Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sew Sunday: Cherry Skirt

Tee - Old Navy
Skirt - DIY
Sandals - Eurosoft by Sofft

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. This skirt is pajamas.

No, I don't mean "pajama-feeling" or "pajama-inspired" - I mean honest-to-goodness pajamas. I got this sleeved nightgown because I liked the cherry print, and I don't really have any cute pjs. However I forgot that it's always hot in my room and this thick cotton knit would make me burn up.

So I got a wild hair and decided to attempt turning it into a skirt a la New Dress A Day. If it sucked, well it was only a $2 loss - So I started out by cutting straight across from sleeve to sleeve. Then I decided the white buttons had to go. I replaced them with some colorful buttons.

Then I made a simple elastic waistband (roughly using this tutorial). I sewed down the front pieces so it wouldn't gap when I sat down or walked.

Some benefits to using this specific garment for repurposing: It already had pockets. It already had a good hem. The fabric is thick cotton and hella comfy. I'm still not the best seamstress, I've only made one thing completely from a pattern, but I thought this might be a good change up from the onslaught of buttonflowers and obis.

What I learned: Tutorials are a big help! Small changes can have a big impact. Actually pinning the fabric makes sewing a lot easier (I'm lazy and usually skip it). My machine does not like sewing through too much fabric, but I can make it work by rolling the thing very slowly.

Ants and lady bugs - don't miss the butterfly obi belt!
But never fear - I've got new ones of those too. Five new obis are up on the shop thanks to the donation from my MIL.


  1. So cute! And very creative. I love a cheery skirt like this one, any day. : >

  2. wow i never would have tought that. It`s very cute.
    I love cherry`s. I even gonna eat them tonight :-D

    XO Arezu

  3. how fun! i love that you turned a pajama top into a skirt. very clever. and i'm really liking those shoes!

  4. Such a clever idea, girl! Love it!

  5. Megan--that skirt is just too adorable!!! Awesome job!!!
    Your buggy button flowers are so sweet!!

  6. Adorable skirt! And I love your new sandals too!

  7. How cute! And clever. Smart way to exploit a pretty print.

  8. You are so clever Megan! I love that you turned this pajama nightgown into a skirt and a very cute one at that! Love all your new Button Flowers!

  9. First of all, the skirt turned out so cute, it looks so great. Secondly, bug printed button flowers? Guh. You are killing me girl. These are so adorable! Me wants.

    1. Feel free to place an order any time. ;) I've got a bunch of different options for them.

  10. Your skirt is adorable. I love the cherry print.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. LOVELOVELOVE!!!! MUSTTRYMUSTTRYMUSTTRY. I've never cared for the Sofft brand styles, but these are killer.

  12. So fun - what a great skirt. You've got some mad sewing skills :)

  13. This is one awesomely clever idea! You've got an awesome amount of creativity!

  14. OMG those are the cutest Button-Flowers yet. Love those fun, creative, colorful prints.

    And how adorable are you in your newly-created, renovated skirt? You turned not-so-cute pajamas into a cute, easy, breathable skirt. Love the cherry print. Megan, you have skills.

    Ada. =)

  15. It turned out just great! I would never have guessed the skirt began as pajamas and I'll never look at nightgowns quite the same way.


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