Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm breaking up

Sweater - All Saints
Star Necklace - gift from Lynne
Jeans - American eagle, gift from Mom
Jacket - Copper Key, thrifted (99cents!!)
Quick Boots - Trippen

...with my All Saints sweater. My beloved, starry dip dyed sweater. Sorry mohair, you and I just can't be friends. Even layered up, this thing drives me nuts! Especially on my tattoo'd skin (through cotton!!) So I gave it one last go around. Any suggestions on what to do with a too-itchy, but uber cute sweater? (up for grabs if anyone cares for mohair and stars)

I've learned my lesson a million times over, buy in person because I know I'm fabric sensitive. Online shopping is lots of fun, but I gotta touch things before I buy.

 Dress - All Saints, gift from Megan
Cashmere sweater - thrifted
Belt - lauren ralph lauren
Tights - SockDreams
Quick Boots - Trippen
After an itchy Thursday, I decided to wear cashmere instead. The temperatures dropped really fast (thus why we had severe winds), and we got snow and freezing rain. I couldn't force myself into another pair of trousers, so I just bundled up as much as humanly possible. Bright tights really do make my heart sing, especially when paired with my bright blue new coat.

Which I've taken to calling my Violet Beauregarde coat because it does make me feel rather like a blueberry... but alas, Color does help one get through the day, amirite?

(PS excuse the wrinkles, I have been sitting in classes all afternoon)


  1. Aw boo! I have a few sweaters I've had to part with for similar reasons. Itchy sweaters, no matter how cute, are a pain in the ass. I love your new coat so much! Hope the weather looks up for you soon Megan!

  2. I'm with you, I can't stand something that is super itchy like that. If I can wear something else long sleeved under it I might consider it, but otherwise, my skin is just too sensitive!

    I love your belted dress and fun tights!!!

  3. You can put the sweater in the fridge.
    I heard that helps.

    Great outfits. The second one is gorgeous.

    Xo Arezu

  4. Even some cashmere is horribly itchy to me. I'm sensitive too. I try something once or twice and have to get rid of it if it draws prickly attention to me throughout the day. So irritating!
    I love the black dress on you though and with those leggings I LOVE! You look really classy today!

  5. Goodbye, sweet star sweater! Love the Lynne-gifted necklace and 99 c. jacket (!).

    The ember-like tights in outfit 2 sure heat things up! Gorgeous Megan-gifted dress, and blueberries are delicious!

  6. Oh the black dress is so gorgeous, and esp with the awesome tights. Sorry about the sweater. I too am like a kitten with fleas when I wear some wools.

  7. hmmmm.....repurpose the sweater into throw pillows??
    i've seen it done quite successfully.
    but. . **OUCH!!!** it will require taking scissors to your beloved. :(

  8. The jacket is a great color...the dress outfit is beautiful...and that violet coat is super stunning.
    So sorry about the itchy sweater.

  9. I'm loving your necklace and jacket! Love that teal shade.

    I can't even do a little wool, mohair, cashmere...they all itch. Even stitching or embroidery or sequins or glitter felt through the fabric is a no-no.

  10. Anything itchy against my skin takes a trip to Goodwill. I am uber sensitive when it comes to that stuff. Love that gorgeous dress!

  11. I feel the same about mohair, but in winter I can wear it over another long-sleeved shirt. Since it's so pretty ;)
    x, Lara
    moved :

  12. Aw, so sad about the breakup. :( I've had to breakup with some clothes too, usually when they stop looking as fresh after being washed too many times.

    Look on the bright side: after a clothing breakup, you'll be open to attracting more lovely clothes into your life. Let's just hope your old sweater acts mature and doesn't drunk dial you all night.

  13. Awww, booya on itchy mohair. The only way I could see it working is by wearing a long-sleeved tee or a collared shirt under it. You look great in both pictures, but I really love the black in the last picture. So chic!

    And of course that star necklace is de

  14. Oh bummer! It's such a great-looking sweater. But I can't stand being uncomfortable in clothes either.

  15. Bummer about the sweater!! I have to be careful about wool!!
    Love the outfit!!!

  16. I'm with you - I want to try clothes on first. And I am pretty much restricted to cotton now because of hot flashitis.

    I love your second outfit - the dress and cool tights. Looks good on you.

    And I got the obi today - thanks! It looks great! I'm really pleased with my choice.

  17. Meghan, that black dress is rockin'!!! I love that on you! And too bad about the mohair. Certain things I just cannot stand either. Wool sweaters come to mind. Sometimes yes, somtimes no, but I have to feel fabrics in person to know.

    Lynn Dylan

  18. Opps, didn't mean to put the "h" in your name. My step-daughter is Meghan with an "h" and I got carried away! LOL.

  19. Oh no, sorry to hear of the itchy-ness. I am a sensitive flower too, and need to feel fabrics before buying. I would so take that sweater off you, but
    I suppose it would itch me too!

    I liked how the stars all complemented each other though...

    That blue coat is as gorgeous as I thought it would be! You look sensational. One of my top favourite MM outfits :-)

  20. OOOHHHH you look so amazing in that coat and all. So sophisticated and yet totally fun!! Sorry about the mohair. I can't do itchy scratchy anymore either, sigh.

  21. Too bad that sweater is so itchy, I love stars!

  22. Awww I love that sweater. It's a shame that it's too itchy- but I know that feeling. I've broken up with a lot of things based on itch-factor alone.

    First thoughts when I saw this post: OH GOD THAT DRESS THAT DRESS THAT DRESS THAT DRESS THAT DRESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ahem. I mean, wow that is an amazing dress.

  23. I know exactly what you mean about the feel of fabrics. No matter how beautiful something is if it doesn't feel right on my skin it isn't going to be worn. I am a fanatic about tags in garments. I swear they are instruments of torture! I am always removing them before I can stand to wear a garment.

    Oh man, do I love those colorful tights. When I was young (your age) I wore white tights. They were in style back then, ha! Now someone would look a bit funny in them as the colors are popular. Even though I love the stars, the second outfit is my favorite.

  24. Another amazing dress, very unique. Looks like a fun, modern design from a talented Project Runway Designer. I absolutely love that coat, too.

  25. Stunner! The outfit is amazing and the tights with the red belt really make it shine. I too like to feel fabric before I buy. Something about the tactile is part of the experience for me.

  26. I'm so sorry you're having to part with that lovely sweater, but oh gosh, I know the misery of mohair. Such a lovely sheen, such a miserable rash. I send you virtual Lanacaine and Benadryl in sympathy.

    As for Look Two, wow. All Saints is becoming the obsession that will not die with me, so naturally, I am in love with that dress.


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