Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chemical Excitement

 Dress - All Saints, gift from Megan
Belt - Nokomis, gift from Sheila
Tee - Club Monaco
Flats - Trippen Army

After a really suck start to yesterday, I expected my over four hour long biology class (lecture/lab) to be grueling. But I actually had a great time and learned how to use a microscope to look at gross things up close. Also a shout-out to any of my bio-classmates! Hi!

Then this morning, I woke up to not one, but three! packages from all around the world. First up was the much anticipated package from Sheila. She had given me a heads up about the amazing belt I have on today (which fits like a glove), but the surprise was a gorgeous Smoking Lily skirt. I'm not great at buying basics, but this skirt will easily become a staple in my wardrobe.

Next up is a bundle full of joy from Ana. She purchased an All Saints belt that didn't fit her and offered it to me. She included lots of local-based goodies from her city. Everything from a button-brooch, a map-paper brooch, English truffles (omg I admit I already ate two), a Superlambanana keychain and three beautiful scarves. She intended the scarves to act as padding, and said I can do what I want with them. I actually think all three will work great in my closet. Thanks, Ana, for sending me such a fabulous package. I hope to return the favor in the future.

And finally, a real special treat for me. Reader Sonja emailed me awhile back asking if I would be interested in a couple of handmade sweaters. I told her I'd love to give one of them a shot. She mailed this lovely grey sweater to me from Spain! I've never gotten mail from Spain before, so that was exciting. I'm very impressed by her workmanship. It will definitely be a treasured piece in my closet. If only the weather will cool off!

It was really hard to not to throw everything on together today. Instead I styled the new brown belt with my favorite plaid dress from Megan and my comfy Trippens. I imagine if I were in the Firefly-universe this would be my look. I promise I am a lot happier than I look in my picture!

Once again, I want to throw out a big Thank You to all of my friends and readers. To all those who have generously given to me. To all those who leave supportive comments. To those who will rant with me, commiserate with me, and lift me up when I'm having a hard time. You guys are the best.


  1. Wow, you got some really great things. I look forward to seeing how you wear everything.
    Megan, I thank you for being such a wonderful woman. You are so kind to all of us regardless of who we are or how old we are. You are the best and bring out the best in all of us.

  2. I miss getting to start new classes in schools. Those look like some fun packages!

  3. I love this dress! (And the belt, but the DRESS!!!) Lucky girl.

    (singing) You can't take the sky from me ... ;-)

  4. you look so cute in that outfit!!
    and what awesome goodies!!

  5. Oh, I'm so happy it got there, and you liked it! Also very happy the scarves will work for you. :) Enjoy! (Oddly, I also wore a very similar belt to yours today.)

  6. Wonderful goodies! Love the new belt you're wearing with that *fabulous* dress.

  7. Ooh, the belt looks amazing on you! I knew you'd like it. :) It looks great with the dress. Oh yeah, I forgot I sent you the skirt. Lol, I may have been drinking that day - it was my day off last Friday. Holy smokes that arrived fast!

    Glad you like the skirt - it was perfect on me...until I washed it! And then it totally shrunk and I thought, "Who needs a piece of Smoking Lily to cheer her up?" I think it will work with the SL tee (the bike patch is actually very pale blue).

    So happy to have you as a friend and "little sis," hon. *hug*

  8. Wow! You have amazing pen pals! I had no idea the sweaters were coming from Spain! I wonder if mine will be here soon? Oh, and LOVE that belt! Amazing.

  9. Whoa, that is one fantastic belt! (Nice going, Sheila!) So awesome with that dress and your Trippens.
    I'm so glad all the international goodies brightened your day, and that you are surrounded by all these dear friends. :)

  10. Fun packages! Great find on the belt Sheila!! It looks great with the dress, I have always loved that dress! How fun about the sweaters from Spain too! It must have been blogger fun mail day yesterday because I got a really awesome box from Lynne! She was going to send me one shirt and ended up sending me a bunch. So I agree with you - we have a fantastic community of friends here! I hope today is better than yesterday and I hope you get some time to relax this weekend my dear! (Hug)

  11. Just the thought of a handmade sweater from Spain sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see how you style it up when the weather changes. Have a great weekend!

  12. I'm imagining you wearing all of your lovely gifts at one time and looking all puffed up like the Michelen tire-man.

  13. Belt is wonderful. Can 't wait to see other gifts in future posts.

    Did you dye hair recently? Love the shade


    1. Yeah I touched up the henna. =) Thanks!

  14. What an awesome way to start your day. I love packages, especially when they are full of cute, heartfelt gifts. Can't wait to see your Euro sweater in action as the weather cools off.

  15. Ah, getting post is lovely! I really like that dress on you, it has such great detailing, and lends itself really well to belts. Thank you for thanking us, but you should know good stuff (people!) attract other good stuff :-)

  16. Hi Megan!
    I'm very happy to see that the sweater has arrived savely, hope you have fun with it!
    Keely, I sent yours way later because I had to get a bigger envelope...
    Lots of love,

  17. Ana did REAL good with that belt. It looks exactly like your style and will be a great classic accessory for years to come.

  18. I love this look so much! I expect to see your husband walk in in a kilt at any moment... It gives such a great nod to the highlands without being costumey- a tough balancing act.

  19. WOW, that's some big love from your friends, bloggers, followers and viewers. Enjoy all your new stuff. I cannot wait to see the hand-made sweater and you are so right about cooler weather.

    Love your new belt too and it is perfection with this dress. =)


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