Friday, October 19, 2012

Well traveled outfit

NYC Tee - gift from Ally
Sweater - Calvin Klein ,thrifted
Jeans - Divided, thrifted
Boots - Fluevog
Superlambanana - gift from Ana

My clothes are infinitely more well traveled than I am. I've never been outside the Southern US (Nothing north of KY or west of St. Louis). However my tee shirt is from New York, my necklace from Liverpool, my boots from Canada, and my jeans? Who knows. We don't have an H&M in Tennessee so they had to come from somewhere else.

I wear this tee a lot on weekends. I have started taking a Wendy Brandes approach to weekends with a pair of jeans and a black shirt. Of course that doesn't mean my jeans can't be red. Today was back to classes and back to insanity. At least I got a lot done - including a revamp of my blog, header, and organizing both digital and physical realms of my life.

I'm hoping the weather will be a little less dreary this weekend so I can so you my latest DIY project this weekend. Send good weather my way!

LAMBANANA - Seriously the most fun word ever



  1. Love the new layout and header! Very cool! I also love your NYC tee. I am not very well traveled either, as you know, but I would like to change that (provided I can shake this fear of flying thing). I love your cute necklace and great red jeans too! I am sending you good vibes for a wonderfully weathered weekend Megan!

  2. I love your new header! And keeping it simple on the weekends is totally my mantra too. I love your red jeans! I have only worn my pair once so far, but I have many ideas to wear them more! It's dreary here too but we so need it, so you can send all your rain here, I won't mind.

    He he Lambanana. That is my new favorite word!

  3. Yay, the Superlambanana! I was hoping you'd pull that off the keychain and use it as a charm or pendant, and so you have! (I thought as a keychain it was kind of useless, but the charm was really quite nice.) Also, I highly approve of any outfit that includes yellow and red.

    1. It was! and it's adorable. I keep thinking of making it an earring, but it works great as a pendant for now.

  4. You look very chic - and tough! You know as a complete bling hound, I am all over that necklace :o

    I have a huge suitcase that has traveled way more than me, because over the years several co-workers have borrowed for trips to places like Europe and Aruba. Man, that is one lucky suitcase.

  5. I love this look, so bad-ass. Your neclace reminds me of "hand banana" from ATHF... yeah...

  6. I love this look, so bad-ass. Your neclace reminds me of "hand banana" from ATHF... yeah...

  7. Oh man, those boots! You seriously have the best shoes ever. So jealous.

  8. Those boots, sigh. I love them.

    I have been to bits of Europe, but no further (am in UK). When I went to uni, it was the done thing to be GAP year-ing somewhere far-flung, but 1) I had no money and 2), it just didn't appeal. I went and worked in Italy after my degree, which suited me much better (shoes!).

    Looking forward to the craft update...

  9. I love that sweater. Actually, I really like the whole look but something about the sweater just seems so bad ass. :-)

  10. Yes, Superlambanana! I used to live in the UK, and when I first saw that name I couldn't think why it sounded so familiar - until I saw it was from Liverpool. Of course! Have you see pictures of the real thing?

    Next time I go to Ol' Blighty, I'm getting one of those keyrings too!

  11. That word definitely has a rhythm to it. And why can't I ever remember how to spell rhythm? I always have to do the spell checker on it.
    I love black graphic tees, especially peeking out from a jacket or cardigan. Makes you look very street wise.
    Love your new background too. Very you!

  12. This is a great theme for a post and your outfit is a winner too.
    And I LOVE your new blog colors and design!

  13. Looking good, all the way around. Love the red jeans. Wendy is definitely an inspiration, fashion and otherwise.

  14. I've often pondering this very thing: that my clothes are better traveled than I am. That's globalization for you.

    I'm wondering how many black tees Wendy might have...

  15. Actually I'd like to think I am pretty well-traveled. I have seen (a bit) 4 continents so far. I have seen 31 states of US. The place I have probably traveled the least is actually my birthdplace of Albania. But I plan on changing that soon. =))

    I love your necklace girly and the awesome red skinnies. Also great new look to your blog. Maybe you can help me with mine. Maybe you can send me some links or give me some ideas, any help I'd appreciate it. You can email me at Thanks Megan.

    Last but not least I wish you the best of luck with the weather and your DIY Projects. Can't wait to see them. Ada. =)

  16. Love those boots, and your red jeans! :)

  17. Great shapes & proportions to this outfit - a casual look but also super-sharp! Love the saturated red of the jeans and the shape of the sweater.

    "Lambanana" lends itself wonderfully to song, and I am thrilled to learn that this is a real thing in the world!!!

  18. I love your facial expresion and pose, looking tough! :)


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