Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Summery Goth

Dress - thrifted
Striped Cardi - Rugged Warehouse
Sandals - Eurosofft

Let me start today with a story - I'm not really scared of spiders. I actually think they're pretty cool guys, ya know, eating all the other creepy crawlies. However this summer, being so hot, we've had major bug problems. 

Included in this problem has been the traditional cobweb spider. These not-so-little guys will not stay out of my room. I've seen and killed four in the past two weeks. Mostly on the wall, one on the floor. But last night takes the cake - UUUUGHH It was on my ARM! I am continuing my plea to the spiders, stay hidden, you're cool guys, but do not fucking get on me. 

In happier, lighter news I made 12 new obi belts yesterday. Most of them have been photographed and put onto the Obi Belt page. This is it for the pre-made obis until winter time. I'm still open for belts on request, but any more new off-the-rack will not be made until holiday season. So get 'em before they're gone.

I will be making a whole new round of buttonflowers this week. So if you're interested in new colors and patterns of buttonflowers, give me a few days to get them made up.

As for today's look, I mostly had the cardi on for air-conditioned shopping. The rest of the day I wore this tourist-y fish dress on its own. Our car air-conditioner is still not wanting to work properly so yuck - it was hottttt. I wore the least amount of clothing I could stand. 


  1. I love the cardigan, I have one sort of like it, except its blue and green...
    xoxo anna

  2. Oh, the dress and the shoes! A wonderful goth look for summer. Sounds like you've been very productive.

  3. I love this look. I love everything about it.

  4. Too many of any creature is disturbing - even ladybugs, which for a few years just filled our sunny entryway.

    Extreme heat makes it hard to even breathe, let alone look great, but you always manage! Those sandals are especially excellent on you.

    Such fantastic print / colour combinations in the new obi belts - crossing my fingers that we'll get to see pics of them in action on your customers!

  5. I've had to get OK with bugs, since we have a garden full of them and an old house with high ceilings that's apparently a spider haven, but man, the minute one invades my personal space, they're done. (Assuming my cat doesn't get them first.) I will NEVER make peace with the snails and slugs, though.

    I love that fish dress so much, and the summer goth look is great!

  6. I'm not afraid of spiders either! I think they're cool

    Love your fish dress - so pretty!
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  7. Ugh, so not a fan of spiders. We get black widows up here too (shudder). Fortunately, not many in my condo.

    Love those shoes and the stripey cardi.

  8. FISH DRESS! Love that dress. FISHIES!

  9. I hate spiders! We were infested with them in our crawl space when I was a kid. They were always crawling across the floor, in our closets, on our towels. Ew!

    That striped cardigan is the perfect compliment to the fishy dress to make it funky.

  10. no like spiders. I wish they would stay hidden too. If I see one, I might leave the room until it crawls back to wherever it came from. Or, I'll be brave, pick it up, and put it outside.

  11. I really like the striped cardi with the fishes. As for spiders, I know they're basically "good" but I don't care for them to get too close. I got a very bad bite about ten years ago and still have a scar, the little bastard!

  12. We had an ant problem a couple months ago, they got on me, my food, shudder.... oa -

  13. Oh I forgot to give you my condolences before about the broken car A/C! That is the worst! And your spider story gave me the heeby jeebies!!! Yikes! I love your pretty black flowy dress! It is very pretty on you!

  14. I'm not a fan of creepy crawly anything. Sorry guys, I know you have a right to exist and you have a valued place in the eco-sphere, I just can't quite embrace you in my space, even if I stole that space from you. I'm sorry!!

    You look so cool in your summer goth. The dress would be hilarious on anyone else, but on you it's drop-dead cool. Your whole look: hair, sandals, cardigan etc. take it up a notch. I'm especially enamored with those sandals...hmmm...Eurosoft, huh? BTW, your obi belts are beautiful. I love the way you combine patterns.

  15. Yes, if I don't have to see the spiders, then I am totally ok with them! I like that they eat the bugs I really don't like!

    Hooray for new obi belts! Many awesome looking combos here! I might have to snatch another one up!

    Yay for fishie dresses! But boo to the heat. It's coming back here too and I really don't want it at all. Blurg.

  16. Love your obis! Your patter mixing is genius.:)

  17. i really like your style. you can mix different stuffs and still come out looking good.:D

  18. I'm with you - spiders are good for eating other bugs but still don't want them crawling on me!

    Sounds like you've had a busy, crafty week! Can you believe it's already's flying by...

  19. Spiders scare the crap out of me. They may eat other critters, but I don't want them anywhere near me. They seem to show up in our shower with great regularity.
    Love your outfit. Those shoes just seem to go with everything and black and white stripes do too.

  20. You kept your colors simple here but I like the mixing of the prints. Love that fish-print dress.

  21. Yeah-- the insects have beeen HORRID--we didn't get a deep enough freeze to kill them off. The crickets are already the size of volkswagons in our basement- much to the hunting delight of Callie Cat. She likes to bring their corpses upstairs for me to admire!!!
    I think the outfit is adorable--and those sandals are AWESOME!!


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