Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bird Bath

 Tee - Ann Taylor, thrifted
Lotus Skirt - Tahari, gift from Amber
Sandals - Eurosofft
Necklace - gift from Lynne

I have a swooshy skirt, but this skirt is decidedly swishy. It floats around into a beautiful trumpet shape. I don't know how well it will work in colder weather, but today was still plenty warm for short sleeves and sandals. Lower temps and Fall are on the horizon! Hurrah!

And since people asked yesterday - Yes it does feel weird to part my hair on the opposite side. I let my hair air dry and use a clip to keep my bangs in place. 

I may be losing my favorite photo place soon because my FIL is going to be building the front on the garage! Ah well, it's fun while it lasts.

While running errands, there were a bunch of little birds bathing in a puddle. I sneaked up on them to snap some pictures. They were so cute! Silly birds. The soppy little guy to the far left gave me the stink eye!

Click to embiggen


  1. You did get bird stink-eye! Still so cute. I love a swooshy skirt too, and your sandals are really yummy.

  2. You're a nature photographer! Another talent to put on your resume. Cute shot.

  3. Eee! Such a great skirt! It's Swoosh Factor 9, maybe even SF 10!

    I love those little chickadees. We have them up here too (they beg for food at restaurant patios), and they are total stink-eye birds.

  4. Oh Megan, is it ever gorgeous on you! Love it with those sandals.

    Adorable birds. :)

  5. That swooshy skirt sure looks fine. My hair never likes it when I try to change my part.

  6. Ooooh, purple and Megan swirling. You make me smile :)

  7. Cute bird pix!!! I love the skirt--i could see it with tights, jacket and boots this winter!!

  8. Ooh fun skirt! I love the swirly factor! I'd totally do that! It's a fun pattern too. Fall has definitely arrived in my neck of the woods and I am loving it!!

    I love the birdie picture, they look like they're having a field day!!

  9. I really like the combination of teal and purple! And you just can't beat a swirly skirt. I think every gal needs to have one in her closet. And those studded sandals are adorable and probably endlessly versatile. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Megan!


  10. Ohhhh don't you look adorable in your skirt. The periwinkle print and its flirty style is so fun and looks great with the teal tee. I love your fun, girly pose, too. =)

    Have a Great Weekend, Megan.

  11. I try to part my hair on the side and all it does is fall forward. I gave up and just let it do what it wants to. The color on your hair looks fab in this picture. I think you have such gorgeous hair.
    Love skirts that swirl. They add an additional element of cool, I think.

  12. I moved to a side part as my bangs and angled bob grew out; it was the most effective way to handle it, and I found I liked it that way.

    We have a bird bath that no bird has ever deigned to bathe in. Maybe we should just give them a muddy puddle.

    Your button flowers arrived, and I wore them today! They're amazing and I love the fabric/colours you picked; they'll be perfect with a lot of my stuff this winter. Thank you!

    Pretty outfit, pretty twirl. :)

  13. Ha ha ha! Love the little birds. Good shot!

  14. I love a twirly skirt! And the best part about twirling in a gored skirt: it doesn't rise too high!

  15. A great skirt action shot! I saw a heron on my travels, standing majestically... on a beat-up old van down a side street. Think it was on holiday too?

  16. Very cute skirt and very cute photo Megan! It totally does feel weird to part your hair differently! I love your cute birdy pic too!


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