Sunday, December 30, 2012

Elfin girl

Sweater - Moth, thrifted
Cords - B.Moss, thrifted
Mu Boots - Cydwoq
Belt - gift from Debbi

Snoowww! It snowed! Which means I planned to go out, got outside and decided NOPE, back in. It was too cold to venture out. Call me a wuss if you want, but the snow was wet and the sun was going down. However I did get the chance to put together an outfit inspired by the Hobbit. I fell head over heels for this sweater, even though the cold weather is rarely extreme enough to wear a chunky wool, I had to take it home. Add in an arrow belt from Debbi, my new micro-cords and tough boots, I was good and warm.

I love Anthro stuff, and I'm so glad when I can score it from goodwill. I'd never spend 88$ on a sweater, but I will spend $5. Also pictured - an American Eagle orange and blue striped shirt and BCBG Max Azria jersey royal blue skirt.  I didn't take a picture of the loft jeans, because I'm sure you guys can picture that.

I did wind up doing another closet culling and dropped off a large bag of stuff at Goodwill the day I bought stuff. So thankfully my closet is now a little more under control. Just in time for birthday presents maybe? Lol!

With the new year rushing in, I've been preparing to start back to school and get ready for a whole new busy semester.

I haven't been entirely lazy this winter holiday - I have five new obi belts sewn up and up on the Shop.

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  1. Green always looks great on you. I love that funky, unique sweater. Happy Sunday Megan and enjoy the last 2 days of 2012. =)

  2. You got snow? Awesome! Or maybe you don't think so :)

    I LOVE yoru Elfin inspired look! And finding Anthro at the thrift store is always a win!! Looking forward to seeing your new obi belts - and maybe buying myself a new one too! :)

  3. "I did get the chance to put together an outfit inspired by the Hobbit." You just don't read that every day : > Love this green on you and sorry to repeat myself, but your new hairstyle is Smoking Good!

  4. You look very awesome and I love your Elfin look! :-) Boyfriend promised we are going to see the Hobbit soon. I hear it is amazing.

    I feel ya on both the snow and needing to clean out my closet. We got snow on Saturday.

  5. Oh, I want that jumper. Chunky knit AND with crochet goodness. I am less a fan of hobbits, but happy that it inspired this outfit. (Confession: I am scared of hobbits' hairy feet). Thank you for the lovely compliment today on my round-up.

  6. Snow? We got snow yesterday too! But it's gone now.

    Love that sweater! The extra details are gorgeous. And those cords are a great color. You found some great pieces!

  7. Oh, I love that sweater! Such a nice cut and good details on it. I struggle with sweaters (too much neck, too bulky) so it's great to see such a lovely one.

    Ah, dying to see The Hobbit! Maybe next weekend...

  8. Coolest ever Hobbit outfit! Love the mossy tones, great belt, awesome asymmetries of the sweater and your hair together.
    Thanks for the sneak preview of your thrift scores, for all we had to work to imagine Loft jeans, lol.
    Your new obi belts are gorgeous!

  9. You look so fab in greens. Love, love the sweater. I love things with different details that make them unique. The belt looks fab on you too. It was always one of my favorites. I wore it with a lot of different outfits. I especially liked it with skirts. (Yes, I did wear them once upon a time. Ha.)
    Happy New Year to you and your husband.

  10. I love this outfit, so cute and green is a beautiful color.
    Love cords they are comfi and cute. And the sweater is really nice!

    I think your right about the SantaChristmas.

    XO Arezu

  11. Gorgeous sweater! Green is such a great color on you.

    Happy NYE!

  12. Fabulous sweater! And again, it looks so good with your haircut! Do you find you're styling differently with the new do?

    1. Admittedly, I do about the same - wash, brush, air dry. Some days I forget to comb it. Lol! I should try styling it differently - curls or braids. I am just really low maintenance.

    2. I was thinking more of your clothes. Everything looks different with a new haircut! Or color!

  13. I love Anthro stuff too, but it's a bit out of my price range. But that's what birthday presents are for. :)

  14. You look fantastic as an elf! The color and textures are great on you. Off to check out your obis now! the Citizen Rosebud

  15. Aaaaargh I am so already over the snow. I doooo love the sweater so much! Aaaand your new scores with the striped tee and pleated skirt! I am proud of you for taking on your closet--a task all too overdue for me. What day in January is your birthday again? I hope you get lots of presents to fill that closet back up! I went therapy thrifting yesterday . . . not the greatest state of mind to shop in but I did score a lot of really great stuff!

  16. i want to see snow.... Indonesia doesnt have snow...


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