Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Sheila

Dress - Merona, thrifted
Necklace - gift from Sheila
Custom Harness - Audra Jean
Wrist Cuff - gift from Lynne
Tights - Asos
Boots - etsy

I have made many friends over my blogging years, both new and old. One of my blog "sisters" is Sheila - and it's her birthday party! I've done many virtual parties including Lynne's thrifter round up, Patti's Visible Mondays, and Ally's glam party. 

Only worn twice and already a hole! I sewed it up once I got home
because I am getting better PPW than two wears on a pair of $15 tights. D:

Two years ago I did a birthday drawing for Sheila with her kitty, Inigo, may he rest in peace. Sheila printed that picture and it's appeared behind her in almost every blogger photo she's taken since. (Above her head in the standing photos!) For her birthday this year, I decided to draw her a doodle in my new cartoony style with her cat, Vizzini, the rascal.

Please head over and wish her a very happy birthday.

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  1. Aww, I love the new doodle with Vizzini in it! I hope Sheila loves it as well! I will be putting up my party dress tomorrow, rare Saturday post for this girl, lol! You look great, the dress is such a beautiful color and perfect for your skin tone! And the necklace is a fun touch too! Glad you were able to mend the tights - cause they are cute!

  2. Aw how sweet! I love your drawing. I LOVE e-parties mucho! What a great one this is. I love that you wore your leather harness too!

  3. Oh, thank you so much, sweetie! I love the new picture of me and Vizzini - you've captured his rascally face perfectly, right down to the ever-psychotic eyes!

    Love your beautiful dress! You look ready to boogie down! The harness is fab!

  4. Very beautiful blouse/dress, love the color.
    Nice combination with the rest of your outfit.

    XO Arezu

  5. You look so great! I love what the harness does for the proportions of your outfit, and how it picks up the silver in the great boots. Frustrating about the tights, glad you were able to mend them. Adorable doodle!

    I'm still getting my outfit together, but will be along to the party soon!

  6. Lovely colour dress - and the boots, gasp! I want them. I have sent Sheila a pic, so we can all 'mingle' at the party :-)

    I am off to a wedding ths weekend and have been struggling whether to do woolly tights or nylons. Think I am going to have the same issue as you a few days back and freeze in nylons in the day, but then not overheat when dancing...

  7. Loving your party outfit!!! And it's in this season's cool color-burgundy!!
    The pix of sheila & Vizzini is adorable!!

  8. Yes, we all love Sheila. How could we not?!

    Your illustration is so pretty! You have real talent.

  9. Yes, Sheila is a star and a sweetie too! Love your doodle -- and your outfit. Great harness.

  10. Awww, cool! Will have to head back over to Sheila's and wish her a HB! Love your outfit!! I hate when tights get holes and runs! Ugh!


  11. You look so cool with the scarlet dress and the harness and the sleek boots. After seeing you and Ally already, I think Sheila's party is going to be full of wonderful eye candy.

    Love the doodle for Sheila. With the kitty. Sasha Jane sends her love. Her newest fixations are the steps and the recycle bin. Finally, moving on a bit from the loo :p

    1. She's such a silly girl. I miss her raspy meow and sweet face.

  12. Hi Sweetie!! Your dress is amazing with that harness...OMG. Talk about twisting a classic. Plus the boots take it over the top. Don't you love Fall? I know I do.

  13. I think only you can take a simple shirtdress and make it so bad ass! ox

  14. Such great tights! Too bad they got a hole in them.:( Hope you can get a few more wears out of them.

  15. Only you can wear bold stars (boots), funky stripped tights, a chic shirt-style dress, a harness, a metallic statement necklace and a cool cuff and make them all work into the same outfit. =) I love those tights - too bad they ripped.

    Happy Birthday to Sheila and I like your cute drawings, lately. =)

  16. My internet connection went missing, so I couldn't join the party! Everybody looked gorgeous, though.

    That shirtdress is fab -- such a gorgeous colour -- and everything about this outfit rocks. So much sympathy on the tights; when a pair of my pricey ones develops a hole or something, I feel kind of outraged; it seems like the pound-a-pair cheapies are never the ones to pack in on me.

  17. Oh this oufit is sooooo YOU!!! A shirtdress rocked up with amazing metall looking accessories, instant love!!! :) and dont get me started on that cutest doodle ever "squeals"


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