Thursday, September 20, 2012


Tee - Tryst, thrifted
Skirt - DIY'd
Chuck Taylors Zebra Striped

I feel rotten today (earache), but here's what I started out the day wearing. Instead of listening to me whine - why not watch this adorable pup Mudd jumping on a trampoline. He's so freaking happy.


  1. Sorry about your earache! No fun!

    How much do I love your shoes? FUN!

    And the dog is so cute. I could watch him all day.

  2. I hope you feel better!! You look so cute today. I love that skirt, which you know, but I LOVE that tee shirt and those sneakers! :-) I like the post title, too. I think I understand what it means...

  3. Earache, ugh. You got lots of benydryl and/or sinus stuff? I always jump on earaches so I don't have to take antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon.

    You are still rocking that entire outfit. Those shoes are perfect, and you did a great job remaking those pants into a skirt.

  4. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear Megan. I hope you get better soon! Cool tee!

  5. Aw, hope that ear ache goes away soon. Love the shoes!

  6. Poor dear! A hot pack / heating pad / hot water bottle can sometimes ease an earache.

    I really like that shirt on you, and your DIY skirt looks awesome with it. Thanks for the joyful doggie! Can't help grinning at that.

  7. what a circus dog!! made me laugh...and then I watched it again. ;)

    Hope you get over that ear stuff. That happened to me in the spring. Love your outfit today. You remind me of Shelley at Forest City.

  8. You dress pretty cool for feeling rotten. Earaches are the worst. Hope it's better by now. Your pants to skirt is fabulous and the shirt and shoes you've put together with it - the best.

  9. AAAAWWWW-hope you feel better really soon!!! You look adorable in your refahioned skirt-love the outfit!!

  10. Such a cool outfit! And the chucks are awesome! never seen them before.

    XO Arezu

  11. ooooow i just saw the dog!! He is aaaaawesome!!
    I love dogs!


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