Friday, June 29, 2012

Pet Peeves and Tiny Smiles

 Tank - Newport News, thrifted
Reversible skirt - thrifted (this one!)
Star Sandals - Poetic License
Wrist corsages- MMD

So the internet has been on a rampage for various reasons. It feels like nothing happens - and then everything is so busy and crazy you can't hardly contain the information overload. So here's some of my pet peeves to get the rant going:

  1. The word decimate. It originated as a term meaning "to reduce by one tenth" in reference to Roman armies. Nowadays, people use it to mean "obliterate" or to destroy a lot of something. It's made it into the common vernacular as meaning "to destroy something in large numbers", and many people miss out on a whole vocabulary of words that could mean to destroy something.
  2. Alot
  3. "I'm so angry at [blank] - I'm moving to Canada" Good luck with that. Why not actually do something - like vote - to make your own country more palatable.
  4. Commercials that include blatant lies to consumers, example: HFCS "Sugar is sugar, your body doesn't know the difference" - Your body does know a difference. Remember - Vote with Your Wallet.
  5. It's 110F in my backyard. This isn't a pet peeve, just an annoying fact.

Wrist corsages
And now because I hate leaving a post full of negativity. Small things through-out the day that make me smile:

  1. Hubby (or anybody) doing something I need to do without me asking. It's like an unexpected weight falling off my shoulders.
  2. Companies who utilize twitter to the best advantage. Remember the @ is a powerful thing if you want something done. Emailing and tweeting may seem overrated, but I've had success with communicating my needs - negative and positive with a number of different companies.
  3.  PostSecret. No matter how rough a week may be, I start my Sunday with PostSecret. *Warning to those who aren't aware of the project, secrets may contain nudity, rude language, or adult concepts.
  4. Beautiful movie trailers for amazing movies. Seriously guys the Hobbit is going to be so freaking amazing.
  5. Breaking fashion rules. I like skirts that come to my knee or below. I like visually chopping my leg line with ankle details on shoes. I like wearing things I made. I like challenging my own sense of color perception.
What makes you smile? 


  1. The "I hate Obama-Care! I'm moving to Canada" line makes me laugh. Yes, if you hate free health care, move to a country known for it.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to PostSecret - I am now hooked. Grammar/spelling pet peeves: the usual suspects -- "loose" for "lose", "there" for "their" and (favorite!) "your" for "you're".

    Makes me smile every time: my cat Stinky, Denver the Guilty YouTube dog, the NYTimes on Sunday morning.

    Loving that "other side" of the reversible skirt!

    1. ARGH! What peeves me is typing a whole response and having it suddenly disappear!

      You make me smile just to see your lovely face. I like cutting off my leg line with sandals like yours (since I have the exact same ones in pink!)

      This has been a really bad week for me, and I am so happy to see your post.

  3. Oh the alot - that one drives me nuts. Do you read Hyperbole and a Half? She has a whole post on the Alot :)

    Things that make me smile - I have five days off of work!

    Love your skirt. Loved this whole post actually!

  4. Oh the alot - that one drives me nuts. Do you read Hyperbole and a Half? She has a whole post on the Alot :)

    Things that make me smile - I have five days off of work!

    Love your skirt. Loved this whole post actually!

    1. Ha! I should follow links! Sorry I was on my phone and did not realize you linked to Hyperbole and a Half. Oy.

      Love her though!!!!

    2. Loved the link. I think there's alot living in my closet...

  5. Great post. I agree with your complaints and could add to the list, but let's focus on positive stuff.

    Different things have different meaning to different people, but what makes me happy, what rocks my boat, is having the opportunity to wear fingernail-polish. I can paint my toes 24/7 but wearing polish on my fingers is a rare opportunity. (I'm doing it right now.) Putting it on, looking at it when my fingers come into view, feeling feminine are all super delights to me. YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)

  6. I would never have guessed that's the same skirt - lovely outfit, hon.

    I agree with your pet peeves. And I love Post Secret and Hyperbole and a Half! Here's something to make you smile: Caturday! I nearly cried with laughter at some of these. - EAT ALL THE THINGS!

    Oh, what else makes me smile: a package in the mail from YOU! :) Yay! I'll be featuring it on my next post (which will be...sometime tomorrow maybe). You rock, sweetie, thank you so much! I mailed the dress to you today, god knows how long it will take.

  7. I too have noticed some of the ranting on Twitter...but refrained from participating. We've got hot weather too...and a broken AC unit. Aaargh.

  8. I had to laugh when you said someone was SO ANNOYED with something that they were moving to Canada, and you said, "Good luck with that!" Not sure if that means Canada wouldn't have them, or they wouldn't want to be in Canada once they got there. Anyway, as a native born Canadian, I thought it was hilarious.

    Have to agree with you about a lot of your pet peeves, although if I let myself get "wound up" about things, it could take me a week to unwind.

    I used to moan (along with everyone else) about how cold our summer is here in England. Now that I've been reading about the weather being 100 degrees for days on end, guess what? I'm not moaning anymore. It might not be balmy, but I prefer it to getting fried, thanks.

    Much love from a transplanted Canadian living in England,

  9. Oh man. I am SO sick of people saying they are going to move to Canada. Which is entertaining in and of itself for so many reasons. I am also sick of hearing about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. A) who didn't see that coming and B) Who cares?!?!?!?

    I am glad to see your list of things that make you smile. I love PostSecret and I have been following them for a long time. Such a cool idea!

    And your skirt is really cute! Yay for fashion rules because otherwise there would be none to break. ;-)

  10. Those HFCS ads piss me off too. But I'm a huge Post Secret fan too! I start every Sunday (or Saturday night since I'm on the West Coast) with the secrets. They make me feel like I'm not so strange and that we're all connected.

  11. Cute outfit with the tie-dye tank. I love your wedges and button bracelts that match yet don't. =)


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