Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Necklace - thrifted
Fish dress - thrifted
Flats - Frye, ebay
Snake ring - gift from Sheila

I've seen a lot of "traveling" based posts this summer. Some people traveling for work, others for vacation. I'm a homebody. My idea of a vacation means finding something to do in my own town and sleeping in my own bed. However I imagine if I did travel, this is what I might wear. A loose dress, simple necklace, and flat shoes. This dress is one of those tourist-y things one might wear in a beach town. I'm really anticipating fall so I can try layering it up. 

Did you travel this summer? Are you a good traveler, or are you like me who packs everything imaginable for an overnight trip?


  1. like the fishies on your dress.
    Some people prefer to have holiday at home.
    I like both, going away from home, but also staying home sometimes.
    In 1,5 week i have 1 week off from work, just going to stay home, do wathever i like,
    reading, watching tv, cooking (and fasting because of Ramadan).

    XO Arezu

  2. Haven't traveled yet, we'll go "up north" later this summer which isn't too bad, about a three hour drive and we'll stay in a cabin in a state park. I will overpack though, I always do. I like finding things to do in town though too, we've done a little of that so far and it's been fun.

    Your dress is so very cute. I like the fun fish pattern and the addition of your star necklace! It would probably make a great travel outfit!

  3. That is such a fun dress! The thing I think I like the most about your style is you are so original and creative. You don't look like anyone else and I think that is pretty cool.:) I am also loving the industrial look in the background. It makes your photos so intresting. Have a lovely day Miss Megan!:)

    1. Thanks Sarina, I really like it too. It's in our backyard!

  4. Oh and I love your button flowers! Soooo Cute and fun!

  5. I'll be going to visit my in-laws in a few weeks...oh yay. At least the trip is pretty (and I'll be seeing the big-handed gnome again!).

    I am a minimalist packer. I only take what I'll need, nothing more.

    Love the fish dress!

  6. I really like the length of your necklace. I love going to the beach, but I am a single mom of three teenagers and am not really able to splurge right now. I do have a strong desire to go to Europe! There are a lot of things to see here but I want to experience another culture.

  7. Fish prints rock! You make everything look so elegant, including this simple dress.

    Travel? I came to see you :) Otherwise, broke. I am planning an NYC weekend - to visit The Costume Technician and grant The Teen's wish for a weekend in NYC for her sweet 16th.

  8. Very cute dress! I like both kinds of vacations -- the thought of having no chores and just lazing around my little town is very appealing. And I agree about one's own bed -- that's the best.

  9. Perfect traveling outfit, I must say! Love the dress- simple and seems to be very comfy! Thanks a bunch for stopping by and commenting!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  10. Fishies! Very summery and beachy! I'm going to be travelling to Ontario next month but I don't have any other vacation plans. Maybe I should consider some day trips around Nova Scotia.

  11. We've done a lot of weekend travel this summer and I'm so worn out from it I can hardly wait to spend my actual vacation, three weeks of it, at home! This is really comfortable looking for the hot days we've been having.

  12. This is a perfect traveling dress - just add a light cardigan for the cold airplane temperatures!

  13. i think this dress would be perfect for travel to an island somewhere :D light and breezy


  14. That dress is adorable!!! I hate traveling anymore--I'm a homebody also. I actually live in a tourist destination (Sharpsburg, MD-the site of Civil War battle Antietam)

  15. Excellent fish dress! We tend to be homebodies for holidays, too, and this year, I think it's unlikely we're going to do much that isn't local to us; the spouse is taking his hols during the Olympics, because he's been on a client site down in London, and it is going to be a total zoo, so he's just avoiding being down there entirely until it ends.

  16. This dress is SO CUTE Megan. I love the print! I could definitely see it for traveling. Or even the office or a BBQ or a picnic or any number of fun things you could do in your hometown as well!

  17. love the necklace, especially with the dress! very cute. I'm a packer. I start off pretty good and then just start stuffing everything imaginable into my bag at the last minute. And then I end up feeling like a pack animal ...

  18. This dress is gorgeous as is your necklace. Definitely tourist-y and fun. So light and breezy.

    I am a horrible packer, meaning that I pack really heavily even if it is just a two-day trip. I look at it as wanting to have options. LOL I haven't traveled anywhere this summer except I have gone to the beach (less than an hour away from us) twice, during weekends. It may be a third time this upcoming weekend.

    Like you I can't wait for fall not just because it is my favorite season but because the temperatures will not be scoring high, either. Also, I am off the first week of September and if the weather is warm yet not too hot we might do some traveling.

    Take Care, Megan. =)


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