Saturday, September 15, 2012

Caturday: Sleepy Cats and Hummingbirds


I are buddha cat

Bruce likes to sit on the ottomon in front of the television and sleep in sunbeams. He continues to take after his Uncle Spike. Watching the mannerisms of Spike crop up in the kittens is absolutely hilarious and adorable. I always try to get pictures of Brucey when he's in the sun because it shows off his pretty elegant face. <3 Brucey is my BB.

Happy claw

And of course, the ham himself, Spike. He loves his chest scratched. He somehow injured his tail a few weeks ago, so the second to last visit he hissed and ran from me because I accidentally touched his sore spot. However last weekend, he rolled all around for chest scratches and didn't even give me love bites (which means he really wanted the attention). He's feeling much better, and had to show off for the camera.

Also! I'm super excited to say I finally got some hummingbird photos. It took a lot of patience, and getting dive-bombed by the little suckers, but success!



  1. What is cuter than a sleeping kitty? Nothing, I say! I heart Bruce's little face. Happy to see Spike is feeling better. And great bird pics too - you captured them hovering!

  2. Hooray! At my place we call this "The Nature Channel." Thanks, Megan! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Great shots! The trick with nature photography is understanding you need to take a LOT of pictures to get the very few that work. Animals and birds refuse to stand still and pose!

  4. Aww, sweet kitties, and you have hummingbirds? How awesome!

  5. Aw, kitties! They are so lovely - I can see that Spike is doing happy paws.

  6. You got hummingbird pics! I have a feeder but no birds. Perhaps because of the large cat sitting on the front porch...

    Sasha got fixed or broken on Thursday, depending on how you look at it. She did great, and is regaining her cat beans. She looks a bit odd due to being shaved for surgery, and I can tell she's a bit self-conscious that her outfit is not perfect :P

  7. OMG, Love the first two photos of the cats. Adorableeeeee!! And humming birds!?! How cute are they!!

  8. KITTIES!!! Thanks for the smile, I love seeing your boys!


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