Thursday, June 14, 2012

FC: This or That: Printed Pant

 Tank - She-bible, thrifted
Printed pants - Sandra King, thrifted, slimmed
Star stud sandals - Poetic License

Aaand we all knew Megan would be picking her pink printed pants today, didn't we? Seriously, if you had told me a year ago that I would not only own a pair of pink printed ankle pants, and not only wore them, but wore them about once a week since I got them? I'd give you a glare so hard your head would spin! But no really, I've really enjoyed the colorful bottom options that have flooded the markets in the past few seasons. I wore my red jeans yesterday (and got kitty fur all over them), so I opted for my printed pants today.

I paired these slimmed pants with a purple futuristic tank I picked up while thrifting with Lynne. I almost talked myself out of it since it was the only item either one of us had found at thrift store #2, but I made it through the long line and paid for it. It's hard finding items with futuristic elements in 1. real non-synthetic fibers and 2. my price range.

Buttonflowers go with everything!
My style has toed into the steam punk more often because it's easy to thrift stuff that will fit into that realm, but the closest I ever get to cyberpunk or futuristic or post-apocalyptic style is few and far between. I keep trying though!

This outfit was perfect for a post office run and having a row with a lady over carts in Aldi grocery. They have chains on their carts to prevent stealing - I stayed relatively calm while a lady decided to yell until she realized she was in the wrong and her husband had their cart, and the one she was holding was in fact the cashier's cart. She finally walked off sheepishly.

And since all I've done is babble today, here's some cats:

Bruce says, "No pictures, I will eat your camera strap!"
 These kitties have some freakishly dexterous paws.

 This turned into this!

York, my BB, says "Look, Ma, no paws!"
Mamma says "York you're such a weirdo!"

As always, don't forget at the end of the week to send Keely [kkmkreations[at]live[dot]com] your favorite participating photo to be included in the round-up. Also remember to pop by the other participating FC members and give them some encouragement! 

Also please read Sal's post today on Ethnic Ethics. She's got a great discussion going that some bloggers participating in yesterday's challenge were beginning to talk about. Contribute on Sal's page on your thoughts about being appropriate with cultural clothing.


  1. I love those pants and am not at all surprised you wore them! I was very close to wearing my plaid ones today that I wear all the time time too, but in the end did not. I also love your tank top! And you can never go wrong with a buttonflower!

    Aww, I love Mr. York!! He's gotten so big!

    I'll have to check out Sal's post, I haven't seen that one yet.

  2. Love the pants, and that top is very cute. Futuristic items, eh? I will keep an eye out for you. I see all kinds of weird and wonderful things in the stores here.

    Aw, York kitty is all grown up!

  3. Cool pants Megan! Aw man I read the challenge wrong. I thought it was just bright bottoms. It is way to hot to wear pants here so I went with a bright skirt. :-( Anyhow, I love all your kitty pictures! And that tank was a great find! You girls were on a roll!

    1. You're good! The challenge was for either a bright "bottom" or printed "bottom" which could have been pants, skirts, leggings, or anything you want to wear on your bottom half!

  4. Such a fun outfit! The print of the pants is really unique and they fit like a glove. Sounds like an eventful day, screaming lady included. It's been so fun seeing all your outfits for this week's challenge!


  5. Love your pants! Nice to see when someone wears pants that arent just black! Great look!

  6. I love how those pants have become staples in your wardrobe - they are completely cool. Hey Bruce! Hey York! You two are gorgeous kitties.

  7. I always lke those pants! Your kittens are growingnso fast. They're teenagers now.

  8. Hi Megan! I love, love, love these pants. Seriously- so fabulous in every way. Your cats are so cute. I have three myself. I embrace my crazy cat lady every day. In fact, I might be posting about my cats tomorrow :)

    Hannah Tattoos and Pearls

  9. Fabulous pants. they're great with that top. Great kitty pictures - so cute!

  10. Love this! Great color combination and cute kitties :)

  11. I never tire of these pants. They are super fab!

  12. Yes, the pants look familiar. And the sandals are awesome.

  13. I came her to have a look at the This Or That challenge and of course to view and evaluate your style. But how is one to do that when you post CAT PICTURES!!! I am sorry, I am horribly distracted now, and stalking your posts for more pictures of your cute kitties...

    Oh, and nice pants...

  14. Oh, those super-fun pants again! I love those, and I like how you've got them styled.

    York looks very like my cat did as a kitten, right down to the glowing pink nose. My fella is now immense, so watch out. ;)

  15. Aaaaaw, such cute kitties!!! :) And I love your funky pants, the punk style really suits you I think. :)

  16. ButtonFlowers do, indeed, go with everything. I'm wearing the medium purple one with turquoise button at the pointy part of my turquoise v-neck tee shirt today. I want to sew pins onto the back of my BF stash so they are easier to apply to everything in my wardrobe.

    Button Flower All The Things!!

  17. These pants are awesome and go so well with that futuristic top. I agree your flower buttons go with everything. =)

    Nice article over Sal's page, too. Thanks for sharing.


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