Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happiness is Colorful

 Dress - Merona, thrifted
Belt - MMD
Pearl Hart Pumps - John Fluevog
Anklet, beetle pin - gifts from Lynne

I'm really relieved and happy today. I've made some big-ish decisions about school and life. It's exciting not to be dreading everyday. I've learned that any time I'm getting that Really Bad feeling, that I'm probably not doing what's right for me and I need to really step back and look at my options. I might be setting back my graduation date because of it, but hopefully it'll mean getting into a job path that's more in line with what I want to be doing.

I wore my raspberry dress and lime-y accessories to skip off to my new path. I also wore my jingly new bracelet as an anklet. Lynne often wears a little gold anklet and she gifted me with this bracelet. It's a perfect piece for me because it has three things I love about jewelry - stars, gothic scroll work, and black faceted beads. How she managed to find a piece that fits me so well, I'll never know.

I feel like I need to mention - OMG it's 85 degrees today. Hot!

Postcards from Lynne and Ally's meet-up with the
bracelet/anklet I'm wearing from Lynne

Arezu of Arezu in Wonderland has tagged me with my 3rd Liebster Award in my blog history. I've answered a few of the questions she asked, so I only answered the ones I feel like I hadn't. Sorry about not passing on the tag, but if you want to pick one of the questions and answer it on your own blog or in the comments on this post - feel free!

What`s the biggest fashion failure in your closet?
Oh my goodness. Many of my early looks. I had a really poor idea of what I actually looks like, what my style intent was, and how to shop for clothes that went together. So pretty much anything before 2011 makes me cringe. And even then, I still look for ways to improve. I still have many hits and misses, but I feel like I manage cohesive more these days.

How do you describe your fashion/style?
Post-industrial steampunk futuristic retroism. (I dunno really, I just like to throw around words)

Which fashion item you see in the magazines and shops a lot do you really hate?
Anything that looks cheap or childlike. Some fabrics just look so cheaply made that they'll just fall apart. I wince when I imagine people paying for that, especially in more "expensive" places. Online garments can look great, but looking in real life, I've noticed a major shift in quality and a big shift to very child-like designs.

Which color really doesn't suit you?
Yellow. Even as a red head, yellow doesn't suit me. I love yellow, my yellow skirt makes my top 3 favorite things ever - but yellow doesn't work on my neutral skin tone. I'm not pink or olive, I have mostly 'blue' undertones to my skin which looks easily washed out. I adore orange though, it's become my favorite next to yellow. You can wear any color, it just depends on how. Away from your face, paired up with something that does complement, in accessories.

If you had the money, would you change something of yourself?
Like plastic surgery? Nah. I wouldn't mind a nice facial or body scrub or something to help my skin out, but I'm terrified of needing surgery for medical reasons - I'd certainly never do it for cosmetics.

What do you really want to learn?
So many things. I want to learn proficiency. I can easily pick up new skills, but I rarely stick to things to produce things that are really well made. I'm best at cooking, but I still have the occasional flop. I can do so many things, but I would truly love to learn passion. I want something to consume my mind and be so interesting to me that I want to know everything about it.


  1. I'm glad you've figured out a path that you're excited about! That is always the best feeling, to come to a major decision and feel peaceful about it!!

    I love the raspberry and green combo and your fun postcards from Lynne and Ally!

    I love the fashion failure question - I no longer own it, but it would have to be the pink shirt my boss came into work saying "I love your shirt. I have one just like it. I almost wore it today too" She's 65 and not the most fashionable ever. So yeah.

  2. Love the answers on my questions :-)

    I can`t get enough of this beautiful dress/blouse.
    Such a beautiful color.

    XO Arezu

  3. Yay! I love that you are finding yourself in a happy place! Such a great feeling and an awesome place to be! Good for you Megan. Often, the best things are those worth waiting for. I am excited for you! I love all of your bright accessories today. Lynne seems to be the best gift giver of all time! Every time I see something she gifted to someone, it always suits their personality perfectly. And, I love that you mention your yellow skirt in these questions. You KNOW I'm a fan! And I think yellow is a great color on you!

  4. Oooh, exciting! Feeling bad is a big red flag that you're heading down the wrong path. I hope you examine all your options and follow your heart. :)

    I don't think I'd do plastic surgery either, but you never know. I did get laser eye surgery and Invisalign braces as soon as I had the money, so I guess I'm not completely opposed to changing my appearance.

  5. You do look as if a big weight has lifted off your shoulders!

    Cosmetic surgery is one of those things I just know better than to consider. With my extensive history of self-image problems, and eating disorders, really, that's just not a path to start on, because, frankly, I'd be afraid I'd never be content. Like painting a room, and then noticing how shabby the carpet looks in comparison, you know?

    Love the raspberry and lime! (Also, awesome flavour combination in drinks.)

    1. I agree. I prefer to work on why I don't feel happy with myself. The only thing I change about myself is hair color. ;)

  6. What a cute shirt dress. One dress style that I can actually wear with my weird figure.
    85 degrees? Where the heck is that????

  7. Hooray for making changes that excite you! you look terrific in this dress with your own obi belt. And I love your description of your style : >

  8. Congrats on your big decisions. That shirt dress looks sharp!

  9. You are wise beyond your years!! It takes most people much longer to reach the kind of understanding of oneself. I'm so glad you've decided on "sanity".

    Isn't this heat disgusting?!! :-) I'm not a fan. After posting my autumn outfit, I was back in flip flops today. Your dress with the outstanding belt and shoes is the perfect solution, however.

  10. How awesome that you've come to that conclusion about your life. That's a big deal! I've also learned that it's okay to admit when we make a mistake, as long as we're still moving forward.

    I hope you'll find something in the mail from me soon! More stars!

    I love your shirtdress. Waaa, why can't I find one that's not beige?

    1. Exactly, Sheila. I've been keeping my eye open for a shirt dress that's not black or beige forever!

  11. Congrats on coming to terms with a direction in school and life. You're right to trust your "gut."

  12. Your skin is beautiful! When I met you person, I couldn't get over how stunning you are. I love this bright shirt dress with the pops of color in your shoes and accessories.

    Megan, you know when I saw this post, I remembered you'd sent me a package that I'd felt too awful to open. So I opened it, and you are BRILLIANT. I am so wearing everything tomorrow, and hopefully getting good pictures in the fall foliage. It looks like the dress runs small and is stretchy, exactly what I need right now. THANK YOU!

    I am so glad you love that bracelet. I wanted to bring you back something from NYC, with stars on it, and looked, and looked, and looked. Dear Hubby got used to, "Wait, I want to find something to send to Megan!"

    What IS the new career path? So curious! You are so brilliant and can do anything you want.

  13. Wow, I'm happy you've thrown off that feeling of dread by following your instincts. These colours are the perfect celebratory combo. Those shoes were made for skipping!

  14. Good luck in making life decisions! Ah, life. It's something else isn't it. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.:0P

    Raspberry is such a great color on you. Love it with lime green.

  15. Love the colors here! Good to hear your thoughts about stepping back and evaluating when that nagging unsettledness comes around. I do the same thing, but probably should do more of it.


  16. I want to hear about your new plans!

  17. Even your background is colorful and the stripes on the sky-jack coincide with your striped obi! Now you know the stars and planets are aligned. Congrats to you on reassessing your path. So important to do. Yea, the weather is wild. The last two days in Chicago were sunny and 70's, while today it's back down in the 40s.

  18. First--you do seem more "happy" in your pictures--theres a joy emanating out of you!
    That said--love the raspberry & lime combo (I need to steal that color combo now)
    Enjoyed your leibster answers!

  19. Well done on the tough decision. If you feel good after making it, it is a great sign. I made a deciion earlier this year that scared me, but it was the right thing to do and Iam so glad I made it. Well done again :-)

  20. Oh, these colours are just so beautiful! You look fantastic. I would say that not dreading every day is essential as well as exciting - good for you, doll!

    Congrats on your 3rd time Liebsterlicious! Right now my biggest fashion failure is not one but two unwearable eShakti dresses - but that is actually a customer service fail. Orange (anything in the coral range too) is a colour which doesn't suit me complexion-wise, and pink doesn't suit me style-wise. I am with you on the cheap fabrics and flimsy construction, as well as being a learny-learn-learner. :)

  21. Good luck on correcting your path! At least you look good getting your start... great combination of accessories with the bright dress

  22. I am such a lover of shirt-dresses and yours is so chic. So simple and classy and I love the wine color, too. Looks great with the vribrant Green.

    I enjoyed reading your answers too. Yellow is also one of my favorite colors (bright yellow) and I also love Orange and I have worn it two days in a row (yesterday & today), maybe in honor of Halloween, too. I think Yellow would look great on you if it is far away from your face as a skirt, pants or even a spaghetti-strap, yellow sundress. I think you would look great in some skinny jeans. My favorite answer of yours was that about passion. ;-)

  23. Love that color combo.
    And I have those shoes in a dark red, they are crazy comfy.
    I love the green ones!


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