Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Morning

 Jacket - Eddie Bauer, swap via Lynne
Tee - Hanes sleep shirt stolen from DH
Shorts - St. John's Bay, thrifted
Mirada boots - All Saints
Outfit Inspiration - Here

I suck at the 9-to-5. I can never seem to be awake before noon, unless I stayed up the night before. I do this more often than I should, but I feel like I am most productive, the most creative, the most energetic when I can greet the sun in the morning and say goodnight to the fog that rolls twilight blue into soft pinks. Then sleep through the glaring sun only to start the cycle again.

The worst part of these mornings - they're usually a transition night to fixing my poor sleep schedule. The best part of these mornings - breakfast. The best part of my weekend - comics.

I picked up Danger Girl and the Hypernaturals. I grew up a Danger Girl fan. It was an action packed comic with spunky main characters. Charlie's Angels for the 90s. However I was underwhelmed by the ads on almost every other page (this is no exaggeration), disjointed story, and change in art style from the original editions.

I got Hypernaturals off the newer stock shelf, which turned out to be a really pleasant surprise. Superheroes meet space in this approachable, slightly cliché story. It's a little bit cheesy, little bit wordy, but once you dive in it falls together.  It's also ad-free, except the publishing ads in the back. Will definitely be heading back to the store for Vol.2 - not bad for less than $4. Which is less than I spent on breakfast.

Mmm chick-fil-a sauce

See you in the PM. 


  1. Love those boots so much. It must have cooled down a little bit.

    YAY for new comics!

    1. Only at night/early morning. By afternoon it's sweltering.

  2. Love the picture of you in the car. Your eyes are saying so much!

  3. Your boots have me longing for the slightest drop in temperature! Your sleep sched is similar to my DH's - he despises 9 to 5, and started his own business just to avoid it, I think : >

  4. I love those boots!! I love this look overall - it's chic and fun and you just look so good. This might be my new favorite. I realize I say that about every other outfit from you too. :) We are getting Chick-Fil-A up here finally, I can't wait to give it a try. And yay for new comics! And my hubby used to be like you on the sleep schedule but not so much anymore.

  5. Love the jacket with the boots! So cute.

    I don't know either of those comics. Most of my background has been reading serials, like Preacher, Walking Dead and The Invisibles.

  6. You know what? I don't often get to sleep that late, but when I get up earlier than normal on the weekends (i.e. before 8), I always feel the same way--super productive and just more energized. Also, I LOVE CHIC-FIL-A!!! You are making me want some (wish we had one in Boulder . . .). I really love your get 'er done look for an early morning. The boots are great and that jacket really pulls it all together! Enjoy your comics!

  7. Cute outfit and those boots are AWESOME!!
    I'm a morning person married to a nightowl. Makes for an interesting life!

  8. I've had this sleep trouble in the summer too. About once a month I'll stay up all night...and that generally fixes things.

  9. If I wore that, I'd look like an idiot, but you look like a New Yorker. Effortlessly cool and super chic. I, too, <3 dem boots.

  10. Oh, those boots! I was a total nightowl for most of my life, and then abruptly turned into a morning person. I'm still not sure how that happened.

  11. Those boots are sex-ay!

    I'm a night owl too. Can't do anything about it!

  12. My husband is the same way. I used to be that way top. Now I'm out by 11at the absolute latest. Love this laid back jacket boots shorts combo.

  13. I used to be a night owl. Now at 12.30 the latest I am in bed with my eyes closed. I sort of have to be due to my work schedule and all.

    Those boots and jacket are so trendy and look super-cool on you.

  14. That first pair of pants is a riot! What fun to wear them!!


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