Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Finishing Pieces

Tee - Mossimo, thrifted
Jeans - Divided, thrifted
Flats - Trippen Army
Scarf - gift from Ana

I've been trying to balance my dressier looks with more casual ones. I don't know if it's the days slogging across campus or the lack of heels in my wardrobe, but I'm reaching for more easy outfits. Part of Ana's package were three scarves. I loved the colors in all three. This one really helped tie together today's basic pieces. I still struggle with wearing scarves (all accessories really), but I'm working on learning to style them.

What's your go-to accessory?


  1. I have a hard time with scarves. I am never sure how to tie them. I think you wore that scarf well!

  2. Such a cute look. Making casual look put together is an art all in itself!

    My go-to accessory is probably a belt or a cuff.

  3. I have a hard time with scarves too, I can't wear them too tight or I feel like I'm choking - yet I want to wear them! I like what you did with this, a nice loose knot. It doesn't look like super heavy fabric too which I'm sure also makes a huge difference. Overall I like!

    1. Yeah I struggle with that same issue. All three scarves Ana sent are very light weight (silk and cottons) and keeping a loose knot helps.

  4. What a pretty scarf. It really does tie the whole outfit together. My go to accessory is usually my cheap silver hoop earrings, they have been a constant in almost every outfit. I really love bracelets, but I find wearing them at work and having to type all day isn't practical. Heather

  5. It's definitely scarves for me, too. I'm glad you can get some use out of the ones I used for packaging; I wanted to cushion the map brooch, and I was purging, and figured those light scarves would do the trick, and also avoid packaging waste. I love what you've done with that one; the whole colour palette is fab!

  6. I like the way you tied this one, like a tie actually. It's the perfect touch to add to a simple tee and jeans, ala Secret Squirrel :)

    My go-to accessory is multiple bangles. I generally feel incomplete if I don't have a bracelet on.

  7. This looks great! The scarf is just the right finishing piece, you're right. Ana is such a sweetie.

  8. This is a perfect look for hustling across campus. The tee is a perfect fit on you! I don't really think I have a go-to accessory, but book bags are ever present.

  9. Love this simple look. You'll rarely find me without a necklace and earrings. And scarves are both necessity (for warmth in cool mornings or office) and style. I have pashminas in nearly every color.

  10. I like that scarf very much. Reminds me of a Kandinski painting. I love geometric patterns.

    Are shoes an accessory? If not, I think my watch is my go to accessory.

  11. You look fantastic, Megan! I love that scarf with all its colours and how you wore it today - it's a super-awesome casual look, beautifully put-together.

    Scarves are my go-to, most-tagged in my posts! They functionally combat office temp fluctuations and allow me to look summery despite Arctic chill, but I'm no good at tying them or wearing them other than flung over one shoulder (also functional to adjust for temperature regulation).

  12. You've styled the scarf perfectly for the outfit--casual yet so cute!! The colors are perfect!

  13. A simple, comfortable but definetly no boring outfit.
    Very nice.
    I know your feeling, especially on monday till friday i don`t want to
    stand in front of my closet for hours.
    I like to chose a nice and comfortable outfit in 1 minute.

    XO Arezu

  14. I've been reaching for scarves lately as they're less bulky than big necklaces, and small necklaces look silly on me. I usually tie a small knot at the ends and wear them as an infinity scarf.

    (BTW, did you change your background? I like it.)

  15. You did a great job styling this scarf. I like it with the red skinnies and dark gray tee.

    My go to accessories are: scarves, necklaces and belts. It has been too hot for scarves to wear this summer but you bet I will start wearing them soon, perhaps late September. I also have to wear less belts now that I am pregnant but I am still going to use them. As far as necklaces go, I wear one almost daily. =)

  16. Scarves are my thing. This one looks great, very simple and the most important thing, you look comfortable in it. I really like the muted colours and how it brings your outfit together.

  17. This scarf is super pretty and I think you're right--it really dresses up the look and gives it that added interest. Great look Megan!


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