Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

 Dress, gloves - vintage
Waistcoat - BDG, thrifted
Tights - sockdreams
Boots - Trippen Happy
Giant bell - craft store
Cat ears - gift from my lovely hubby when we were dating

Happy Halloween my spookacular buds~ Hope you all are rocking out your most awesome of sartorial duds on this most awesome of holidays.

Rawr~ I decided to go with my classic puss'n'boots. I've worn cat costumes since I was old enough for proper shoes (about 2 years old fwiw). I used to be a big costumer, but most of my stuff has been sold off or remains in storage, but I'm never without my giant bell and tiger ears.

Happily, I get to go see my own little meow-meows tonight! After a very very busy day. 

Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween.

Fashion Challenge: Fall Color Trends

And so we're back from outer space! Er, well we're back at any rate. Keely and I are thrilled to bring you the latest Fashion Challenge. This time we're all about the hottest colors of the Fall Season.

If you haven't played along before or have no idea what this is about, read on!
  1. How it works:
  2. Sign up here on the linky. Leave a comment please! 
  3. Grab the button above (save it to your computer and use it like a regular photo) and if you like, please link back to either Keely or myself.
  4. Dress up and post your Fashion Challenges from Monday, November 12 to Friday, November 16.
  5. At the end of the week email Keely at kkmkreations[at]live[dot]com with your favorite Fashion Challenge outfit photo so you can be included in the round-up.

Anyone can participate for whichever days works for them, All or One. Just please give an indication of your participating posts with either FC badge or Adding Fashion Challenge/FC to your post title. Thanks, hope you can join us!

Monday: Teal
Tuesday: Wine/Oxblood
Wednesday: Pumpkin
Thursday: Mustard
Friday: Grey/Gray

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


 Scarf - thrifted
Sweater - Loft, thrifted
Corduroys - J Crew, thrifted
Boots - Arche
Jacket - Liberated from the yardsale rack

Eee! They're here. Okay so you all know ebay is my weakness when it comes to shoes. I had been lusting over a pair of Trippens from Ped in a dark teal shade. Despite the fact that fringe is totally not my speed, I wanted them anyway. And of course, dear Amber, wore a pair of Arche pumps that sent me on an ebay hunt to gaze at gorgeous shoes. Turns out Arche is a company that consists of 50% gorgeous funky designs and 50% orthopedic shoes.

The shoe faerie was with me though and I found these amazing deep teal boots in my size!! They're in impeccable shape. My only issue is I wish they fit my calf tighter, but that's a common issue with my skinny stems. I couldn't wait to wear them right away. As much as I am a Trippen fan girl, I'm glad I took the plunge and went for a new brand.

The DH has dubbed these my Pegasus boots, as a foil to my beloved Dragon boots. They certainly do make me want to fly away with happiness.

Adding a snuggly scarf a la Secret Squirrel to a cotton sweater and my newly hemmed cords, I had a very snuggly outfit to fight against this winter-like weather. I'm sure you'll see many iterations of this outfit, if not identical re-wearings later on this winter. I wanted to wear a skirt today, but it's just too damn cold.

Today's late post is brought to you by a thrifting trip with my MIL. I scored a pair of blue-green cords, a grey sweater dress with burgundy stars!, and a really cool waistcoat. I adore thrifting.

Monday, October 29, 2012


Fisherman Sweater - westbound, thrifted
Star necklace - thrifted
Skirt - fei, thrifted, buttons changed
Tights - Foot Traffic
Happy Free Boots - Trippen 

As I said last Friday, I have a fisherman sweater addiction forming. I blame it all on BBC Sherlock's John Watson. This sweater made me feel like the cuddly Dr. all bundled up in his horrible oatmeal sweater. Although mine has a bit nicer fit and is a shade of cream to better flatter my skintone.

It's definitely cold today. I wore a coat over all this. Hope everyone along the East coast is staying safe and being prepared for the storms. We're only getting a lot of wind so far. I'm feeling a bit lighter and happy today, being able to start wearing fresh wardrobe items. I even managed to get my new peachy corduroys taken up to wear this week.

I also did some trying on this weekend and pulling the rest of my winter gear out. However some stuff didn't fit as well as I had hoped - I've got my Shop My Closet page back up if you're interested in some good deals.

And good news for everybody! Keely and I have been collaborating to bring everyone something special. Keep an eye out this Wednesday for the latest Fashion Challenge!

Friday, October 26, 2012

One Eighty

 Shirt - Express, thrifted
Suede Jacket - Danier, gift from Sheila
Jeans - City Streets, thrifted
Boots - Art Company

The weather has flipped 180 degrees, just like my mood. It is back into actual fall like weather with nasty drizzling rain and gloomy skies. Yesterday's decisions are being revamped and remade as other people have circumvented my intentions. I know that's totally vague, but I want to angry about it without ranting.

And due to the mounting frustration - I've been to retail therapy twice this week. The first was an incredibly serendipitous ebay auction win (I consider all the best luck pieces serendipitous, I also like the word serendipitous). We'll all have to wait until next week for the reveal because it hasn't arrived in the mail yet.

However I also did a goodwill run this evening. (Bad Megan!).. I found some awesome new additions to my closet. I've been trying to streamline my colors, shapes, and overall closet cohesiveness. My winter gear is consistently very different (and very dark) compared to my summer stuff. I usually have poor luck thrifting sweaters - so surprise! I came out with three new sweaters, including a Miu Miu!! dusty purple one. I also have this weird obsession with "fisherman" sweaters, but thankfully this one is in a radical teal.

I also found another pair of J Crew cords (this time in salmon/peach). I've decided the cognac ones are too small/short, despite the pink ones being a 2R and the cognac a 4S. If anyone can wear a 2/4S and wants a pair of cognac corduroys, shoot me an email. This will be my third attempt at a pair of cords that fit this fall. Wish me luck that they don't shrink in the wash!

Anyway after all that, my mood is slowly turning back to a good one, but I'm beginning to feel a bit rung out. I will say this - TGIF!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happiness is Colorful

 Dress - Merona, thrifted
Belt - MMD
Pearl Hart Pumps - John Fluevog
Anklet, beetle pin - gifts from Lynne

I'm really relieved and happy today. I've made some big-ish decisions about school and life. It's exciting not to be dreading everyday. I've learned that any time I'm getting that Really Bad feeling, that I'm probably not doing what's right for me and I need to really step back and look at my options. I might be setting back my graduation date because of it, but hopefully it'll mean getting into a job path that's more in line with what I want to be doing.

I wore my raspberry dress and lime-y accessories to skip off to my new path. I also wore my jingly new bracelet as an anklet. Lynne often wears a little gold anklet and she gifted me with this bracelet. It's a perfect piece for me because it has three things I love about jewelry - stars, gothic scroll work, and black faceted beads. How she managed to find a piece that fits me so well, I'll never know.

I feel like I need to mention - OMG it's 85 degrees today. Hot!

Postcards from Lynne and Ally's meet-up with the
bracelet/anklet I'm wearing from Lynne

Arezu of Arezu in Wonderland has tagged me with my 3rd Liebster Award in my blog history. I've answered a few of the questions she asked, so I only answered the ones I feel like I hadn't. Sorry about not passing on the tag, but if you want to pick one of the questions and answer it on your own blog or in the comments on this post - feel free!

What`s the biggest fashion failure in your closet?
Oh my goodness. Many of my early looks. I had a really poor idea of what I actually looks like, what my style intent was, and how to shop for clothes that went together. So pretty much anything before 2011 makes me cringe. And even then, I still look for ways to improve. I still have many hits and misses, but I feel like I manage cohesive more these days.

How do you describe your fashion/style?
Post-industrial steampunk futuristic retroism. (I dunno really, I just like to throw around words)

Which fashion item you see in the magazines and shops a lot do you really hate?
Anything that looks cheap or childlike. Some fabrics just look so cheaply made that they'll just fall apart. I wince when I imagine people paying for that, especially in more "expensive" places. Online garments can look great, but looking in real life, I've noticed a major shift in quality and a big shift to very child-like designs.

Which color really doesn't suit you?
Yellow. Even as a red head, yellow doesn't suit me. I love yellow, my yellow skirt makes my top 3 favorite things ever - but yellow doesn't work on my neutral skin tone. I'm not pink or olive, I have mostly 'blue' undertones to my skin which looks easily washed out. I adore orange though, it's become my favorite next to yellow. You can wear any color, it just depends on how. Away from your face, paired up with something that does complement, in accessories.

If you had the money, would you change something of yourself?
Like plastic surgery? Nah. I wouldn't mind a nice facial or body scrub or something to help my skin out, but I'm terrified of needing surgery for medical reasons - I'd certainly never do it for cosmetics.

What do you really want to learn?
So many things. I want to learn proficiency. I can easily pick up new skills, but I rarely stick to things to produce things that are really well made. I'm best at cooking, but I still have the occasional flop. I can do so many things, but I would truly love to learn passion. I want something to consume my mind and be so interesting to me that I want to know everything about it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

When It Works

Blouse - Simply Vera, thrifted
Belt - gift from Sheila
Skinnies - Joe's Jeans, thrifted
Mu Boots - Cydwoq

The greatest thing about editing my closet down has been the ability to grab and go. Yesterday, I had to be with the DH for a dental appointment, which involved about four hours down in Nashville waiting around. I spent most of my time in the car park, because otherwise, people who did not remember to bring something to do while waiting wanted to interrupt my reading. And I have a Bio test tonight so I took advantage of the time to study.

Like most Wednesdays, I needed to be as comfortable as possible. Cydwoq boots, Simply Vera, and Joe's Jeans came to my rescue. Adding a mold-to-my-shape leather belt, and I can conquer the world. Or at least, my homework.

Never expected to love these boots as much as I do. They were an impulse bid on ebay because they were in my size. I thought the wider-shaped of the Cydwoq classics wouldn't work on my feet, but they're actually balanced with my feet and legs. I still haven't tried any of the regular style shoes, but if they're build on similar foot bases, they might fit. Sometimes buying online is a gamble, but sometimes it pays off.

I am still reading my blogroll, but my comments are woefully behind. I hope to get caught up by the end of the week. Sorry for the silence on my end of things!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Wiggle my toes

Dress - thrifted
Cardigan - Simply Vera, thrifted
Ride Boots - Cydwoq
Necklaces - gifts from Lynne

I wiggle my toes a lot in my Cydwoqs. It's a sublime feeling to have snug shoes but still have plenty of toe room. I do the same thing in my oxfords. Wiggle room!

You'll also notice - omg I'm wearing a floral. This is one of my other thrifted Vera Wang pieces. The print is so pretty, the cardigan is cotton, and hey for $3 I'm happy. Actually I took off the cardigan by afternoon because it got HOT again. Rocking the boots anyway.

I wore my favorite layered necklaces from Lynne. She sure knows how to convert a girl to jewelry.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sew Sunday: Three Sheets to the Wind

Apologies for the poor image quality, my camera doesn't do well at night

Or rather, just the one.

Seriously though, I had the most brilliant idea that I got from the lovely Meghan of Meg's Ragged Edge. She makes many of her own clothes, including some mega cute dresses, out of thrifted fabrics. Some of them have been thrifted sheets. A crafter's secret for fabric on the cheap.

When the DH and I got married, we were gifted three sheets sets. One of which was a black jersey sheets set that the DH hated to sleep on. I liked 'em because they feel like just like a soft tee shirt, y'know the one you always grab on weekends and comfy days. So it's sat around being unused.

I stumbled across the fitted sheet over the weekend. Flopping it around in attempt to fold it, I eventually tossed it across my shoulders while cleaning up. I passed by the mirror and realized, huh - it kind of looked like a bubble hem, and I can't remember who was posting about bubble hems, but I remembered reading the post (I never remember to bookmark things, please comment if it was you!).

Layered up 
I grabbed my MIL's mannequin and started draping. I thought about stealing Sal's idea of taking a piece of jersey and making two holes as a long vest, but further experimentation led me to cut arm holes and a neck hole. I rolled a hem and using my stretchy stitch sealed them around, then did a gather at the shoulders.
Front and back

Add a belt or my harness and it's a funky dress. I haven't decided if I want to stitch together the hemline any to make it wearable on its own, because I like the layering possibilities so far. But I am thinking of some additional seams to have a little more structure to the bodice. I'm out of black thread though, so it may wind up with orange seams - hmm!

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater! I took a sheet and made it neater! What do you think of my sheet dress - repurposed chic or keep it in the bedroom?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Well traveled outfit

NYC Tee - gift from Ally
Sweater - Calvin Klein ,thrifted
Jeans - Divided, thrifted
Boots - Fluevog
Superlambanana - gift from Ana

My clothes are infinitely more well traveled than I am. I've never been outside the Southern US (Nothing north of KY or west of St. Louis). However my tee shirt is from New York, my necklace from Liverpool, my boots from Canada, and my jeans? Who knows. We don't have an H&M in Tennessee so they had to come from somewhere else.

I wear this tee a lot on weekends. I have started taking a Wendy Brandes approach to weekends with a pair of jeans and a black shirt. Of course that doesn't mean my jeans can't be red. Today was back to classes and back to insanity. At least I got a lot done - including a revamp of my blog, header, and organizing both digital and physical realms of my life.

I'm hoping the weather will be a little less dreary this weekend so I can so you my latest DIY project this weekend. Send good weather my way!

LAMBANANA - Seriously the most fun word ever


Thursday, October 18, 2012


 Shirt - Talbots, thrifted
Skirt - DIY'd
Necklace - gift from Ana
Boots - vintage deadstock

Ultimately, I got rid of my buggy background in favor of a dark blue one. Sorry if you missed it! 

Today is the last day of my fall break. It's been a productive one for the most part. I've managed to get things cleaned up and reorganized. I've cleared out, rearranged, and caught up on school work. And did some shoe-window shopping. Lol. I have wishlist now (*Links only for love, not profit) I'll be spending the evening with Bio study guides and some Grey's Anatomy.

After yesterday's colorful look, I needed to desaturate a bit with some black and white. I never thought I'd reach so much for a white skirt, but this one has been a great piece so far. Super comfy, easy to style. You can also see my newest DIY (Don't kill me, Ana!) I loved this belt that Ana gave me, but the best part of it only showed in the back when I wore it. I realized a few simple snips and the addition of a clasp, I had a really cool rope necklace!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Cardigan - Talbots, thrifted
Silk blouse - Banana Republic, thrifted
Skirt - thrifted
Mu boots - Cydwoq

I don't know if I'm necessarily doing the whole 'lagenlook' thing right, but the weather is so gorgeous I wanted to layer, but keep things light. I pulled this shirt out of my summer drawer. I shop out of season, which sometimes means getting things and putting them away until the next weather cycle. Like much of my winter stuff is 'new' but it's been sitting around since the hottest days of summer.

Also you may have noticed a change in my layout. I haven't decided if I like it permanently or not, but it will stick around through the Halloween season at least. Let me know what you think!

It's a bit of a recipe week here on MMD. I get food-creative when I'm not tumbling out the door shortly after waking up. Today's recipe is Tuna salad. Before you groan and run away, here's my fall recipe:
Packet/tin of plain tuna
Enough mayo to moisten
Curry powder
Green onion
Dried cranberries
Relish (optional)

Amounts vary to taste and what you have floating in your pantry. I'll preface this recipe with: I don't like sweet with meat, or nuts in most things, but the combo of salty, sour, sweet, and pungent combine for an unexpected flavor profile. I suggest making the night before to let the flavors meld.

You could easily toss this onto a green salad or hot pasta for lunch, or eat it on crackers... Or just with a spoon like I did. I've also added in shredded carrots, red cabbage or other crunchy things in the past to make it more of a meal.

If you're anti-tuna, try it with chicken instead. If you're vegetarian, feel free to offer an alternative in the comments! I'm personally a meat-eater, but always love new veg recipes for myself and veg-eating friends.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunshine Award

Dress - Karen Kane
Obi Belt - MMD
Pearl Hart Pumps - John Fluevog
Necklace - gift from Lynne

Today was super lovely. I decided a swishy dress and kicky heels was on the menu. I've also decided this is my personal obi belt. I'm keeping this one. ;) After all, it matches my pumps. I already can't get enough of this necklace. I love the stone and leather. The front of the garage is coming together, still posing with the skyjack for now!

Beth over at Bethie the Boo gifted me with the Sunshine Award and asked some questions. We're supposed to tag more people and make up more questions, but I'll just say if you need something to blog, feel free to snag these questions - you're tagged!

1. You are stranded on a deserted island with only five songs on your iPod - what five songs are you going to listen to on repeat?
I'd rather have a book and the sounds of the water. I'm not a music person. I prefer quiet. But if I had to pick something, I'd say classical, preferably violin based. Or some Gaga.

2. Have you heard of that show "The Best Thing I Ever Ate?"  What would you say if you were on that show?
I have heard of it. And my answer is probably my mom's chicken and dressing casserole or her pork cabbage rolls. My mom is an incredible cook.

3. Where is your favorite place to shop for shoes?

4. Is there a fictional character (say on television) whose style you admire?
Sherlock Holmes! BBC version plz. Mmm tailored suits, swishy jackets. I suppose also Irene Adler from the same series.

5. Would you rather be a pirate or a ninja?
Pirate, of course. Space pirate!

6. Have you jumped on board with the Kindle/Nook craze or do you still like a book in your hands?  Or maybe you do both?
I adore my Nook. I still love a good old paper book, but I like my Nook for being able to carry as many books as I want with me. And not taking up all of the space beneath my bed and bottom of my closet. I keep a number of out of print paperbacks that haven't been added to digital libraries, but many of my newer-published things have been backed up with digital versions. I'll soon be donating a lot of physical books. I'm happy so long as I have something to read.

7. What is your favorite magazine, if you have one?
Allure was one of my favorites in the past. Mostly because they would often have a free VS panty coupon in them. Now, all magazines are crap. I was standing at the check out line and one magazine literally said "The most beautifullest ladies". Really. Really. The cashier didn't believe me until I showed it to her.

8. Do you wear sunscreen every day like they recommend we all should?
Nope sunscreen breaks me out. It's horrible, but I don't drink or smoke, and I eat my vegetables. Maybe it's my one high risk behavior, but I'd rather not do anything to cause further breakouts.

9. What is the worst movie you've ever seen?
The Pumaman - godawful, but it was actually good for some laughs.

10. Do you have a favorite type of cookie?  What is it?  Will you bake me some?
Molasses cookies - mmm. I'm an awful baker. I'm a great cook, but I can't bake. The DH will just have to make the cookies. He's good at it.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Soul Food

 Hat, Bracelet - Target
Shirt - Gap
Skirt - H&M, thrifted
Ride Boots - Cydwoq

A sort of super hero look today, but how could I not feel like a super hero in these boots. So shiny and soft and comfy. I pretty much took the whole weekend to be a couch potato. Even my food was made in the laziest way possible (recipe below). Even though I'm still technically on break, I'm getting back to work today.

Pencil skirts are not my shape of choice. I like them visually, but often they can feel confining. However I've been looking to plug the red-skirt hole in my closet for a long long time and this pencil skirt has a nice wide waist band and it's lined. People add H&M to the fast-fashion list, but I'm often surprised by the quality of their goods compared to other FF retailers. However all my H&M goodies are thrifted, so I don't know about the scope of actual stores.

It's a good thing I'm a decent cook, otherwise I'd be a very hungry person.

Put these in a crockpot on high:
can of fireroasted tomatoes
small can of tomato sauce
chopped pork (or chicken or beef)

3+ hours later:
add a box of Zatarains hoppin' john (or your own rice/beans and seasonings)
water as needed
frozen corn

After about an hour, it'll look something like this - Eat! I promise it's quite delicious. It would be good with another veg side (acorn squash!) or add in something like green peas.

Are you experiencing colder weather yet? What are some of your favorite fall recipes?

Friday, October 12, 2012


Dress - All Saints, gift from Megan
Necklace - gift from Lynne
Cardigan - Ann Taylor, thrifted
Belt - Rugged Warehouse
Tights - Anna Sui
Mu boots - Cydwoq

I really admire people who can grab things out of their closet and remix and match and always look put together. That's been one of my goals for the 4+ years of my blog. In the mirror, this outfit looked like it worked. When breaking down the individual pieces, it feels like a lot. But I think I managed to keep it cohesive. What do you think?

One of the biggest things that stood in my way of style was buying things I loved, but that were too "expert" for my current style level. I'm drawn to wild tights, bizarre shoes, and extreme shapes. I've passed on many pieces that I wish I had now, I also let a lot of things sit around unworn because they felt like a challenge. I remember seeing these tights online and asking a guy friend of mine what he thought of them. The consensus was "man repeller". I bought them anyway.

It's okay to feel like things you like are outside of your grasp, but don't let that fear limit you to a closet full of safe pieces. Over time, those difficult pieces can become style basics. All the tv-style gurus say you need a LBDs and blazer as basics, MMD says your basic can be a chartreuse leather vest, a pair of patent yellow boots, or red and orange tights.

Be bold!
My new favorite necklace - It looks like a space rock!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Classic with a twist

Shirt - Express, thrifted
Skinny jeans - Old Navy, thrifted
Boots - Art Company

Nothing makes me feel sexier than a well-tailored menswear style shirt.

Not skirts or heels or low cut dresses. This shirt was one of those pieces I clutched all the way to the cashier with glee. I paired it as simply as I could. I tried it on with tons of different accessories and belts, but ultimately I wanted to let the shirt shine. Just a little pop of color and contrast in my boots.

Secret Squirrel reminded me of this lovely shirt hanging in my closet. Her classic, but modern English style always has me swooning.

I didn't share yesterday what I use to relax. Thursdays have become my official relax days. I usually have nothing planned but a night with Grey's Anatomy and Elementary, and possibly catching up with Castle on Hulu if I missed it on Monday. I love tv, but rarely get time to watch it these days. But I always make time for Grey's.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cognac Cords

Tee - Tryst, thrifted
Jacket - thrifted
Cords - J Crew, thrifted
Army flats - Trippen

Now that cooler weather has hit, it's like a whole new closet has opened up for me. I finally get to pull out these cords. I'd been hunting a pair all summer because I knew I'd want some jeans-alternatives for winter. I couldn't find a good colorful pair in my size, but these J.crew cords popped up for 99p. I'm still playing around with them, and like many of my experimental pieces, it was a small price to pay for something I was unsure of. (Also still kind of mixed on the fit, these are petites and feel a bit short all over. I'm only ~5'2" hmmm!)

My fall break is coming up - and boy do I need it. I'm not sure if it's just peak time for people to be crazy in your face or what. I need some time to get a good book to read and refresh myself before continuing on. Maybe just some life burnout. How do you refresh when you really need to keep working hard?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Boot debut

Cardigan - Talbots, thrifted
Dress - thrifted
Belt - thrifted
Ride Boots - Cydwoq

As a girl with a love for well made shoes, I've stalked many shoes that got away. I've been on a neutral shoe with a twist kick this year, and the Cydwoq Ride has been exactly that. Its interesting shape and dark metallic leather keep it from being too simple. 

As a skinny-legged lady, I often find myself disappointed to find upwards of 3-4 inch gaps in my boots. I've even gone the tailored route and paid to have calves taken in. This basic boot with a truly slim calf is the boot of my dreams. These boots also came with the benefit of being half off of the retail price. (They also match my harness!)

I've finally got a day at home to myself to catch up on cleaning and homework. I stuck with my sweat-shirt material dress and newly thrifted cardigan. I'm really looking forward to fall break. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Red in the Face

Bicycle shirt - thrifted
Bicycle skirt - Smoking Lily, gift from Sheila
Logic oxfords - Cydwoq
Buttonflowers - MMD

The greatest thing about thrifting is how serendipitous it can be. I stumbled across this bicycle shirt awhile back, but held off on buying it. It seemed a little 'twee' for my closet, despite being a sickeningly perfect match for my Smoking Lily skirt. I finally grabbed it the day it was 99c, figuring it would be fun to wear a couple of times, but I might recycle the fabric into something else.

This buttonflower trio is one of the display pieces I had pinned together for my booth. I thought the colors went perfectly with the blouse, so I tucked 'em back to wear today. I should have worn tights because I froze all afternoon. I need to check the weather closer in the future. (And find more cheap cotton tights)

Thankfully my sunburn doesn't show up much in blog photos. It is itchy as can be today.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sew Sunday: Fail

Pale girl fail
Disappointed to say that after 7 hours, a few hundred people, and zero sales - my booth was a bust. I not only didn't make a sale, I spent $2 on a drink. I made -$2.

I also got a sunburn.

And while this sucks for me, it means that all the obi belts and buttonflowers are still available for purchase. And if you order before October 31st with the words: FALLFESTIVAL you'll get $1 off your order.

Image courtesy of Amber

Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Sheila

Dress - Merona, thrifted
Necklace - gift from Sheila
Custom Harness - Audra Jean
Wrist Cuff - gift from Lynne
Tights - Asos
Boots - etsy

I have made many friends over my blogging years, both new and old. One of my blog "sisters" is Sheila - and it's her birthday party! I've done many virtual parties including Lynne's thrifter round up, Patti's Visible Mondays, and Ally's glam party. 

Only worn twice and already a hole! I sewed it up once I got home
because I am getting better PPW than two wears on a pair of $15 tights. D:

Two years ago I did a birthday drawing for Sheila with her kitty, Inigo, may he rest in peace. Sheila printed that picture and it's appeared behind her in almost every blogger photo she's taken since. (Above her head in the standing photos!) For her birthday this year, I decided to draw her a doodle in my new cartoony style with her cat, Vizzini, the rascal.

Please head over and wish her a very happy birthday.

And fyi, there are a lot of links in this post. They will not generate any income for me if you click on them, only take you to awesomely cool bloggers and their posts.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Best Catch

Blouse - Simply Vera, thrifted
Skinnies - Joe's Jeans, thrifted
Happy Free Boots - Trippen 
Belt - blogger swap with Lynne

I started out the afternoon with a good appointment with my therapist. I don't always get everything out, but today the ultimate resolution was - I'm doing better. My in-laws were super nice and bought me lunch this afternoon, consisting of the best fried catfish, crinkle fries and a salad. Followed by lemon pie. Yummy.

I wanted something comfortable for today, so I tossed on this Simply Vera top. I've always admired the Simply Vera pieces for their elegance and often beautiful prints. However she usually skews a little too girly and a little too high priced for me. I found two Simply Vera pieces while thrifting that were brand new, one of which was this top. Paired with a monochrome bottom half lets the blouse be the centerpiece.

I may tack up the neckline as it's a little low/droopy for my everyday comfort, but otherwise this piece is a high quality jersey with colors and a print that fit perfectly into my developing style.

Just a last heads up - if you are interested in a particular Obi Belt or set of Buttonflowers let me know by tomorrow evening. All MMD stock will go to the Fall Festival this weekend, and stock will not be replenished until Christmas season.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Doodly Dee

Suede Jacket - Danier, gift from Sheila
Tee - Gap
Skirt - Edme and Estylle, thrifted
Vera Ellen Boots - John Fluevog
Necklace - gift from Lynne

The sun came back out today! I celebrated with bare legs (and a pair of cotton shorts underneath the skirt). I still needed a jacket, but this denim-look suede jacket really fit the bill. It was a great go-to in spring and I'll get a ton of wear out of it this cool season. Can you tell how my colors have shifted? I've not only been paying more attention to quality and how my wardrobe goes together in terms of style, but I've been trying to bridge the gap of colors in my wardrobe. 

I've learned from Sheila and Eek that the keys to a well-remixed closet comes from color cohesion. I can wear red boots, but going for a shade of burgundy means I'll get more mileage from them. As a thrifter, this means shopping can become easier as I by-pass the large section of pink and brown. I'll still let my eye be drawn, but I'll likely skip those sections. I like contrast, but I like matching better most of the time. I haven't gotten rid of all my other colored items, but I've tried to be more mindful in my future shopping.

Do you keep to a certain color range when you shop?

I'm off to take a Biology test this evening! Wish me luck~

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cold Tights

Dress - LAmade, thrifted
Belt - Lauren Ralph Lauren
T shirt - Horny toad, thrifted
 Fae print tights - Anne Klein via Rugged Warehouse
Star bracelet - target
Logic flats - Cydwoq

I picked up these faerie-print tights over the summer. I normally don't go for nylon tights, because they make me feel cold. However I liked the print; it reminded me of All Saints. And they were only $2. I don't know how much wear they'll get. It was only in the 60s today, and I was still chilly. I did bring along a jacket (not pictured). I'm doing the panicky thing where I'm afraid I don't have enough tights to see me through winter - but I'm sure I do and will wear pants more frequently as the weather changes.

Are you experiencing tights weather yet? Am I alone in my cold-feelings of nylon tights? How do you keep warm in dresses/skirts?

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