Friday, November 30, 2012

Koi Socks

Dress - Vintage
Cardigan - NY&Co, thrifted
Koi Socks - Sock It To Me
Instinct flats - Cydwoq
Purse, belt - thrifted
Buttonflower - MMD

Koi socks!! I couldn't wait to wear these, and thankfully the weather was cooperative today. I did wear a jacket over this, but was otherwise comfortable. I've been more interested in knee-socks and fancy tights because I have been purposefully shopping for shoes to show them off. Mary janes are perfect shoes in my opinion. I don't like regular pumps because my feet never really feel secure, but add a strap at my ankle or over my foot and I'm a happy lady!

I was surprised at how much I love this purse. I got a black one for winter-y looks, it's real leather with a bunch of pockets, but is still small. The blue/brown one (pictured yesterday_ is for summer, made of canvas material. It's fairly plain so I'm thinking about DIY-ing it to make it a little more personal. Maybe a patch or iron-on? 

I'm not really a bag person, but my shoe closet has rapidly grown again! So I've tried to rotate my purses a little more. Maybe a sign to stop shopping for a bit. Christmas is coming up after all.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pop Op

Sweater - the Limited, thrifted
Skirt - Smoking Lily, gift from Sheila
Socks - ??
Logic Flats - Cydwoq
Belt-as-necklace - gift from Sheila

Originally I had planned to go to this event down in Nashville tonight. I kind of chickened out once I did some more research about the area. I know Nashville fairly well, but I don't like walking around down there at night if I can help it, especially during winter. The DH and I may still do the art crawl this weekend, but it's an area I'm familiar with, and we know where to park.

I decided to make an excursion to the Samaritan Thrift that Lynne and I discovered during our blogger meet-up. I didn't have a ton of cash to play with, but the prices are generally very low. I came out with a green (pleather) jacket for the DH, a pair of naturalizer mary janes and 2 purses for myself, and a Christmas bundle for Lynne (not pictured! It's a surprise!).

I was going to wear my black All Saints dress (from Megan) with this obi to the event, but I decided to do a more casual version of the tricked out look I had picked out. I swapped in my other Sheila skirt paired with this cotton sweater in lieu of the dress. I grabbed some knee high socks instead of tights.

I really like the weave of this sweater. It was 99cents and all cotton, but I got it home and realized it was MADE to be off shoulder. A little more risque than my usual, but a neat quirk to the otherwise plain sweater.  Not sure why baring my shoulders feels exposing.

Another heads up, if you're interested in some MMD accessories for Christmas, remember to order soon. I've packaged up buttonflowers at discount rates. You can see the collections on the buttonflower page. And  I do have many in-stock obis still available, including the one I'm wearing today.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Return of the Pink

Sweater - Jones Sport, thrifted
Pink Pants - J Crew, thrifted
Star Pendant - gift from Beth
Boots - Fluevog

Pinky pants! Oh how I love thee! So comfy, so bright. Add a cotton sweater and I'm ready for my all-day class schedule.  

My posts have been so wordy and info filled lately, so I'm going to leave this post short and simply ask my readers to leave me something interesting the comments! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Real Feel

Star Sweater - All Saints
Jeans - thrifted, DIY'd
Star Boots - etsy
Star earrings - gift from Keely

So when we check the weather, they have a nifty little thing that says "Real feel" or "feels like" and tells you if the humidity is making it feel hotter or the windchill is making it colder than it actually is. I always check for that because sometimes it makes a difference. I wanted to wear a skirt today, but checking the weather I knew "Feels like 37F" = cold! Too cold for tights.

I still adore this sweater to bits, but after lots of research, I know more than I want to know about mohair. For example - it makes me ITCH, and why it makes me itch (it has to do with microns). I can wear a tank under it and that helps, but itchy! But mohair is known for taking dyes really really well. Which is why the dip dye effect on this sweater is so fab! It's also exceedingly warm for the light weight. And if you haven't guess by me talking about it two days in a row, I love light weight sweaters that are warm.

Anyway, I've been missing my pink/red hair lately. I'm thinking about redoing it in January for my birthday. Ugh I look so tired today.

Monday, November 26, 2012


 Sweater - Banana Republic, thrifted
Jacket - LOFT, thrifted
Skirt - Anthro, thrifted
Tights - Foot Traffic
Ride Boots - Cydwoq
Necklace - handmade gift from Tamera

This grey and miserable day was not going to get me down! I dressed up, got to class, went to therapy, the post office, and the bank all before closing time. I'm very excited that I got to give out Christmas cards and gifts this year, small though each may be. Some people may be getting theirs earlier than others, but hopefully all my mail gets to its destination safely.

Today's outfit was planned around this sheer sweater I thrifted. It has a similar weight to my grey one, which I already love to pieces, so I bought this one with hopes that it will be as versatile. It's got a little bit of that destroyed All Saints flair to it without actually having damage, just some lightly raw edges. I don't love the turtle neck, but it is extremely warm despite its light weight.

I paired it with my newest jacket, an odd corduroy, with elbow patches! and toggle closure (similar to this jacket I own). They're both a brown-green color that makes a perfect neutral. A little more expressive than a flat black. Add the necklace from Tamera, grasshopper side up, and I felt really put together!

I'm also excited because my socks showed up! For free shipping, Sockdreams is amazing. I ordered the koi socks, the eco fleece (in linen), and dragon socks (in black/purple). (*Note all links are provided out of love, not sponsorship). I love quality socks almost as much as I love quality shoes. Most people find shelling out high prices for socks to be too much, but I figure - I don't smoke or wear make-up, maybe I'm just passing one vice for another. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Corduroy jacket - Orange Kitchen, gift from Sheila
Star Sweater - etsy
Corduroy trousers - Hollister, thrifted
Boots - Art company

After days of noshing on cajun turkey and corn pudding, the DH and I were craving something different. So we headed down to the local diner for cheeseburgers and slices of cheesecake to bring home.

We've been babysitting all the in-laws dogs, and my BIL's dogs are lab-mix overgrown-pups. They're very sweet, but not trained enough yet. They jump like crazy and managed to knock me down yesterday, so I'm bruised up. If you've been following my blog for awhile, you'll also know that I recently discovered I have a dog allergy so this holiday has been a bit rough on me.

However today's little excursion gave me an excuse to dress up in cute clothes. I've actually been wearing this jacket-pseudo dress that Sheila sent me off and on this season. She didn't like how it hung while open as a jacket, so Sheila wore it as a dress. I plan to wear it as a dress at some point, but I've been enjoying it as a quick jacket to toss on. It doesn't hang as well as some jackets, but the asymmetry appeals to me. It got cold again last night and cold weather just makes me want lots of corduroy and snuggly sweaters!

Have you done any Black Friday/weekend shopping? What good deals did you find? I ordered a few pairs of socks from Sockdreams, but otherwise I stayed home.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Tee - Route 66, thrifted
Vest - Old Navy, thrifted
Jeans - Fossil, thrifted
Instinct Flats - Cydwoq, ebay

Had a lovely Thanksgiving lunch yesterday at my Mom's. She was sick so we had a very quick lunch and the DH and I returned home. I am thankful for lots of things today, but today is not the only day I think about it. I'm thankful for my friends, my family, my school, my DH. My turkey-crazy cats, all five of them. I'm thankful that even Annabelle let me give cuddles today. 

I'm thankful for my blogging buddies! The warm weather and good knee days.

Turkey Coma cats (Spike, York, Bruce)

I'm thankful for the post office, ebay, and people selling shoes at steep discounts, and even accepting my haggling offers. I'm thankful for adorable comfy shoes, even if one pair needs socks to be comfortable. (Managed to grab both of these pairs of Cydwoqs for the cost of the Fluevogs I sent back.)

I'm thankful for thrifting, for having the money TO thrift. 

And most of all, I'm thankful to have a full tummy with lots of tasty leftovers in the fridge to enjoy over the weekend before the last two weeks of school begin!

Hope those who celebrate had a great day, and those who are braving the black friday sales stay safe and get good deals.

Speaking of Black Friday, if you are interested in ordering any MMD accessories - Please try to order asap if you want them for Christmas. Shoot me an email at Ecc3ntriccynic[at]gmail[dot]com to order.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just Not That Cold

Dress - LA made, ebay
Cardigan - thrifted
Underskirt - edme and estylle, thrifted
Boots - Eject
"Button" flower - gift from Ana

It's been positively balmy for November. With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I should be wearing reds and browns and other autumnal colors - but I am feeling the blue this week. With the acquisition of not one, but two teal cardigans after ripping a hole in my old one I couldn't wait to put this outfit together.

Yesterday's outfit consisted of a pair of jeans and the DH's white hanes tee. Comfy, functional, workable - but I needed to go over the top today.

And what's more over the top than purple boots! It wasn't even chilly enough to need tights today, but I did layer an extra skirt for mega-poof.

Not sure if I'll post tomorrow, but if I don't - I hope those celebrating have an excellent Thanksgiving. And for those who aren't, have great Thursdays!

I'm making corn pudding (more like a souffle), crab dip, and bringing an artisan bread for lunch. What is your signature Turkey Day dish?

Also go check out the Fashion Challenge Round Up on Keely's Blog!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

That's a Plus

Velvet Shirt - Cloud, thrifted
Skirt - H&M, thrifted
Tights - Foot Traffic via Sockdreams
Ride Boots - Cydwoq
Scarf - gift from Ee

Further evidence I don't need to be shopping - Everything from the skirt up has only been worn once. I found this awesome plus sign shirt last winter and avoid wearing it because I *think* it doesn't fit. Even though every time it goes to the donate pile, I try it on and it fits perfectly.

Despite feeling like a slug this morning, I got up and put on the outfit I had picked out. It took about an hour before I felt human again, and I made it to my afternoon class on time.

Somehow I've become a scarf person. Apparently all it takes is for me to amass a mini-collection before I realize that I have a lot of under utilized accessories. This scarf from Ee is perfectly lovely, but I couldn't figure out how to tie it. Solution: Don't! I just slung it over my shoulders.

I find a lot of my issues these days are solved by simply not worrying over them. Hope this Monday finds you in good places. If not, don't worry. It'll get better.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sew Sunday: Obsession

Tank - Simply Vera
Cardigan - Talbots, thrifted
Jeans - thrifted, DIY'd
Boots - Art Company

One of the biggest reasons I got sucked into blogging was the adoration for people who had a defined style. As someone who changed her personal definition of self many times throughout the teenage years, I was in every sort of clique under the sun growing up. I still highly admire people who have a strong sense of style and how it fits into their life. I'm finding that for myself, but I still occasionally reign myself in going "That's not you"..

Most recently I ordered a pair of Fluevog CBC radios in green from amazon. Giddy I opened the box, expecting to love them because they were Fluevogs. I put them on my feet, looked in the mirror, disappointed. I sent them back sadly. They just weren't me.

In effort to make myself feel better, I started digging through my closet (and ebay, but that's a story for another time). I found my longed-for purple pants, and had that 'oh right' moment. I had wanted those purple pants with the same fervor that I wanted those green shoes. They've been worn maybe twice? Three times?

I realized why they didn't spark with me. I was still thinking about another pair of purple pants that I had tried on months ago. Ones with a burn out pattern, skinny leg, high price tag, and too small size. Using my own style as direction, I DIY'd the jeans with bleach to create a splatter ombre effect.

There's always a risk with bleaching since the dyes can have unexpected undertones, but the effect came out amazing! Very spacey with a strong contrast. Not the same pattern as the other pair, but equally cool and way more personal.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fashion Challenge: Grey

Sweater - handmade gift from reader Sonja
Dress - Karen Kane
Custom Harness - Audra Jean
Tights - Anna Sui
Shoes - vintage
Bee necklace - handmade gift from Tamera

Grey! The greatest of all neutrals. Not as harsh as black, more versatile than anything. Works on any coloring with just the right shade. I have a ton of grey in my closet. So the logical choice was to wear as much of it as possible at the same time. 

I also happily added my new necklace from Tamera who made the gorgeous piece out of an image from a 1913 children's science book! Look bees! The honeycomb shape looks so awesome against the wide knit of the sweater. Also it's technically a double sided necklace as there's grasshoppers on the back. I'll have to wear it around the other way next time.

Beeeeeees! Thanks, Tamera!

Thanks to all who participated in Keely and my fashion challenge. It's been another wonderful week with you all. Hopefully you'll take some time to visit the other participants and say hello. If you did participate, don't forget to send Keely at kkmkreations[at]live[dot]com one of your looks for a round up. Thanks again and make sure to join us next time!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fashion Challenge: Not Mustard

Shirt - thrifted
Skirt - Simply Vera
Tights - Foot Traffic via Sockdreams
Ride Boots - Cydwoq
Scarf - gift from Ana

Yellow and I have the most tragic love affair you'll ever hear about. It spans my blog's life and before... but the short version is I fucked up my last yellow item. My Sheila skirt got put in the wash!!! And it was 50% wool, and it felted. I'll admit I might have wanted to cry.. First my teal cardigan, and now my yellow skirt... I am not having good luck this week.

So scrambling this morning I pulled out my "radioactive egg" skirt that I won off ebay last week. It's another Simply Vera item.. a bit thin for the cold weather, but thick tights help. If you can imagine this exact look with my yellow skirt, that's what I had planned. But I think this works with the printed skirt too. I kept the scarf on because it does have a tiny bit of mustard shade in the print, and I thought the pattern mix worked okay.

Admittedly, I'm finding this challenge a lot harder than I expected. Since I started editing my closet, I've been paying a lot more attention to color, shape, what I'm wearing - which doesn't always work for trends. Good thing tomorrow is Grey because I have a lot of that!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fashion Challenge: Pumpkin

Cardigan - Calvin Klein, thrifted
Tee - Tryst, thrifted
Cords - Hollister, thrifted 
Boots - Arche
Moon Pin - gift from Debbi

As much as I adore orange, finding good quality interesting orange pieces isn't easy. So right now I have only a few things, one of which is this tee. I realized it made a perfect pairing for my tiffany blue cords. And of course had to add my moon pin to my 'nebula/lightning storm' tee shirt. I've really gotten obsessed with tie-dye in the past year. The organic shapes really appeal to my artistic sense.

I've been trying to work with my natural hair texture. It's hard to curl, hard to straighten. And never wants to look the same way twice. I don't like using a lot of product and I've been trying to opt for more natural options in my daily routines. I've been using olive oil as a moisturizer, tea tree oil shampoo, henna, and burts bees lip balm with no other make-up. My skin is happier lately than it has been in the past, but my hair is still trying to find it's happy place.

Don't forget to check out the other participants of this week's challenge - Just click the badge in my sidebar to bring you to the master post. Also participants - Remember to send Keely your images for the round up by this weekend.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fashion Challenge: Wine

Sweater coat - Kohls, gift
Dress - vintage
Tights - Foot Traffic via Sock dreams
Army flats - Trippen
Belt - Rugged Warehouse

I've had this outfit in mind ever since Halloween. I became obsessed with these tights awhile back and couldn't convince myself NOT to buy them. They were so funky, they look like lava or smoldering wood. I don't know if it's cheating to wear two challenge colors on one day, so I'm probably going to be doubling up on challenge colors all week because all these trendy colors look so great together.

How did I ever live without a bright orange dress? I dunno, but it's already a workhorse in my closet.

Also - boob ruffle.

That is all.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fashion Challenge: Teal

Sweater - Cambridge Dry Goods, thrifted
Cords - J.crew, thrifted
Boots - Arche
Buttonflower - MMD

Welcome all to the start of Fashion Challenge: Fall Colors! Today's color is Teal. I have a surprisingly small amount of our challenge colors (except grey), and I was so mad when I managed to rip the armpit of my teal cardigan before today's challenge. But it dropped 30 degrees over night and I got to pull out the big sweater. Unfortunately, college students did NOT get today off, even though nothing else is really running today.

Except for the Fashion Challenge! If you haven't signed up yet, feel free to jump in late. Just click the badge in my sidebar to take you to the masterpost. While you're at it, please visit our participants and cheer them on.

For those who might have been interested in yesterday's buttonflower grab bag, it's already sold, but I sat down last night and pulled together some specific price-point grab bags. They're perfect for Christmas presents or a gift to yourself. Check 'em out on the buttonflower page.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sew Sunday: Leather Tote

It's been awhile since I did a proper DIY, and this week's earlier leather skirt got me thinking. Instead of sending it back to the GW, I decided to go ahead and make my own leather tote. 

The before. I left most of the seaming intact, and added in a panel for a bottom. I'm sure it'd look even better with a proper lining and stabilizing bottom, but I'm lazy. Things I learned: Sewing on the suede side is fine, even on my dinky machine, but if you're sewing on the leather side, use a bit of stiff paper (I used some index cards) to help the material slide. You can rip it off the stitches later. Wish I had done that with the top seam. It would have been neater.

I used some handles off my old PVC bag that was too busted up to keep carrying, but it had my favorite style handles. So awesome bag: get!

 I still have some leftover leather bits so I stocked them away for later projects, but I really love how this turned out. Now I have a suede over the shoulder bag and a proper black leather tote that's big enough for my Nook, wallet, and phone.

Also a bonus to my readers - I found this bag of buttonflowers already packaged up in my old purse. I'm willing to let this goodie bag go for $5+shipping. I don't know exactly how many are in it, but it's primarly green and blue. If you're interested, shoot me an email at Ecc3ntriccynic[at]gmail[dot]com

Don't forget - Fashion Challenge week starts next week. If you haven't signed up already, hit the badge in my sidebar to take you to the sign up page~!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Caturday 11/10/12

Iiiiiit's Caturday here at MMD. And a very special one at that. If you've been following MMD for awhile, you know that I have five very asshole-ish cats in my family: Spike (orange fattie), Sammy (the lovable martyr), Annabelle (the Momma), Bruce (my dingy kitten), and York (the hunk). I managed to get kitten cuddles from everybody yesterday. I even had Miss Annabelle up in my lap. She had a her spay surgery earlier this week, due to a rescheduled appointment. So she was feeling extremely clingy despite her usual half-feral attitude.
Miss Belle dozing in my lap.
Spike gave me a big hello as I walked in the door. Sammy decided to spend time with the DH. And the two kittens played and played and played. But everyone, even Annabelle graced me with a photo op.

York on left, Bruce on right... both are masters of the big shiny eyes.

York is also a ridiculous cuddler, when you pick him up, he grabs your arm and nuzzles into your neck. Rotten monster!!!

Spike was not on his cuteness ball this week. He kept turning his face or pouncing Sammy. He doesn't like Sammycat.

But Sammycat looooves laps. And pets. Having three black cats is confusing sometimes, but each one has different colored eyes, which helps tell them apart.

Hope this is even kitten cuteness for awhile! It'll be a few weeks before I get to see all my BBs again, so I'm glad to see them all healthy and happy.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Y-y-yay it's Friday.

Plaid shirt - J.crew, thrifted
Tie-dye shirt - thrifted
Skinnies - Joe's Jeans, thrifted
Mu Boots - Cydwoq
Bag - Frye, gift

I'll admit earlier this week I was throwing a bit of a hissy fit over how negative I was feeling. I was sick, nothing was working out right, I was falling behind, and worst of the worst - there was nothing good on tv. The good days can start just as quickly as the bad ones, but you really have to take a moment to realize it is a good day.

Right now, I'm finally eating with an appetite (delicious tacos), watching CSI, and my only class today got canceled. How cool is my day? The coolest. All that AND I get to have dinner at my mom's house and see my little hellions.

Today is a good, good day.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Sheer collared shirt - Loft, thrifted
Sweater - Etoile, thrifted
Leather Skirt - vintage
Cotton lined wool tights - MP via Sockdreams
Ride boots - Cydwoq

Note to self: Always remember to retry on winter clothes from last year. This skirt did not fit as well as I remembered, despite my weight fluctuations, it was too tight in the tum. The weather has gone a little bit warmer today, which is nice because I wasn't quite ready to stay in heavy sweaters for months on end. We need a good cold winter, but I wasn't ready for how fast it set in.

I'm sure I don't have to tell most of you, but of course I'm going to take Citizen Rosebud's pledge. All of my clothing these days is thrifted or gifted. And much of the 'gifted' comes from consignment or thrifting as well. Even my shoe buying has taken a turn to ebaying and if new, high quality brands with good practices. I do this not only to put the planet first, but to be kind to my wallet. Her badge represents my approach to shopping and will give me something to point to when I want to describe my personal ethics when it comes to clothes.

I'd probably even further add a condition of "comfortable" into this pledge, reminding myself that I will only wear clothes that make me feel as good as they make me look.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'll Be Blue

Dress - blu heaven, thrifted
Cardigan - LH Sport, thrifted
Cotton lined wool tights *- MP via Sockdreams
Boots - Arche
Hat - Target

It's officially winter, well by my standards. It starts with a cold rain and wind, and ends in these twilight days where it's grey from November to April. You'll be seeing me in a lot more pants-based looks until it warms up, but I tried to combat the winter blues by stocking up on high quality tights over the summer (when things are on sale! Always shop off season!) These particular tights are some of my favorites. Thick like socks, but stretchier than your average leggings, plus a double seamed tush panel means no tights-dance mid day.

I am getting excited for the challenge next week. I know many got geared up expecting it to be this week, but hopefully it will give those who are on the fence about signing up or new readers plenty of time to sign up for the challenge. If you want to join us, just click the badge in my sidebar to take you to the Challenge. Have you joined up yet?

Loving peppermint tea becoming my constant companion this week.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Walking Neutrals

 Sweater - Handmade by reader Sonja
Tee - thrifted
Jeans - Levi Strauss, thrifted
Ride boots - Cydwoq
Scarf-as-a-hat - thrifted

Feeling very unlike myself lately leads me to being a chameleon. Thankfully my closet is adaptable like I am. Today I am channeling the lovely Joni of WalkingColors, a beautiful blogger and a customer. Her style appeals to me greatly, always well thought out, modern, and unique. I didn't employ her lovely use of color, but instead focused on her hat, layering skills, and jewelry.

Clearer shot of the sweater. Sorry for the blurry full length.
There are doors on the garage now. Gotta re-learn the light.
And further thanks must go to one of my readers, Sonja, who gifted me with this gorgeous wool sweater that she made. It is truly one of the most beautiful things I own, soft and airy, but really warm despite it's lightness. I've been anxious ever since summer to wear it. The grey color with the open weave reminds me of chainmail. I cannot thank her enough.

And to top things off, my jewelry from my blog-sisters.

PS. My posts have gotten a lot more picture heavy recently. Do you all prefer the addition of detail shots?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sicky poo

 Shirt - Express, gift from Lynne
Vest - Old Navy, thrifted
Trousers - H&M, thrifted
Boots - Art company
Jacket - Danier, gift from Sheila

Saturday was my beloved 50% everything day at the GW, and I was devastated to only make it for about 30 minutes before becoming very sick, very suddenly. I admit I still managed to come out with a merino wool sweater and a corduroy vest, but then spent the rest of the weekend in bed. Where I'd still be if I didn't have class today. Not sure if it's the flu, a stomach bug, or possible food poisoning.
Y so srs?
However, the DH has been taking good care of me, and I know how to dress like I'm feeling mostly okay even when I'm not. Deceptively comfortable wide leg pants that don't restrict the tum, cotton shirt with soft warm vest and the most comfortable shoes you can find. Add my favorite suede jacket, and away I go.

Hope you all are having a good Monday. Remember to take care of yourselves. Hope those of you in the US enjoyed your extra hour of sleep this past weekend.

I'm off to pass out until my Bio test tonight.

My peppermint tea is overly affectionate.