Friday, August 17, 2012

The Anti-Prep

Shirt - Express, thrifted
Skinnies - Joe's Jeans, thrifted
Tank - thrifted
Flats - Trippen Army

Growing up I faced the option of preppy style. Polos, Aeropostale, Abercrombie, Chinos, Loafers. As a kid who hung out with the rock'n'roll crowd, I turned to black pants, ripped jean jackets, thrift store tees, and chuck taylors. Now exploring my own style, I've learned to embrace preppier styles, but doing it with my own twist. 

This collared shirt has an amazing cut that makes my shoulders look slim, my frame look long and lean. It's just so *crisp*. I need to show off the shape better next time, but the shirt was mostly acting as a jacket this afternoon. While everyone else seems to be sweating the heat, I'm enjoying some nice rain and cooler weather. I broke up the the look with my strappy Trippens. 

I'm one week away from school starting. A bit terrifying, a bit exciting. I've spent the past week getting things ready to go, especially planning meals to carry with me on the days I'll be on campus. In the past I've been able to deal with grabbing something from the cafeteria or a small snack in my bag, but my days are going to be much longer, and I can't afford the caf this semester. Any one have any good tips for packed lunches? So far I'm looking at pasta salad and sandwiches.


  1. What a cool blouse! I always leaned toward the rocker/skater/punk people as well in high school. I love that you gave this otherwise preppy number your own twist!

  2. great pattern mix and your cute shoes goes on with the stripes! i really like your shoes!
    i sometakes take with me for lunch a tabouleh salad. made of couscous, cucumber, tomatos, a lot of parsley or a humus - a mousse made of chickpeas, tahine (sesam-paste)and pickled sweet peper. filled in a screw top jar i can take it with me to the office.

  3. Oh, the shirt looks so lovely and crisp. I had the prep/rocker choice in high school as well; I, too, went rocker, but only after reaching the point where my mother wasn't the one buying my clothes. :)

    Can you take a thermos flask, and possibly have soups or stews in the colder months? I second hummous and tabouleh as well; both taste best, IMO, at room temperature anyway.

    1. I think it'll depend on the eating-in-classroom rules. I'll probably be bringing whatever into actual class since my afternoon ones are literally back to back.

  4. I absolutely love that shirt! It looks great on you. I've had good luck with Express items. I like how the stripey look of the shoes/socks echoes the stripes of the shirt.

    I pack my lunch every day. I always do a sandwich, a salad, and a Jello fat free pudding. I also bake a batch of muffins (they are super high-fibre, and I make them with mushy bananas or canned pumpkin - let me know if you want the recipe) and wrap them individually (they also freeze really well). Fruit, of course!

  5. It's a beautiful shirt and the kind of thing I love for teaching in. Hm, lunches--I keep some soups (dehydrated) in my desk drawer, and microwave popcorn which often fills me up until I can get to more substantial food. A hard-boiled egg is perfect for some protein.

  6. That shirt is so great, Megan, and I love how you Megan-ized the whole look with your cool socks and Trippens. For fast lunches at my desk I usually do a bagel with cheese, some nuts, raisins or if I have time, some oatmeal (using the office kitchen).

  7. Megan, you are filled with stripey goodness!

    In the absence of dinner leftovers, I'm a same-lunch-every-day eater: container of tuna salad, salad, apple, and for a snack, hard-boiled eggs and carrots or other veg. Once a week right after grocery shopping, my strategy is to assemble about 7 salads into containers (currently with baby spinach, red cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, zucchini, celery) so they are ready to grab out of the fridge to pack for lunch or eat with dinner.

  8. I love picnic-style lunches: lots of little finger foods to mix and match. Examples are olives, pickles, sliced peppers, carrots, cherry tomatoes, pieces of cheese, almonds, cashews, grapes, blueberries. Basically any kind of fruit, veg, or nut plus cheese. Top it all off with a single piece of dark chocolate and you have all your major food groups: crunchy, salty, healthy and chocolate.

    I have a bunch of teensy tupperware containers and just fill them with mix-and-match healthy munchies when we need to carry a lunch anywhere. I also toss in a piece of minty gum or peppermint hard candy to dispel evil pickle breath :-)

  9. I love this! I think it looks great on you! I've always been a preppy sort of gal though, so this is right up my alley.

    I can't believe you're back to school already!! Lunch - spread a flour tortilla with something you enjoy, peanut butter, hummus, cream cheese - add meat or cheese or raisins or granola, roll it up and you're good to go! My favorite is peanut butter, granola and a little honey.

  10. Preppy is definitely not an adjective I would use to describe your style, but you've incorporated this cool shirt well.

    Good luck with your new semester and enjoy this last week off!

  11. I like this twist on preppy on you. My sister had a shirt much like that one back in the 60's. I think the white cuffs and collar help to edge this outfit towards the unique.

  12. Your shoulders ARE slim, and your frame is long and lean, but I love that shirt on you. It's not at all preppy looking, more like casual steampunk.

    Pasta salad is my fave lunch, which isn't my fave meal of the day anyway. The Teen likes it too. I add some tuna for protein.

  13. I love the white contrast of the button placket and the stand-out cuffs. I have a skirt like this, and come cooler weather I am going to try it with a pinafore-type dress to de-formalise it. Your use of it as a shirt is inspiring another outfit idea too.

    Lunch wise, I have to eat every few hours or I become very grumpy. I'm now very skilled at Nonchalant And Unobtrusive Eating in meetings. For snacks - nutbars, bananas and dried fruit. Sandwich wise - bagels, or toasted bits that I can dunk in dips etc. I am lazy and buy baguettes a lot from the train station though. I need to cut back on that.

  14. Pasta Salads & Sandwiches sound great. Maybe some chips or some type of fruit would be great as snacks. Cafeteria food can be real expensive, I know.

    You do preppy your own way. I love that shirt. So criso & cool. It would look good tucked inside a pencil skirt.


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