Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Tee - Investments, thrifted
Jeans - Divided, thrifted
Pumps - Fly London

This was my first idea for the Monochrome day, but it had to wait for a cooler day. I actually wish I had worn a skirt today because - UGHH! The car's air conditioner died. Not just died, but start blowing hot air. Hopefully my FIL can get it fixed up, but jeez, do not want. 

I spent the morning doing the post office rounds, popped into Goodwill looking for some ties to match some of what I got (no luck), found a 100% cotton sweater though. The hubs also set up a potential deal for me to make Breast Cancer Awareness themed buttonflowers out of bandanas for one of his ex-coworkers.

It's definitely been a busy beginning to this week, but I love it. It's hard being idle, and I'm so glad to be creating. I'm keeping this post short because I plan to spend as much of the day sewing as I can. Hope you all are having a happy Tuesday! 

Edited to add: Unicorn Tie


  1. That's awesome that you are going to make flowers for Breast Cancer Awareness!

    Bummer on the car air conditioner. When the Pants Monkey and I were still dating, we took a trip to St. Louis in this old beater he had to pick up some furniture from his grandparents. On the way back, the air conditioner quit and the car kept overheating due to towing a big heavy trailer. It was a miracle we still got married after that trip, lol.

    Love the stripes and red pants! My fall wish list includes many colored pants!

    Happy sewing!

  2. Aw! That is a GREAT idea! Props to your Hubbie for thinking of it! I love the monochromatic look and I am glad that it is getting slightly cooler for you to be able to wear pants. Until today, we've been in the low 80's which feels almost like winter in comparison to the summer we've had!

  3. What a wonderful idea for Breast Cancer Awareness!

    Love red, love the look, especially love those shoes. Fly has some great kicks, for sure.

  4. You are doing monochrome so well, Megan. And I love the idea of the BC awareness buttons.

  5. Such a fun look - I love the shoes.

    Appreciate the idle time now - soon enough you'll be crazy with school!

  6. Red is such a great color on you! So I love that you went for a head-to-toe outfit of it! Totally understand the feeling of feeling idle. Summer is a slow time for those of us going to school. I've been feeling the same way lately!


  7. Megan, you are vibratingly vivid!

    Unicorn Tie is fantastic.

  8. Sorry about the broken AC. You're popping in the red. Hope the Breast Cancer gig can work out for you. How soon does your school begin? Today, was our first day of classes.

  9. So cute! The single color creates a wonderful effect without drawing attention to the clothes. You simply look great.

  10. I love all the red! Have a great week!

  11. Oh my, Im drooling over unicorn tie, would make a superb buttonflower - uhm for me perhaps? :)

    I knew you'd flip for a UNICORN tie!!!

  13. I love this! The red is adorable! Glad to hear you are keeping busy again

  14. OMG You look gorgeous. So simple and fun!! Love it. You know Red is My Favorite Color ever. I also think Red looks great on redheads. This is a great monochromatic look.

    Love that unicorn tie, by the way. ;-)


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