Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sew Sunday: Leather Tote

It's been awhile since I did a proper DIY, and this week's earlier leather skirt got me thinking. Instead of sending it back to the GW, I decided to go ahead and make my own leather tote. 

The before. I left most of the seaming intact, and added in a panel for a bottom. I'm sure it'd look even better with a proper lining and stabilizing bottom, but I'm lazy. Things I learned: Sewing on the suede side is fine, even on my dinky machine, but if you're sewing on the leather side, use a bit of stiff paper (I used some index cards) to help the material slide. You can rip it off the stitches later. Wish I had done that with the top seam. It would have been neater.

I used some handles off my old PVC bag that was too busted up to keep carrying, but it had my favorite style handles. So awesome bag: get!

 I still have some leftover leather bits so I stocked them away for later projects, but I really love how this turned out. Now I have a suede over the shoulder bag and a proper black leather tote that's big enough for my Nook, wallet, and phone.

Also a bonus to my readers - I found this bag of buttonflowers already packaged up in my old purse. I'm willing to let this goodie bag go for $5+shipping. I don't know exactly how many are in it, but it's primarly green and blue. If you're interested, shoot me an email at Ecc3ntriccynic[at]gmail[dot]com

Don't forget - Fashion Challenge week starts next week. If you haven't signed up already, hit the badge in my sidebar to take you to the sign up page~!


  1. Okay, you are just so awesome! Also totally adorable in jeans and T. Nice work!!!

  2. You are so clever! Love the new leather bag!

  3. Super cool :). (I wish I had space to settle my sewing machine somewhere :P)
    x, Lara
    And then: What do the scientists say about human beauty:

    1. I keep mine in the living room closet and haul it out onto my computer desk to sew! It's not a great set up, but it's enough for small projects.

  4. Clever, and really great-looking! Well done.

  5. Very clever! I would have never tought of it!

  6. Holy cow that is awesome! Now I really wish I could sew! Your bag really turned out great, nice job!

  7. Awesome job Megan!! REally cute tote bag!

  8. So cool! Your talent astounds me.

    And I love coming to your blog to read the comments. It's like a convention of nice people.

  9. Fabulous upcycle!! I want to do bags really badly, just haven't gotten to it. I tried sewing some leather and clearly I got it all wrong. It was a disaster. I love the way your's turned out. Doesn't it feel great ?!!!!! :-)

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  11. That's very clever idea. A leather skirt to a tote bag. Nice one. Its very ingenious. Hope I can sew like you can.
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  12. That turned out so well - doesn't look handmade at all! You're brave - I've never tried sewing leather before!

  13. I love the way you creative types think :) You remind me to break out my own leather skirt from GW, maybe for your challenge this week.

  14. I love this DIY. Thanks for the tip about the paper backing. I have to show my friend this post.


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