Monday, July 23, 2012

Missing Black

Sheer blouse - Loft, altered
Belt - thrifted
Skinnies - Joe's Jeans, NWT thrifted
Sandals - Poetic License
Bag - Target
Cuff - gift from Lynne

Another great reason I don't need to do any more summer shopping - I have tons of clothes that only got worn once or twice this summer. I've practically forgotten about these sandals. Some things still haven't been worn! I plan on using this week to work on that. As much as I've been obsessed with bright bright bright, I'm missing my dark clothes. It's hard to wear black during the summer, but this sheer cotton blouse offers a great cool way to do so.

This outfit was worn for a big post office jaunt (everyone knows me there now), therapy, and I'll add a cami and loose the belt for a meeting with my grandparents. As somebody who considers their life quite boring, I'm certainly busy. 

I finally did start a new book: Promise of the Wolves*. My mom passed it on. I'm already 220 pages into it. It's got a very "Earth's Children" feel to it, which was a series that was passed onto me by a friend. Not my usual sci-fi fantasy fare, but a good easy read to keep my brain occupied. 

What are you reading?

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  1. I love those sandals - you definitely should wear them more this summer! I am doing my best to curb my summer shopping as well.

    1. I really need to! I keep forgetting I have them.

  2. Cool belt!

    I'm reading a poorly written biography so that if I ever write a biography I know what not to do.

  3. Yeah, my summer shopping is over - I have August's and September's capsules pretty much finished. I'm focussed on fall/winter now.

    I'm still working on Fahrenheit 451, but my head isn't in it. I've been doing crossword puzzles.

  4. That belt was a thrift find??!? Amazing!

  5. How could you forget those incredible sandals? I feel like I missed an opportunity to walk off with them :P

    That belt makes your waist look so tiny, which I know it is, but it has an almost Victorian look, very elegant. I love your sheer blouse, but cannot get away with that for the office. Heck, the last time my bra was showing through a blouse, several sharp-eyed readers let me know it :o

    I'm reading historic mysteries as usual. Just finished The Mistress of the Art of Death series, which was engaging.

  6. I love that belt! And I keep backsliding into black or black/white, regardless of season.

    I recently downloaded freebie copies of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass to my iPhone, and I've been reading them. Right now, I just want to read old favourites.

  7. The sheer black blouse is awesome, and def. looks summer-worthy. Ditto the PL sandals.

    I'm reading Chomp by Carl Hiaasen, summer fluff (actually a young-adult novel! but really fun.)

  8. I love this look--the belt, the sandals, the sheer!

  9. Very nice! The sandals are awesome! I feel the same way about some of my summer clothes, only worn some of it once or twice.

    I am in the middle of the sci fi series Wool.

  10. Wow Megan. Just WOW. You look SO great in this outfit. Definitely one of my faves and perfect for a post office run of epic proportions. I love the layered belts, the sandals (isn't realizing your closet really isn't as limited as you thought great???) and the trousers.

  11. This is a very cool and casual outfit and ditto on the sandals love. I, too, am trying to limit what I've been buying lately however I do need a few basics (comfy short to bum around the house in, and t-shirts). Lately, I've been reading a lot of new age stuff. Dan Millman's "The Life You Were Born to Live" has been rocking my world!

  12. I love this! You are rockin' the neutrals here. It's fabulous! I haven't gotten dressed in over a week. I HATE it! I just look in my closet and am sad that all those clothes are just sitting there. But soon enough. I just need to be patient.

    I am trying to read since I'm doing a lot of sitting. My two books of choice: Pretties and Generation Me. Very different genres. You might like Pretties. It's sci-fi/fantasy. The first book is Uglies. You would probably like Gen Me too. It's a study of our generation and how entitled we act and how it affects us and society. Fascinating and scary at the same time.

  13. That happens to me all the time! I just wear something once and then it falls through my wardrobe's black hole, only to be discovered much later. I am currently reading "Gang leader for A Day".

  14. LOVE those shoes! Put those babies in the front of the closet for more summer rotation.
    I'm just finished reading "A Discovery of Witches" and started the sequel "Shadow of Night" by Deborah Harkness. Fantastic books.

  15. Thanks for the book reco!

    I just finished The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Carson Rae. I couldn't put it down! The character development really set it apart.

  16. What a cute outfit!! and those shoes are adorable!!

  17. I love the belt! Very funky!

    I am reading the 3rd book in a mystery series written by an author from Halifax.

  18. That shirt is the perfect way to wear black in the heat! I can't believe you thrifted that belt - it's amazing! I need to start reading something other than the newspaper every day (depressing), I read a lot in the winter, but once it's summer my days fill up so quick that I forget to read books (and blogs!)

  19. Wow,your belt is supercool! :) im currently reading the first book in the Game of Thrones series, im hoooooked!!!!

  20. I love that cool, fun, sort of rocker-chic belt and I love it with that sheer top. Nice sandals too. I feel you about summer clothes - I haven't even worn half of my wardrobe (of the wardrobe I currently have in Europe at least LOL).

    I am currently reading "Veronica Decides to Die" by Paulo Coelho - one of my favorite authors. This is not my most favorite book from him. It's actually a weird, interesting read but I still like it.

    Have a Lovely Weekend, Ada. =)


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