Saturday, November 10, 2012

Caturday 11/10/12

Iiiiiit's Caturday here at MMD. And a very special one at that. If you've been following MMD for awhile, you know that I have five very asshole-ish cats in my family: Spike (orange fattie), Sammy (the lovable martyr), Annabelle (the Momma), Bruce (my dingy kitten), and York (the hunk). I managed to get kitten cuddles from everybody yesterday. I even had Miss Annabelle up in my lap. She had a her spay surgery earlier this week, due to a rescheduled appointment. So she was feeling extremely clingy despite her usual half-feral attitude.
Miss Belle dozing in my lap.
Spike gave me a big hello as I walked in the door. Sammy decided to spend time with the DH. And the two kittens played and played and played. But everyone, even Annabelle graced me with a photo op.

York on left, Bruce on right... both are masters of the big shiny eyes.

York is also a ridiculous cuddler, when you pick him up, he grabs your arm and nuzzles into your neck. Rotten monster!!!

Spike was not on his cuteness ball this week. He kept turning his face or pouncing Sammy. He doesn't like Sammycat.

But Sammycat looooves laps. And pets. Having three black cats is confusing sometimes, but each one has different colored eyes, which helps tell them apart.

Hope this is even kitten cuteness for awhile! It'll be a few weeks before I get to see all my BBs again, so I'm glad to see them all healthy and happy.


  1. Aww, what a super-fluffy post! Hope Annabelle heals well.

  2. I have a kitty who looks like York. His name is Martin, and he is very sweet.

  3. Aw, so much cuteness! Inigo used to cuddle like York does - man, I miss that so much.

  4. Aaawww... cats are so cute. It's funny how different their personalities can be. Thank for sharing about your little monsters.

  5. Awwwww. If I did not have a rotten beagle, I might go for a cat, but I am thinking one pet is all I can handle right now!! xoxo Lynn

    1. Five is truly far too many! But we couldn't say no to a pregnant stray.

  6. Hi, Jon! Hi, Sasha Jane's mom and siblings! Sasha Jane has been sleeping all day, saving up for a big night of pestering hubby's much older cat, and being chased by the Corgi. Good times. I need to get some updated pictures of her up on the blog, soon. So happy you sent her home with me :)She is my Baby Cat.

  7. Thanks for my vicarious cat fix. They're beautiful. xxoo

  8. Aww, they are such cute cats! I love how they all have distinct little personalities - it must be quite a handful sometimes!

  9. Hello pretty kitties! The boys certainly have grown! Poor Miss Annabelle with the cone, but good that she had the surgery. So fun, thanks for sharing!!

  10. Oh gosh so cute!!!! I love the look on Spike's face. He looks like his name fits his 'tude. :-)

  11. Poor annabelle in the cone of shame!!
    Kitty cuteness galore!!


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