Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just Not That Cold

Dress - LA made, ebay
Cardigan - thrifted
Underskirt - edme and estylle, thrifted
Boots - Eject
"Button" flower - gift from Ana

It's been positively balmy for November. With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I should be wearing reds and browns and other autumnal colors - but I am feeling the blue this week. With the acquisition of not one, but two teal cardigans after ripping a hole in my old one I couldn't wait to put this outfit together.

Yesterday's outfit consisted of a pair of jeans and the DH's white hanes tee. Comfy, functional, workable - but I needed to go over the top today.

And what's more over the top than purple boots! It wasn't even chilly enough to need tights today, but I did layer an extra skirt for mega-poof.

Not sure if I'll post tomorrow, but if I don't - I hope those celebrating have an excellent Thanksgiving. And for those who aren't, have great Thursdays!

I'm making corn pudding (more like a souffle), crab dip, and bringing an artisan bread for lunch. What is your signature Turkey Day dish?

Also go check out the Fashion Challenge Round Up on Keely's Blog!!!


  1. Wow, the colors in this outfit are so rich and lovely!! I love the layers of teal and blue! And the boots, dang girl, those are fabulous!! I love the whole look.

    And it's unnaturally warm here right now too. I'm just going with it! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  2. Your dress, cardigan, and underskirt make a fabulous outfit. The colors and the fabric are great.

  3. You can' have TOO many teal cardigans!!! It's THE new neutral!!
    Love the oufit!! Have a happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Oh, this is just beautiful! The silhouette is gorgeous, and the colour mix is amazing. I'm pleased by how well the button flower works with it! This is one of my favourite looks of yours ever.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Oh, how I love this! I want to twirl! I love this color combination. I'll def have to try it. I've been quite attracted to the blues and greens this season myself.

    I've got gluten free-dairy free pumpkin pies to make this evening.:(

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving friend!

  6. Whoa, wicked-awesome outfit - Meg-A-Poof is also my most-fun-ever word to say today. Gorgeous colours, stupendous silhouette! Love love love those particular boots too. :)

  7. Those boots are amazing!!! Well, actually your whole outfit makes me swoon from it's amazingness but I actually went and searched for that shoe company before I even finished reading your post. You always have the best shoes, girlie. :-)

  8. I am also swooning, like Meghan, over these blues! And I love corn pudding, wish you were here : > Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. You look beautiful in these colours! I love the layering of the skirt. The purples are the perfect accent.

  10. You look beautiful in your Blues & Teals. I love all the layering. You did an amazing job. It has been balmy here, the last few days also.

    Corn pudding, artisian bread & crab dip all sound amazing. You are making this pregnant mom - hungryyyy.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you & DH!! <3 Ada.

  11. Love this outfit, Megan. Such great colours together. I used to have those boots too but I sold them on ebay. Something I possibly regret now!

  12. Everything looks smashing together, Megan. Layers, colors, styles, shapes. Perfecto in your lagenlookin'.

  13. Ooh! I love the color progression. Especially the teal on top and the teal underneath. But mostly, I super love that blue dress.

  14. I love the layers and colors of this outfit. Purple boots!!!! Yay!

  15. Coming late to say - fantastic! The word 'ethereal' pops into my head seeing this outfit. Such a calming blend of colour.

  16. This is one of my fave outfits on you ever. I love all the textures and layering and color. Those boots are perfect!


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