Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to Classes

Dress - All Saints, gift from Megan
Tank - Target
Vera Ellen Begin Boots - John Fluevog
Leather Belt - Rugged Warehouse

Since I am back to classes today, I figured I'd leave you guys with some answered questions yanked from Amber of Butane Anvil (who's a pretty awesome blogger if you haven't checked out her blog yet). This outfit is what I'm wearing today for my first day back. Dress and boots - the most comfortable combo of all. And how perfectly matchy matchy are these boots with this dress. Omg.

I will share just a little bit from this morning: I spent about 20 minutes with 5 other classmates sitting in the wrong classroom. Our class had been moved to another building- but of course did not post a sign, send an email, or tell anyone. My second class was in the right place, but is going to be totally different than what I expected. Not a bad thing, just very different. I still have classes tonight, so bare with me while I'm finding my groove with the new schedule.

1. Which three words do you love and hate the most?
I can't choose just three words I love, because I love words, but some words I hate: anything ending in -olk (I can't pronounce them correctly) and the incorrect usage of the word decimate.

2. Do you have any favourite foods that could be considered unusual? 
Probably not. I don't eat a lot of food that would be considered 'weird'- I mean, I like turnip greens/collard greens, crawfish. I've eaten and enjoyed rabbit, alligator, lamb, and other game meats. But living in the South none of that is 'unusual' for here.

I tend to be pretty cautious about trying new foods because I've had a number of reactions to ~tropical~ fruit or vegetables. I learned pretty quickly that I cannot drink/eat anything with pomegranate or kiwi.

3. What is the greatest kindness someone has ever done for you? 
Given me anything without any kind of trade or expectation of returned favor. I'm still endlessly in awe of people's generosity and friendship towards me.

4. Which songs get brutally stuck in your head?
Call me maybe, I can't decide by the Scissor Sisters, Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys, anything in a commercial that gets played a lot.

5. What is it about people of all ages, genders, and sizes enjoying the heck out of their personal style which leads some folks to feel so anxious and threatened?
People tend to feel threatened by differences. Bodies freak people out, especially bodies that aren't cookie cutter to the idealized expectations. Also some people hate when other people are happy.

6. What is the best smell ever?
The smell of sunlight. Like when somebody has been outside in the sunshine and comes inside and you can still smell the sun coming off them. Or a kitten that has been sunning in the window comes to cuddle. It's the smell of warmth and happiness, fresh and clean.

7. Is there something about your life that surprises you the most?
I'm still married. I got married quite young, and I'm still very happy years later. I still consider it one of the best decisions I made in life.

8. What gets in the way of your doing things you know are good for you?
Laziness, fear, lack of knowledge.

9. Tell me something you miss about a place you used to live. 
One of the apartment complexes I lived in as a kid was massive. It had a few tennis courts, a big pool and a smaller pool. All this was set up around these walking trails around the office building with trees and foliage. It was surprisingly fancy for the cheapy apartments they were. I used to ride my bike along the trails and explore all over the complex. There were these huge (like 15 feet) fences around the tennis courts and I would climb them. Magnolia trees, which I still hold to be the best climbing trees. Also the apartment had blue carpets. Most people would have hated it, but it brought color into an otherwise bland apartment.

10. What are your three favourite books?
How to choose! I loved the Last Herald Mage books by Mercedes Lackey. The Harry Potter books. The Lord of the Rings series. Brave New World. Nineteen Eighty Four. The Things They Carried. There are so many books of different caliber that have all had an effect on me at different points in my life. Trying to pick and choose is like asking someone their favorite year in life - when there are so many more to explore!

11. What's your next step?


  1. Glad to hear that classes are off to a good start thus far! I still have a month before I'm back in the classroom and a little jealous to hear about all these lovely college ladies already back in action for another year. Love the plaid dress and boots for a first day look. Hope classes tonight are good as well - looking forward to hearing about them!


  2. You'd think they would have somehow let you know that the class moved! Seriously! Glad you weren't alone at least!

    I loved reading your answers! I have had and actually enjoyed rabbit too. And I don't even listen to much pop music but I know Call Me Maybe and it gets way stuck in my head too.

    The boots do match the dress nicely! Great first day back outfit!!

    1. I think Call Me Maybe is not really music, but scientifically engineered sounds to get stuck in our heads for marketing purposes. ;P

  3. alligator meat?! whoa :-D I got married super young myself, and was judged a lot for taking this step. but we're happy and that is all that counts :-)

    I love the boots!

  4. Yikes! I could not eat in the South too much I'm afraid--well not the seafood. I just can't do it! I have tried a lot of seafood, but none of them I like. I can deal with shrimp, but that's as far as I go. Lovely dress Megan! Hope your school week goes a little smoother for you!

    1. I'm the opposite. I can eat pretty much anything, but shrimp! Unless you're in a coastal region, you don't really run into too much seafood. You're more likely to find pork cooked every which way though. Here in Tennesse, it's all about the Barbeque.

  5. Fun post, I can't believe school is starting again... I'm glad it's you and not me!
    I love the dress + boots combo.

    and hey! I've passed on to you the Liebster award! Looks like the award has already found it's way around Amber's blog! But this one's for you. Check it details here:

    Award Details Here!

    More Charming in Person

  6. Those boots ARE matchy-matchy with that dress, but so perfect. But I bet they'll be perfect with anything you wear. They are that awesome.

    Sorry 'bout that classroom thing. That stuff makes me crazy and foul-tempered. Administrative types - sigh. The hospital deck was blocked for hours last night by a van that got stuck, but did anyone block off the entrance? Nope.

    Dontcha hate peeps that hate happy peeps? :P

  7. That outfit looks great!! I thought about you while at the beach. We went to an outlet mall where every pair of strappy boots and shoes reminded me of your style!


  8. I love that you went with my questions, and adore your answers!!! Especially the smell of sunlight, and your memories of the apartment complex. Thank you for being so thoughtful.

    Such an excellent first-day outfit - excited to see the Vera Ellens, and they are perfect with that dress in both colour and style.

    Hope your schedule proceeds more smoothly once everything gets into gear!

  9. I love reading little tidbits about you and getting to know you better :)

    Fantastic dress for your first day!

  10. Hm, I lived in an apartment complex with my three daughters when they were young. This post makes me realize that this made them have some freedom to roam, yet stay within the boundaries of a confined area...that they might not have had if I'd owned a home. I love reading posts like this and getting to know you better. I love that you love the smell of sunshine.

  11. I had so many nightmares about being in the wrong class that I honestly can't remember if it actually every happened to me, or whether it was just that real of a fear!
    Happy new school year! It's my first year being staff and not student, but I'm still pretty pumped when the "kiddies" start back next week!

  12. The perfect "back to school" dress. I remember my parents admonishing me with the "first impressions are important" speech every September. I'm sure you wowed 'em. What are you studying? Also, I do want that button flower, i just haven't had time to make it happen. Can you hold it for me until I get my act together in the next few days? It'll be PayPal, but I've never done that so Joey has to assist.

    1. P.S. I just looked at your About Megan section so now I know: psychology. Cool.

  13. I am sure you were the coolest dresses student. I sure love those boots! I bet they get better and better with age.

  14. You look absolutely ADORABLE for your first day of classes!! May your school year go smoothly!!!
    loved your answers to the questions!

  15. Ooh, I love the boots with the dress. Perfect outfit for a first day! You're going to do great. :)

    "Decimate" bugs me too - it means 1/10th!

    I saw those boots on sale...I was tempted.

  16. A great first day look. Love the pattern mixing of vest and dress.

    Gah! About the classroom, I remember that sort of thing well. How hard would it be to put a sign up? I remember having my library card blocked once because I had the same name as someone who hadn't return their books, and I had to prove I wasn't them?? Very bizarre.

    It's nice to read your answers and find out more about you,and I am with you on marriage (some years back now) being the best thing I have done.

  17. I hope you had a great first day back at School, college I presume? :) How fun that youve answered Ambers questions, loved learning more about you. :)

  18. WOW you are already back to school? Love this first look. Adorable, modern dress. Love it with those awesome boots.


  19. I love your "first day of school" outfit! Your new boots are so fabulous!

    Good luck with classes. School will be over before you know and then you'll have to join us in the real world. Sometimes I miss college. The research, the learning, the freedom. But I don't miss homework.:0) (But I can't complain, life has been pretty slick for me the last last few years.)

    Love the " smell of sunshine". What a concept. I completely agree. It's such a fresh scent.


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