Friday, July 13, 2012

Opposite of Vanity Sizing

Tee - MeghanNoland, thrifted
Skirt - All Saints
Star belt - thrifted
Flats - Frye
Buttonflowers - MMD

Finally feeling much better today. It was nice and breezy as I ran errands. I opted for cool cottony pieces in light colors. This is how summer should feel. This tee is one of a few pieces I've picked up over the years where the sizing absolutely baffles me. This tee is marked a "large". Yesterday's shirt? Was marked either an L or XL... As a size 2/4 person, it was weird. I don't know if it was mislabeled and that's the reason this shirt wound up in Goodwill, but it was a happy find while thrifting. Also a quick google, this tee would have cost astronomically more new than the $2 I paid for it.. 

Just a friendly reminder not to trust your tags. Always try things on, especially if they look like they might fit.

In exciting news, I have a table at the Fall Festival! My MIL knows a lady who is willing to let me sell buttonflowers and obi belts outside her shop during the local festival. It's not for a few months, but I hope for good things. I'm trying to make the best of my time off this summer to shore up my stock. Back to the sewing machine today!


  1. This is a perfect summer outfit! It looks as light and breezy as you describe it, I really like the shirt, especially with your flower pinned to it. You look cute and comfy.

    Sizing is so funny sometimes, I have really learned to not worry too much about what the sizes say either, especially when thrifting! I got an XL white shrug at at thrift store last year and I'm usually a S-M!

    Exciting about your Fall Festival! I hope it is successful!!

  2. Oh that is super exciting Megan! I know you will be a smash with your booth! Congrats! Also, love the outfit today--the skirt is super cute. I was commenting about this on Keely's blog the other day too. It is amazing how different the sizes can be. I have several skirts in sizes 10-14 from thrifting and I wear a 4 usually. And a lot of size L shirts when I wear a S! I truly hope you enjoy your weekend friend!

  3. Such a sweet outfit - I love that skirt! Ha, sizing is so screwed up. Wait till you see my ridiculously silly vanity-sized dress that I'm wearing today. It's a size 2!! WTF? I'm like a 6-8, no way I'm a size 2.

    Congrats on the table! That is so cool. Make sure you have a good amount of stock - those fall fairs are great for people looking for cheap stocking stuffer items and other Christmas gifts. My mom does them every year and totally rakes in the dough.

  4. Great outfit; I adore that All Saints skirt. Hope the Fall Festival goes wonderfully well for you!

    I've given up on figuring out sizing. I have everything from XS (Gap, of course) to XL in my wardrobe. OK, I'm tall, but in a sane world, I shouldn't fit either of those sizes.

  5. I love everything you are wearing but that skirt is especially amazing, great fit, design, and stripes every which 'a way :P

    Now I can confess the Maggy L dress I'm wearing in today's post is a 12P. I know, smallest 12P evah, right? :P

    Congrats on the table! You should get lots of traffic! Maybe a display of photos re how to style the buttons? I finally put mine in their own big box, but I usually just dump it out on the bed beside what I'm planning to wear and then find the ones to go with. Of course, I only have, like,

    1. Yeah, I've got a few ideas for showing off what can be done with them. It's going to depend on how much space I'll have. We're supposed to help draw customers into the shop, so I assume we'll probably have a smallish table. I've just got them all in a big bag right now. I've got too many to keep track of! Probably a few hundred.

  6. Congrats on getting a table - I think you'll be a big hit there. Great warm-weather look today - I love that AS skirt.

  7. Maybe it was a child's "Large". I've learned not to trust sizes and have found some of my best stuff -- that fit me -- in sections marked for normal gals, even though I'm a giant. Some of my petite girlfriends have had luck shopping in boy's depts.

  8. Ooooh! I love that skirt! I agree that "this is how summer should feel"!

    More Charming In Person

  9. AWESOME news about the table at the festival!! Cute outfit--but i know what you mean about sizes. i just ignore them and try on anything that looks like it might fit!

  10. Comfy but chic - love this look. Congrats on your table - how exciting!

  11. I really feel thesuumer vibe by looking atyou in this crisp, delicate outfit. :)

  12. Congrats on the opportunity to sell the buttons and the belts. Could it be that the shirts are kids items that were mis-hung in the thrift store? Sometimes I come across situations like that.

  13. I love that skirt! It's more fun than just regular stripes! Isn't it crazy how much sizes can vary?? I constantly have to remind myself of that when I'm thrifting. I get really excited when I fit into something that's smaller than my usual size, but need to remember not to be hard on myself when it's the opposite and I have to go a size up. :)

    Jess - J's Style

  14. I love finding a thrifting item! Its like finding your own treasure and for super cheap. Come by and check out my blog, if you like it I would love it if you followed me.

    xo Andrea

  15. You are right: summers shouldn't feel like you can barely breathe. You look fantastic in this simple, casual, girly outfit. Love the tee and the skirt and that button-flower is perfect with it. Also, how great that this is all neutral.


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