing all over my legs, getting his face rubbed, and proceeding to bite me.

Spike says "Dis are my BB."

"I gib him bath"
Bruce - who has spent several weeks now ignoring me and playing "keep away" with me - decided he Needed Attention. So I got lots of Bruce time, cuddlings, meows, and lots of pretty faces. Spike even decided Bruce needed a bath and they posed for cutie muffin pictures.

A funny story I learned today: The cats have a kiwi bird toy. They love carrying it around and chasing it, but recently they've started dunking it into their waterbowl while my mom is gone. I'm not sure if they're trying to "kill" it or leave some other message, but it's a bit bizarre and hilarious to find it sitting in the middle of their bowl.

Spike in the sunshine
The rest of the cats were photo-shy today. Miss Annabelle went outside to play, Sammy was having lap-time with my Mom, but was not interested in a beauty shot. York was playing hiding-and-go-you-can't-find-me all day because he had slipped his collar.

----End Cat Talk, if you're not interested in Medical/Weight Talk, stop reading here----

So you may have noticed my spotty posting lately. I have been busy, sick, and tired. I've been on two medications since fall of last year, which first left me losing several pounds quickly. Visually it doesn't seem like much 5-10lbs on my frame, but health wise, it wasn't good. Finally I started adjusting to the meds and somehow I've not only gained the weight back, but continued in the other direction.

Some people may be used to a weight change within a year, but I've had a fairly stable weight since I was in high school. Part of the change is getting older - I'm not a teenager anymore, despite what I look like; part is the medication ramping up my appetite, then beginning to get sick/tired/hurty and not staying active.

In addition to my pledge to shop secondhand and be more ethical about my shopping consumption, I've been working on a secondary 'pledge' to minimize my ever expanding closet. Getting rid of the closet orphans and less-than-stellar quality stuff. So there's been some self-esteem and clothing loathing going on.

I'm not really sure why I'm posting this, maybe to get some insight, maybe just to explain my absence. I'm hoping to continue posting OOTDs, but I apologize if the wardrobe is small and heavily remixed. I hope to keep things interesting, but if I do fall off on posting daily, feel free to drop me an email or find me over on Twitter (@MeganMaeDaily)


  1. Aw, such cute kittenz! I love the shot of Brucie - and I giggled at your "cat talk" (confession: I talk to Vizzini in that voice all.the.time.).

    Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry you've been struggling with your weight - I totally know how that is. Wear what makes you feel good. Drop me an email if you need to chat, 'kay? Hugs!

  2. Your health is more important than clothes any day. Don't worry about recycling in your photos. I like these blogs because they give me ideas of how to use the same ol' things in new ways - and you're brilliant at that!

    Kitty-hugs are good for you, so be sure you get as many as you can!

  3. Thanks for letting us know! I know it's hard anytime things go on with your body -- internally or externally -- it can throw everything off. I've been keeping my mug off my blog because I've been struggling to keep my rosacea under control. It feels like that part of my body is mutating. But don't let it control the blog... even if you are worried about more heavily remixing... it'll just show off how creative you can be!

  4. Bruce is so handsome :)! I agree with Sheila--wear what makes you feel good. Think dresses, etc.

  5. Such pretty kitties!

    Meds just suck! They usually help, but the benefits must outweigh the side effects to be useful. And cutting back on your closet is tough. I know, I've been doing the same thing. It makes getting dressed tough when your choices are limited and when you're in a funk and you can't take a little shopping trip...hang in there girl! Take care!

  6. Miss MM, Do what you need to do but also know that we all will miss your fun style and honesty and will be here when you are ready to come back. Take good care of you, lovely lady.

  7. Nourishment and cat-cuddles, hooray!!! Sorry to hear about the feeling-lousy. Body changes can be deeply unsettling - especially significant ones over short periods when things have been stable for long times. Weight fluctuates, we are all vulnerable to cultural over-emphasis on appearance, and no one's expectations are as brutal as our own internalized ones. Wishing you ease and wellness, dolly - please do not apologize! xo

  8. There are always changes going on, aren't there? I swing this way and that way with clothing consumption. Cutting back, building up, thinking I've found the "perfect" clothing style, etc...I just realized recently, which gives me a bit of freedom, that I'll probably always be in a state of flux of sorts. Makes me a bit less frustrated at times. You're a creative person so I think you just like change and variety maybe? I don't think I could get tired of the way you put together outfits even if you had half your clothes because you have a creative way of putting it all together.

  9. First of all - KITTIES!!! Me loves the kitties, they are so cute!

    Second of all - I'm sorry about the weight issues, meds can really mess with you sometimes, can't they? I totally understand and you need to do what you need to take care of yourself first and foremost. You need not apologize - post when you want to post and we'll all be here!!

  10. Ok--Kitty CUTENESS Overload!!!

    You don't need to apologize! You need to take care of yourself and wear whatever makes you happy!

  11. Oh, honey, having your body change is always really weird, whatever the cause, and in whichever direction it goes. Mine changed radically about five years ago, and it was intentional weight loss -- a lot -- on my part, but it left my head in a very weird place, and my clothing is where it really came out. Be gentle with yourself, OK?

    I'm sure kitty cuddles can't hurt things, though, and I'm glad you got some in over the weekend!

  12. Love the kitty pictures, as always. :)

    Sorry your meds are affecting your weight. Losing 10 pounds quickly doesn't sound healthy. I hope everything balances out soon so you're not losing or gaining weight. My weight fluctuates constantly, but slowly. I go up and down a few pounds depending on the time or year...and how many cookies I've been eating. :)

    I LIKE seeing a remixed wardrobe. I don't buy clothes as often as I used to, and I appreciate seeing other bloggers remix what they already have.

  13. Aw, sorry you haven't been feeling well.

  14. I'ma show this post to Sasha Jane so she can keep up with her kinfolk :)

    I am so sorry you haven't been feeling well. I hope things will improve with spring and sunlight - that usually helps my lows. I'm also crazy editing my closet, because I'm feeling more confident about what my style is, and I don't want to wear colors or styles that don't reflect it. I cannot tell that you've gained any weight, and you are always so gorgeous in your pics. Our bodies do change a bit at different stages of our life, which does take some adjustment sometimes. I try hard to count my blessings during low periods. Yours include great beauty, style, compassion, and intellect; friends and family who are crazy about you; your amazing artistic talent; and of course your amaze-balls shoe collection :)

  15. Echoing others MM, you could wear the same clothes every day and still look awesome. I had some difficult moments just before Christmas and think I look terrible in some photos, very pale and tired. But I enjoy blogging, so kept on trucking, just a bit less frequently. When the seas are rough, mend your sails (or wrap yourself in the sail, and creatively fashion a skirt!). Take care xx


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