Thursday, July 12, 2012

Question Thursday

Blouse - 4ever young
Jeans - American Eagle, gift
Boots - Fluevog, ebay
Buttonflower - MMD

Today's outfit - I spent almost all day in pajamas. I finally got dressed in some jeans and striped top, but honestly I've felt rotten. It's rainy. It's cooled off, but I tend to feel awful any time there's a significant weather shift. This is a typical outfit I might wear on the weekend. I'm not a big jeans wearer, but somehow I still have a drawer full of them.

In fall shopping related news, the brown boots I had planned to save up for are now gone from the site. Wtf. This obviously means I need these Fluevog purple boots instead, right? I mean purple is a good neutral. Upon reflection, I'm not seeing anything in my wardrobe that wouldn't work with purple instead of brown. Plus according to reviewers they're cut for a slim calf, which is nearly impossible to find. Hmm... What say you?

For today's post, I snagged the questions from Beth's post today (You should click through and see her majorly adorable outfit), even though I wasn't technically tagged. She did give me a shout-out, thanks Beth!

1. What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
-Pistachio. No almonds. Coffee flavor is the runner up.

2. If money was no object, where would you like to travel most? 
-England or New Zealand. Cliché,  no? I like places with history. I am also not very good at languages, so I'd prefer somewhere predomninantly English speaking.

3. Describe to me your perfect day off.
-Sleep-in. Go to one of my favorite places to eat. Go thrifting. Art Crawl or movie. Dinner with the Hubs. Watch internet videos before falling asleep. I'm not terribly ambitious with my time off. ;P

4. What's your favorite guilty pleasure?
-Keeping up with the Kardashians or Million Dollar Listing. Both shows are so full of ridiculous pretentious people who are incredulously unreal. I also like reading ONTD for gossip. It has the added benefit of real news sometimes and info on upcoming movies/television that I actually do want to see.

5. What is your favorite season?
-Fall, I suppose. I like the smell of winter in the air. The gloomy grey days that are just perfect for curling up with a warm mug of tea and a good book. I like boots, but hate having to bundle up for the coldness of winter. 

6. (Stealing Amanda's) Top 5 Favorite Movies. Go.
-Fifth Element, Star Trek, Harry Potter (all of them), LotR (all of them), and A Knight's Tale (people will probably angrily disagree, but I love this movie so much more than Princess Bride)

7. What is your least favorite household chore?
-Dishes. I hate getting my hands gross. I don't really mind cooking, cleaning, or ironing. I just hate dishes.

8. Coffee or tea or neither?
-Both. I like coffee in the morning, tea in the evening. I don't even know how people can compare the two. They're very different.

9. Last book you read? Do you recommend it?
-Well I did finally finish re-reading the Hobbit. Of course I recommend it. I am HYPED about the new movie coming out. (Disclaimer - that's the last actual book I read, but I read a ton of short stories. I highly recommend fiction press if you want some free fiction written by aspiring writers)

10. What was your favorite childhood toy?
-Books? SNES? Sega Genesis? A lot of my toys were for playing with other people, even my game systems. I had barbies and ninja turtles and legos and polly pockets, but if it was just me playing I often rode my bike or rollerbladed or read books. I was a very active kid, with a wild imagination. I spent a ton of time just me and my crazy brain.

11. Do you have any bad habits?
-Biting my nails, letting my anxiety/phobias control my decisions, staying up too late, enjoying bad television/music, drinking too much caffeine, shopping too much, spending too much time online. Sure, I've got loads of them. 


  1. Yay! Thank you for playing along! I purposely tagged mostly newer bloggers to help get them some love :) you already know you are my favorite!

    Speaking of favorites I love coffee ice cream. It is like perfection. And I love fall too. I also dislike doing dishes. I do enjoy vacuuming. I am strange.

    I like this shirt with jeans! In fact I like seeing you in jeans, they look nice! Sorry to hear you weren't feeling the best though.

    Oh and PS I am going to order some more button flowers. Need MOAR!!!

    1. Yes! I enjoy going over to the new bloggers to read their answers! I like vacuuming too.

      Feel free to email me for buttonflowers any time. I've gone into overload making them!

  2. It's totally possible those purple boots will go with everything... I was at a consignment shop yesterday and I almost bought a black and white (obviously) zebra print top. I think it might go with everything in my closet, too... maybe I should go back and get it if I'm still thinking about it? I also hate dishes- getting my hands wet with food dirt is so gross! I bought a scrubber with a long handle and I'm learning to pack the dishwasher WHILE I cook, so that's making life easier... have a great day!

  3. Ooooooh I could totally see you in the purple boots and what better way to brighten up the cooler days wherein you can wear bright funky boots? I bite my nails also and it is so horrible. I liked hearing all your little facts. I do hope you feel better Megan!

  4. Coffee ice cream is the best, unless I can find cinnamon, and then that's the best. I liked reading all your answers!

    One of the best things I ever did, style-wise, was adopting purple as a neutral. The Fluevogs rock!

  5. I've never seen a Knight's tale but how can it be better that The Princess Bride, my all-time favorite movie?!?! And The Hobbit as well as LOTR are my favorite novels. I ended up seeing the last 2 LOR movies in the theater by myself because I wanted to enjoy them and not worry about who was with me! I am looking forward to the Hobbit.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. And yes, purple boots sound perfect for you! ox

  6. These were fun to read thanks for sharing.

  7. It's really great to get to know you better - and I wish you were here, because (despite our big age gap) I think we'd make grand friends. Your perfect day off sounds verrrrry familiar : > We would have to have a long debate about The Princess Bride though : >

    I so agree about coffee and tea -- completely different beasts. Hope you're feeling better very soon!

  8. Great answers. It feels good to learn more about you. And the blouse is terrific.

  9. Yes, you must get those purple boots. But I'm an enabler so maybe you shouldn't listen to me. I almost bought a top like that today at Winners. Seeing you in yours, I might need to go back and get it.

    1. You should totes go back and get it. ~ Fellow Enabler

  10. You *don't* wear jeans often. I realized I was a little surprised when I saw them! But I like the faded wash with the super modern striped top and one of your button flowers.

    Totally buy the purple ones. They do have a gray undertone...

    I loves The Fifth Element - had the aria on my old MP3 player.

    We share the shopping too much problem. I totes have go to stop, even thrifting is too much with one stuffed (regular-sized) closet and no real needs. But you did real good on the J. Crew yellow (really more marigold) skirt via eBay. If you ever see anything else on eBay I should buy, feel free to speak

  11. Hold up--did you mention Sega?! I *still* play Sonic to this day! However, I do have love for Super Nintendo, too. Excite bike and Duck Hunt were awesome!

  12. I used to love the movie fifth element!!! Cute striped top, too!

  13. Awww. I love reading this and hearing more about you. I love reading questionaire blogs. If you don't mind I will steal this questionaire and answer them myself. Some of my answers are similar to yours and others are so different.

    Cute outfit also. I love stripes and your top is a cute one. =)


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