Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Tee - Club Monaco
Crops - LOFT, gift
Flats - Trippen Army
"Joker" Obi - MMD

So it's great that I have people interested in finding the reasons for issues I have, but I have to get my blood drawn to test my thyroid. I know this is typically a fashion blog, but I also use this blog as a space to keep me accountable for my little eccentricities.

Now if you know me at all IRL, I'm anxious... and I hate doctors. Not the people, but the profession. I prefer my blood to stay inside my body. I don't want to be poked, prodded, or diagnosed. A bit odd fear for somebody who is studying social sciences and who prefers to be well. But I'm quite the alarmist when I'm facing a needle and tube. Here's hoping I can pull up my britches and be a big girl about it. Any tips to becoming a better patient?

And speaking of accountability. Um, I got another pair of boots. These, in fact. Amazon (and eBay) occasionally has sample/display shoes pop up for a massive discount and I made an impulse buy that I refuse to apologize for. Seriously, they're amazing. I also got my school books today - so expensive! Definitely will not be thrifting or window shopping for awhile. Here's hoping I can make that "while" until 2013. I do have some plans that will hopefully keep me busy and occupied in lieu of shopping. Keep an eye out for Sew Sundays. I've got some good ones coming up!

Inspired by @LouiseHornor, I decided to try adding an obi to this look. The "Joker" obi made a perfect pattern mix with these pants and helped keep the otherwise weird proportions in check.


  1. I'm no good at blood draws, so I have very little I can say to help other than, make sure to drink a lot of water before and after. My mom has a thyroid condition, it's managed well with medication though! I hope everything turns out ok! ((HUG))

    And I love your joker belt. And I love that you wore your joker belt while talking about something more serious! :)

  2. Great creative outfit today. Love those pants with the shoes especially.

    Seriously, if you have anxiety over the needles you can ask to go in a little early and take an Ativan to get relaxed. Then you'll need someone to drive you home though. But I use to work in a women's clinic and would draw blood sometimes. There were many patients who would reach for a little something to get the help they needed. My daughter included. If you're not in to that, maybe a nice cup of tea you can make for yourself when you're in the waiting room?

  3. I LOVE the pattern mixing in this outfit! It's perfect!

    I was the same way with the point where I honestly did not want to get pregnant because I knew there would be a lot of testing and poking and prodding and UGH. I have to just look away while they're doing it, then I ask them to just tell me when the needle is out. That's all I need to know. Tell me when it's out and I'll be fine as long as I don't look while it's in.

    I hope you get the answers you need to make you feel better.

  4. Cute outfit and LOVE the boots! They are so you.

    Try to focus on something else when you're having blood drawn. Take deep breaths so that you don't make yourself dizzy. Eat some protein before you go. Give yourself a reward after (a cookie?). And let the doc know you're nervous - they aren't evil!

  5. Great, great boots. Did you get the burgundy? Totally the on-trend Fall color!

    Glad my stripey obi/chevrony skirt combo inspired you. Honestly, I was hesitant to put them together until I pictured some of the great pattern mixing I've seen on Lynne, Sheila, Cynthia, and so many others. I love the gray and purple patterns together in your outfit.

    Intellectually, I have no problem with blood draws. But apparently, my body has other ideas than my brain, because I'm a fainter. Even a couple of cc's of blood can send me spinning. When I admitted how embarrassing this is to a nurse, she said to get over it and just ask to lie down for any blood work. They would much rather find a cot than deal with me clonking my head as I fall down. Taking care of myself up front makes their job so much easier. As an added bonus, when you ask for a cot, you get very extra gentle treatment and sometimes even special children's bandaids. After my last blood draw I got a Kermit bandage :-) But seriously, ask if there's any way you can have your blood drawn while lying down; it helps.

    1. Yep! I got the burgundy, that's why I struck. I missed out on a pair of lavender Fluevogs a few seasons back because I waffled too long. The burgundy is more of an "oxblood" floating between purple and red so I figured it could play as either. Plus they work awesome with some tights and socks I already own.

      I am very cautious about pattern mixing, preferring bold solids. However your look instantly made me think of pairing the belt with my own outfit. I want to be able to show off the things I make, but honestly my customers do a better job than I!

      Yeah, I can self-talk all day that's its okay, I'll be just fine, and when I get in the waiting room my blood pressure goes up really high, really fast. I once had a doctor attempt to prescribe me (who has low-blood pressure usually) a HBP pill because I was panicking and got a high reading.. I will definitely ask if they have an option for me to lay down! Thanks for the rec.

  6. OMG I pass out every time I get my blood drawn and I don't have any problem with needles--I have multiple piercings and stuff. I do, however, become a major weenie when it comes to blood. I wish I could offer advice, but I am not one to give it in this case. :-( I hope everything works out for you. Keep us posted if you would!

    Don't apologize for impulse buys. We are all guilty and if they are something that you love and know you will use, then there's no harm no foul as far as I'm concerned.

    I love the way that this look turned out. The belt, as usual, is fabulous and (pardon the pun) really ties it all together!

  7. I told you that you're your own best advertisement for your obi belts. So beautiful the way you've styled this one.

    I could tell you a million stories about my needle phobia, but experiencing NINE HOURS of natural childbirth because I was afraid of needles was beyond ridiculous. And The Teen gets stuck so regularly and patiently that now I just put my arm out and think "this'll be over in a sec." I used to not look and that helped, but now it's fine.

  8. Your new boots are too fabulous, no explanations needed : >

    I too hate being poked by a vampire (though they are very nice vampires). I always ask to lie down, and make small talk until it's over. It helps me - we're all different. Maybe music in your iPod or your favorite scent rubbed on your wrist will help. Best to you!

    1. I love your iPod idea (and you and your blog and Visible Mondays, hi Patti!). Though speaking respectfully from a place of having experienced serious illness, it is a great kindness to entirely avoid the use of scented products when visiting medical facilities, many of which are posted as scent-free spaces - environmental / multiple chemical sensitivity is a disability in its own right, and folks who are very ill and coping with toxic treatments (making them too more susceptible to reacting to fragrance) often need frequent blood work.

      Megan, I've never been a stuffed animal person, but you can believe I dug one out to have with me below the sterile field during the installation of my heart catheter. Anything with a particular weight or detailed textures, things like worry stones, can provide tactile sensations to focus your attention away from a procedure. If your tech will coordinate with you, a trick from acupuncture is to take a big breath in and have the "stick" happen while you are sustaining an extended out-breath through pursed lips. Let them know what you need, be upfront about things that are really hard for you, and most of the time, people will be awesome about it. Wishing you kind carers, brave lady.

      I love this outfit, the evolution of your obi combinations and construction, and your Trippens. I am so glad you are not apologizing, and I look forward to seeing your Vera Ellens!

  9. I like this look. That OBI belt matches your pants perfectly. Good Luck with everything you got going on.

    I am scared of needles too. I hate tests especially blood-work and I had to do and still have to do a lot of that, lately. (Find out the reason why by visiting my blog.) My advice is to face away from the needle when they poke you and try to stay calm, physically. It helps to make your hand into a knuckle first and then release it and stretch it open. Good Luck Sweetie!!

  10. I've never been able to give blood 'cause I'm such a big baby. Sorry you have to endure this. Put on your big girl panties and be brave.

  11. The outfit is adorqable and it looks like you custom made the obi for it!!

    The BOOTS are fantastic--you were smart to jump on them!!

    I get blood drawn every 3 months (I need a spigot) and test my blood sugar several times a day so needles don't phase me at all!

  12. this patternmix is so wonderful and the colours suit so well especially to your hair! i love the obis, have already told you.

    no recommendations for the doctor's consultation. i am a real coward, and the only thing that helps me to avoid watching the nurse, in no case, and to draw my thoughts mightily to something else, not to the evil thing that happens with me. i keep my fingers crossed for you, you will make it through.

  13. Excellent pattern mixing, I agree with Lynne, your photo today should be used for marketing!

  14. Another genius ensemble. I starting "ooh-ing" the minute I opened up the page (silently, of course). The pattern on the gorgeous belt with the striped pants is beyond fab. Your boots are so good, too.

    Just remember to breathe!! Please keep us posted as to how you make out. Good luck as you start school again, too. xxoo

  15. I LOOOOOOOVE those boots!! Oh my. I don't have much advice about being a better patient. Just the standard try and relax.


  16. Fab outfit. Love the obi belt. The color combo is wonderful.
    As to the blood draw. I have to look away from the person doing the drawing. They always say "are you going to be okay?" and I tell them I will as long as I don't see the blood. I can't look at the vet taking the dog's blood either. It makes me faint! I am a big, big wuss when it comes to blood letting.
    Remember the boots I told you I wanted? I caved and bought them. They aren't terribly comfy, but dang are they every cool.


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