Monday, August 20, 2012

Mailbag Monday

Tee - Club Monaco
Skirt - thrifted
Flats - vintage
Necklace - gift from Lynne

I'm coming off of an excellent weekend. I got to see my little monster faces, even got both of their bigboy butts into my lap for some naptime. They've gotten so goshdarned big! York can't even sleep stretched out in my lap anymore, he's too long. Bruce is still a petite flower, but even he's gotten big.

I also tweeted the cartoon versions of the GiantBomb guys to them. I got a lot of really nice responses! I don't do much art these days, but it was really awesome to hear back from everybody I tweeted, plus a bunch of their audience!

Sleepy babies
Who's asleep!?!
I also woke up to a bunch of work in my mailbox. The ever-wonderful Tamera found me 20 unique and gorgeous ties to play with. Added to the 22 to my in-laws just thrifted to me, I have 42 ties of work this week! I may even need to run to the thrift store for matches, but I'll be going through everything this weekend to decide what's becoming a belt, what's becoming buttonflowers, and what needs shopping for a match. Then I'll wash everything up and get to work.

Huge pile o' ties. I'll warn you, there's a unicorn tie!
As for the clothing side of things, I went simple and cotton-based. I had a lot of walking and running around to do today. However colorwise, I'm ready to start transitioning in more dark shades for fall. After this summer of brights, I'm missing darker hues. Not to say I won't be adding a lot more bright/light colors this cold season, but I'm happy to be able to pull out plums, burgundy, dark greys, and black. I did attempt to look around while waiting at Goodwill shopping center today. I'll happily admit, I didn't buy a thing. (mostly because the Banana republic trousers I found were too big)


  1. Lovely big boy kittens, and the green/purple combo is a real favourite of mine.

    Post will be winging its way to you from the UK very soon; I have to go to the post office this week. :)

  2. Ah lucky you - two big beauties on your lap! I can't believe how they've grown. I must confess to a soft spot for Bruce, as he resembles my King, very glossy.

    I really like your fall colors today! And looking forward to a unicorn tie-belt.

  3. Look at those lovely kitties! Vizzini is so happy to have us home - he won't stay out of my lap.

  4. Each element you're wearing has a lovely shape and colour. Jewel-y!
    Love those kitty-kitties sprawled across your lap, and happy creating with the ties sprawled on your floor.

    I have a feeling that the unicorn tie can't help but become something legendary.

  5. Purple and green -- you need my Marie Antoinette ring to go with. :-)

  6. Hi Megan! Do you have any plaid/fall looking tie fabric in there for button flowers?

    1. I definitely have fall colors. I don't have any plaid ties, but I might have some plaid scraps floating around that could be made into buttonflowers on request!

    2. Well I love plum too! If I want a plum one, do I also pick the button color? I suppose I should go look at your samples.....;)

    3. Usually I take snapshots of what is made up in whatever colors somebody has asked for, and let them pick from a selection.

      If you really like a fabric, but don't like any of the button options I have made, I can occasionally swap them out. On some, I've had to hot-glue it down and those cannot be changed.

  7. Purple and green is a great combination. Looks nice and cool and stylish!

  8. I love that colour combination Megan!

    Two bold ones are a stand out!
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  9. Amen! We've been graced with a few cloudy, cool days and I've been loving my fall layers. Though I know I will miss my bare legs and dresses without tights. I love the shades in this outfit and can't wait to see what you do with all those new ties! Your kitties certainly are getting big! But still cute!

  10. I like the plum with the green. How many belts will you get out of this batch?

    1. I've got ten belts (20 ties) washed up and ready to get put together tomorrow, I've also washed up a few that will just be becoming buttonflowers. I don't think I have any more good matches left, but I'll go through 'em once more before I cut the rest up for buttonflowers.

  11. KITTIES! Why you so big?? My goodness! What handsome, lovely boys. I can't believe how big they've gotten, seriously. Such adorable faces though, they are such heartbreakers!

    Yay for new ties! I can't wait to see what you come up with! I agree with Joni that plaid flowers would be fun, I'll have to watch for plaid ties the next time I'm at the thrift store.

    I hear you on being ready for some darker colors, I have loved adding bright color to my wardrobe this summer, but muted colors are nice too.

  12. You are the hardest working man in fashion. (I'm paraphrasing the famous description of James Brown.)

    Seriously, you are ubiquitous. Everywhere I go, I see you were there before me. Every time I look, you have a (good) new post up. And, on top of your online presence, you make things, dress up and manage to keep male and feline companions content. I respect that. Your industry and diligence is an inspiration.

  13. As soon as I saw your picture I said to myself, "love that color combo." so pretty!

  14. Such a cute outfit and i love the color combo!!
    Your furbabies are so CUTE!!! All that kitten love!!

  15. Must.See.Close.Up.Of.Unicorn.Tie! please? ;-)

  16. I love today's outfit. I think Greens and Purples look so great together especially dark purple like Indigo, Magenta or Mullbery with a dark green like Forest, Emerald or the green you're wearing. I cannot wait till Fall too, yes I love Fall colors and styles, but mostly I cannot wait for cooler weather.

    You got your work cut out for you with the 42 ties but I am sure you will make great art out of them. The pics with the kitties are sooooo cute!!


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