Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trippen Review

 T shirt - thrifted 
Shorts - Cutoff thrifted jeans
Shoes - Trippen Army

This is not paid endorsement. I've been obsessing over Trippens for quite some time, and after a really good experience with ordering Cydwoqs from Pedshoes, I decided that was where I needed to order my Trippens from. They don't carry the Happy sole like I had originally intended to buy, but they had another shoe that fit my personal style perfectly: Strappy, weird sole, color I didn't own.

Pedshoes was the only online shop I found carrying this specific colorway (bitter brown with blue edging), but you can probably order them straight from the Trippen site as a special request.

The Trippen army is a flat shoe with lots of straps (and no pesky zipper!). It hails from the Cups family of shoes, which consist of two separated rubber "cups" for soles. Similar to jazz shoes. It's purely an aestetic thing because I can't feel the odd sole when I walk around. The insole is shaped to support, but like Cydwoqs, the buttery leather and cork (?) insole begin to take on the shape of your feet. The Army shoe also benefits from the straps and it's customizeable fit.

Now here's the information I found most hard to find when researching Trippens - Sizing: They run large. At least in the cups family. I ordered a 36 (US size 6), which I'd put closer to a 37/6.5 in fit The flats also run slightly wider than average, but as someone with a slim heel and wider at the toes - this shoe is pretty great. I'll also be able to wear socks with these without stretching them further because I can set the straps to different tightnesses. So hooray for year round wear.

I wore these for two days straight and the one thing Trippen is and should be known for is incredible comfort. Next to my grey Cydwoqs, these are the most comfortable shoes in my closet right now. However unlike my vintage line Cydwoqs, these are not dainty. Plenty of toe room makes these great for comfort but a slightly bulky look.

I am overall thrilled with my purchase though, and would have gladly paid 100% retail, however I did use a discount code which spurred me to order asap. Thanks to Megan for the heads up on the code and to everyone who ordered buttonflowers, custom orders, art commissions, and ebay sales for making it possible. I'm still open for buttonflower sales and art commissions.

I still really want to order a pair of Happy-sole boots, but I'd also love to bring home a pair of Fence, Good and maybe a pair of Royal Booties. If only I could win the lottery. Haha.


  1. These shoes are super cool and I can tell that even though I don't know you IRL, they are totally "you". I love all those straps and a comfy shoe that is also quirky and stylish is a total win in my book!

  2. Those shoes are so you! Look stylish and comfy - a win-win to me.

    P.S. Hope all is ok - hugs your way.

  3. As always, The Shoe Goddess and Professor scores again! I'm ao glad you bought them and love them! They look super modern and edgy, and there's nothing better than a comfortable pair of shoes. I finally broke in my Breva Vogs, and am convinced it's the best shoe purchase I've made in many a year. I'm wearing them at a conference now. Fluevog should have named them "Constant Comment" like the tea :P

  4. So cool! I enjoyed looking at their whole collection too - I love some of the lace-ups. You look just perfectly like "you".

  5. Your shoe purchases are completely hitting the mark for me.

  6. Awesome shoes - I think it's even better that they are comfortable too. They are really unique looking. Glad you were able to use a discount code, that makes such a difference sometimes and I probably would have done the same thing! It's all about the deals! :)

  7. Those shoes are incredibly cute, and the fact that they're comfortable makes them even better.

  8. Gorgeous shoes! I love the brown and blue contrast and the fun, but walkable style. And the other pairs you have picked out are amazing! I got my Danskos. I'm not 100% sure about them yet. I have to try them on with a few more outfits before I decide.

  9. As a fellow redhead, I have to say I adore your hairdo and blog!!!

    Those shoes look fab on you - I love all the straps!!


  10. I like the shoes and they sound comfy. Can you see the "cups" from the bottom of the shoe?

  11. I am going to have to find my Trippen's. I will tell you they are WAY more clunky than yours, which are quite cool shoes. Love the blue edging. I think your whole outfit is so cool. I wish I could think of a better word than cool, because it is better than cool!

  12. So glad i checked in! The review is great, but I have been lusting after hard(for me)-to-find Cydwoqs. Now I know where to find them!!

  13. Yay! They look fantastic on! I'm glad you published the follow-up report because I was curious about how they worked out.

  14. Hi can anyone comment the sizes of trippen happy. if I have 37 is happy also by italian sizing 37 or bigger or smaler?


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