Thursday, December 13, 2012

Big Blue

Custom Harness - Audra Jean
Dress - LAmade
Under dress - Karen Kane
Cotton lined wool tights - Sockdreams
Ride Boots - Cydwoq

I adore this blue dress. It's so bright and full. I needed some pep today, so I layered up my dresses and put on my warmest tights. I felt super poofy and swingy today. 

It's finally beginning to feel like Christmas season here at the MMD household, which means plans being made, video games being played, and chilly mornings.

I'm looking forward to my yearly movie traditions. My mom and I usually see a movie for her birthday (the 21st) and my brother and I spend Christmas evening together seeing another movie. I think this year is going to be The Hobbit and Les Miserable. Do you have any holiday traditions?


  1. That dress is pretty rocking! I'd just spin around in circles all day admiring it. Every Christmas I watch the Muppet Family Christmas. My dad makes watch A Christmas Story and then we go over to my in-laws and they make us watch it as well.

  2. I love the layered dresses! And the harness, of course. We don't have a lot of holiday traditions, but we often go out to eat with a dear friend.

  3. Oh, perfect for skipping! So blue!

    It's looking more and more likely that I will flout all tradition this year! I am skipping xmas! :)

  4. A beautiful combination! I love the blue. And those tights are so versitile. Love them.

  5. I want to go see both of those as well! I might try to fit in a viewing of A Christmas Story or It's a Wonderful Life.

    I love this layered dress look - great colours. Don't you just love that swoosh?

  6. I am partial to striped tights!

  7. We are so going to see Les Miserables on Christmas day. It's kind of a holiday tradition to escape from fam after the feast :P I'm still kinda pissed at the Hobbit for snagging some of the cutest Irish and British actors from my fave BBC shows for two years of movie-making :(

    This is a really beautiful look. I think it's the harness belt that pulls it all together, such a cool accessory.

  8. Oh you look beautiful in your full blue dress!!! This is a great color on you! We have a lot of traditions in my house--starting with a huge cookie bake. We are doing that this weekend and I am super excited!

  9. great post honey, i really love your dress and style!!
    have a nice weekend!


  10. You look beautiful & cozy and you are INSPIRING ME to try layering two dresses. ;-) You know this dress, is one of my favorites in your collection. I even featured you wearing it once (paired with Teal), in my blog. I am loving the way you are wearing it here, even more - it might make my blog twice. =P

    I, too, felt like wearing a dress today. I have wanted to wear this dress for a week now. It is a shirt-dress style with long sleeves that can be rolled up to the elbows. But it is very thin. Alas, I wore leggings & a turtleneck underneath it and it worked.

    Hope the Christmas Spirit continues for you and your household. Since you are SO CREATIVE, I would like to see how you decorate your place for the Holidays. I will do my Holiday Decoration post, soon. =)

    Have a Fab Weekend, Ada. =)

  11. Love how you layered that outfit.

  12. You are rockin' the double dresses!! i love the bright blue!

  13. I cannot wait for Les Miserables!!! I've seen the stage show twice, so I can't wait to see it as a movie. The previews look amazing.

    Speaking of looking amazing, your dresses look awesome! The bright blue is a great color on you!!

    Holiday traditions for us - must watch Home Alone and A Charlie Brown Christmas at some point. Celebrate with my in-laws on Xmas Eve and my family on Xmas Day. Watch the Yule Log on TV. Mostly cheesy stuff, but I love it.

  14. You look so beautiful in this color of blue. I bet you get a lot of envious looks from others!
    When I was younger, we always spent Christmas at my Grandparents, but now our family is really small and there aren't many of us to celebrate.

  15. I just can't even tell you how beautiful you look in this amazing outfit. Just- wow. Wow.

    and a little bit "I hate you for how good you look" ;-) (joking.)

  16. Beautiful colors and cute tights.

    XO Arezu

  17. We go to the movies every Christmas too. Still deciding what to see this year.


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