Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sew Sunday Show-off: Amber of Butane Anvil

Guys, I cannot tell you how impressed I am at every outfit and picture I see wearing MMD pieces. I try to share each one because the variety of body shapes, styles, and age range that have purchased my belts has beyond impressed me. 

Today I want to show off the beautiful Amber of Butane Anvil. As if I haven't babbled about her enough, I stumbled upon her blog in its first days. I knew instantly that I would be following her blog. She has excellent taste, a great heart, and some seriously cute chickens. If you aren't already following her, go now!

I had to show you her outfit including the gorgeous Ally belt. Inspired by the "co-funder" of MMD, the Ally belt is ladylike and feminine. Amber paired it with a beautiful floral print dress and Fluevog Guides.

In addition to the obi belt, Amber and I pulled together a great collection of buttonflowers that she can mix and match with each other and her wardrobe. 

You can find links to other bloggers wearing their obi belts and currently available obi-belts on this page.
 Don't forget, I can make obi belts to suit your personal style. Just shoot me an email.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported MMD creations and MMD the blog.

PS - thanks to everyone for the well-wishing. I'm feeling much better after a weekend of rest. Hope to be back to myself by Monday.


  1. Holy cow! Megan, I am totally honoured by this feature! I so appreciated working with you on buttonflower selection, and I love wearing my gorgeous MMD creations. You're the best.

    P.S. Super-glad you're feeling better. :)

  2. Pictures of Amber make me happy. I might make her my wall art at work :)

  3. I love. The picture of Amber in the floral dress, and contrasting obi. A gorgeous outfit.

  4. I very much want an obi belt, but I'm stumped about what I should ask for. Got any ideas? You've seen my blog enough…


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