Thursday, May 24, 2012

Search Term Time

Violet Dress - All Saints (altered top), ebay
Belt - thrifted
Flats - vintage etsy

This dress is neither pink, nor red, nor orange. It all depends on what colors it is near, the lighting and day. However I love it. It feels like air. And after I altered the wrap style top to fit me, it doesn't budge.
So every once in awhile I think to check search terms that bring people to my blog. Some are funny, some bizarre, others -...

"funny making fun of hunger games"

Yeah parodies are great. I liked the hunger games though, the movie, the books. Move along.

"nude nurse/vintage nude butts/etc"

Omggg, No nudes here, after all this is a fashion blog, first and foremost. Likely you've hit upon my site because of my United Nude flats. Which are pretty fancy, but not what you're looking for.

"john watson sweater"

Okay you're probably being directed to this post. Sherlockians - I AM SORRY! It's a sweater I thrifted, I made a bad joke about slightly shapeless off-white sweater, and now I'm probably directing lots of fans hunting the perfect John Watson sweater. I don't have it, no advice for you other than hit up your local thrift stores. Or Sherlockology for more info on the wardrobe of BBC Sherlock.

"are cydwoq shoes comfortable for walking"

Yes, absolutely. I highly recommend them. Watch out for stiff leathers though. Some of the leathers are softer, others take some breaking in, however my cydwoqs can go from dawn til dusk and my feet are super.

"stripe swirl tights"

Ooh those sound cute. I'll take a pair.

"megan mae daily" 

Hooray! You found me! Thank you for taking the time to google me and find my little corner of the internet. I hope you enjoy what you found here, will come back again and again, preferably with a friend or two.


  1. I am laughing over the search results - I have done that before too but haven't for awhile, I might have to go look just for fun!

    This dress is A-MA-ZING. I wish I could see it in person to see how it changes in the light because I imagine the picture doesn't quite do it justice. Not to say it doesn't look lovely, I just wish I could see it up close and personal! And it fits you just so well. Feminine without being over the top. Very, very nice!!

  2. I can never decide if I love or hate things that are "between colors"... regardless, the dress is super cute on you and I like it with the pink belt, definitely makes it seem more red/orange. Search results are super ridiculous, but fun to read!

    1. I generally like them since it makes them easier for me to remix without having to go "this is definitely red", but instead dress it up like any or all of the colors.

  3. LOL I love looking at these in my stats too! They are nothing if not entertaining. I get a lot of "nude" ones too and I think that it is from my nude Vera Wang pumps. In fact, if it isn't, I'm really confused.

    On another note, this dress fits you like a dream. I love the color, the fit and the ruching on the side. So gorgeous on you. I know i say this to you all the time, but I think this is DEF my fave dress on you. Hands down! Pretty lady!

  4. That dress is so lovely on you, Megan - you are a vision! I love the mixed red/purple accessories you've chosen. They help keep it from looking Chrismassy (as many red dresses can look!).

    I love looking at the search words. By far, mine are for "sheila ephemera" (or some crazy-spelled version of "ephemera"). Let's see...oh, lots of Fluevog searches, "self tanner for pale skin,"goofy look mom's face" (hee hee). I get a lot on leather pants, and many on anything to do with "nude" as well.

  5. That dress is so beautiful, one of my faves of your many fabo clothes! It's a WOW-WOW-WOW! :)

    Of the two of us, I'm pretty sure I have the vintage butt :P

  6. 1st - This dress looks fantastic on you. 2nd - I just checked my search words and they are B O R I N G. I only wish they were quite as entertaining as the ones you listed here.

  7. Gorgeous dress. It's great paired with the pink belt and those vintage flats. Cutie!

  8. This is hilarious, and I love the dress on you!!!!

  9. All Saints were made for you! And love this post - brought a smile to my face :)

  10. Hahah I did a search the other day and some of the search terms are so random (the nude nurse one cracked me up!) Love this dress on you and how you paired it with pink-such a pretty combo!

  11. These always amuse and surprise me too. I can't get over the fact that my most highly visited post is one about Barbie Dolls, Trolls, and vintage Katy Keene.

  12. Great dress and funny post! Now I want to look mine up!

  13. Sadly, the words on my blog are really, really boring. Not one is as interesting as yours.
    Love this dress on you, you look so lovely in it. The pull-ups on the side add a very MM touch.


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