Monday, January 28, 2013

The Pink Watermelon Lives!

Shirt - ?? Old shirt of the DH's
Necklace - Sparkle Park Designs, etsy, swap
Cords - Hollister, thrifted
Flats - Cydwoq

My computer is now back in the land of the living (as of this moment). I'm still waiting for another part to come in the mail, but the power supply I purchased did revive the Watermelon (my pink and green computer).

For everyone who ordered and paid over the weekend, I shipped your packages out this afternoon. For those on the fence, I'm leaving the sale open until Wednesday. Then I'll be pulling down all the sold obi pictures. Major thanks again for all who helped out and the condolences on the dead computer.

As for playing catch up, the gorgeous Val over at Late Blooming Sparkle  and I did a swap last week. My buttonflowers for one of her necklaces. This goldfish necklace had already been on my etsy fav page when Val reached out to me, and I excitedly agreed to a swap. I've begun amassing an interesting little jewelry collection, especially little fish or other creatures. This goldfish trio was a perfect match for my taste. Val was a delight to swap with!

Other new things - My grandmother gifted me with this beautiful cobalt blue coat. It has a nice oversized fit, which means I can layer it up a bunch when it gets really cold! I've been wanting a bright colored piece of outerwear and this was a nice surprise.

Also on the horizon - I'll have guest post up with Ada over at Elegance Personified as she settles in with her new baby.

And the awesome Meghan of Meg's Ragged Edge dedicated an OOTD post to me today! Isn't she awesome!!

If I've somehow lost my head and forgotten anyone or anything, please forgive me and shoot me an email or tweet (@MeganMaeDaily). I'll still be playing catch up for a little bit. And now after nearly four hours of Bio II, I need to do something entirely mind-numbing like watch television and eat.


  1. Glad your computer is working, and that you got the necklace. Thanks for your kind words! It was a fun swap!

    I like the way you used the orange belt to pick up the goldfish color. And that lovely blue coat - I can imagine that with some button flowers on the collar.

  2. Oh yay, go Watermelon, go! And orange Cydwoqs rescued from the jaws of Shop My Closet so I can continue my slack-jawed admiration! (If I could fit more than half a toe in them ...) I love these koi colour combinations, and that's a wonderful cobalt coat, too.

  3. Watermelon for the win! So glad you have your computer back. And kudos for being productive in its absence. That goldfish necklace is the sweetest thing ever! I love the belt too. And how sweet of your grandmother to gift you such a nice jacket!

  4. I just can't get enough of those colored cords! And that shirt is so fabulous. What a great swap piece too. Your jewelry collection is really coming together. Glad to hear you are back in web land.:)

  5. I love that necklace. Fish make me happy :)

    The blue coat is perfect. It looks super warm and snuggly.

    So glad you got your computer up and running. I hate it when my tech malfunctions and pretty much disconnects me from the world :(

  6. These days, a life without a computer isn't a life. :) During the past Hurricane, my inability to get online felt physically painful.

    Love the blue coat. It's capable of being adorned and styled in many ways, something you excel at.

  7. I love your new necklace! It's fun and it should go with all sorts of things!

    I"m glad you got your computer back up and running! It sucks being without one!

    Also great new coat!!

  8. I like the new coat, and am glad to hear that your computer is back up again.

  9. Welcome back to the bloghood! With new fishes too. cool. Keep that watermelon happy.

  10. Very cool Koi necklace! We did a little swapping too. Very fun!

  11. Adore your new swapped necklace! And your new cobalt coat too, so fabulous.

  12. Phew, glad the computer is back in action! The necklace and coat are great - I can imagine so many pairings with the coat. And fishies! It is like your talisman. I have a very lucky, lucky fish...

  13. That coat looks amazing, and I just can't get over that necklace. I have favorited her shop in case my self-imposed ban on jewelry ever ends. :-) You look lovely. I'm glad you're back on the net.

  14. That cobalt blue coat is beautiful! It looks so warm and perfect for this weather. ;)

  15. The coat is just perfect for you. The color is wonderful. It is the kind of coat that will never be out of style and is going to be fab on you.
    The koi necklace is you as well. Just perfect.


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