Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Life: Week 6 - Finale

Welcome to the final installment of New Life! If you're confused, catch up on this feature here:

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Too big to sit everyone in my lap, Tom sleeps in my arms while Jane curls up in my lap
Socks, Harley and Bruce (from bottom to top) sleep sprawled on my legs. 
Now that we're all caught up! This week - we're fully fledged cats! Moving onto our 7th week of life, all the kittens have developed unique personalities, preferences, and learned all the basics skills a kitten needs. They pounce, play, cuddle, sleep, clean themselves, eat, and poo (in the box, properly!). Even Momma-cat knows it's time for them to finish growing up. She only let's them nurse briefly at night before stationing herself on a high shelf to sleep. Mom and I believe Annabelle has stopped producing milk, so it's going to soon be time to take her to the vet to be fixed (after the babies are re-homed).

Bruce - Brucey is finally coming into his own. He's less shy, more playful. He still prefers his laptime to be one-on-one and only allows pictures while he's sleeping. Loud noises are still scary, but Mr.Batface has come a long way since his first days. We're still uncertain where Bruce and Tom are going. The original person interested in Tom never contacted me again, so my Mom's friend is now again open to choose between the two boys. She will come by Mom's house at some point and meet the boys to decide which she bonds with better. I am sad, but I know she'll give them the best home possible. 

Harley - I've never bonded with a girl cat as well as I have with Miss Harley. She's got such good manners (while begging next to my plate, but we've learned to stay off my plate this week - good girl!), she's always there when I need a kitten -to play or to nap. She doesn't mind that I call her Bruce occasionally or tip her head up to look for the patch of white. She has the most beautiful eyes and sweetest face, although she resembles her Momma to a tee when she sleeps. I'll miss her terribly. She and Jane go to their new home on May 23rd. I'll snap a couple of pictures on "going home" day.

Soximillian - Not-so-little Socks was super playful today. I only got in minor time with him today, but he did ham it up for the camera. His little face has finally started to "grow up" and now he has the same long nose, big ears, and spindly legs that everyone else does. He's going to become such a beautiful cat, I just hope he keeps his good temperament once brothers and sisters have left the nest.

Thomas York Morgan - Tom aka York has become such a wild card. He's still super independent, but he's begun to "adopt" me as his favored person. D showed a big interest in York when he was born, and since his and Bruce's situation is not finalized, I asked D what we would call him, since he still isn't responding well to "Tom". He mentioned a couple of names Zach, York, etc. (Video game reference for those not interested in reading all that).. and I accidentally just started calling him York and it's sort of stuck. So as often as Socks's name changes in variation, Yorkie gets called a million different names in a day. 

Miss Calamity Jane - Jane has become Mom's favorite. She's a very sociable girl, chatty, funny, playful, sweet. She wedged herself partly under my leg and rolled over onto her back. She fell asleep with her arms in the air and mouth open. I laughed and laughed at her silly face. The girl kitties have come out remarkably sweet.

I'm so proud of all the kittens. Watching them grow up and hit their milestones has been a wonderful adventure. From little peanuts to cats, they're soon off to a whole new adventure with new families. I thank everyone who has stuck around and gotten to know my little babies. 


  1. Awww... how adorable. You should be proud of yourself, sheparding these kitties to independence. You were a great foster-mom. It'll be hard to separate from them. My sympathies on that. I admire your kindness.

  2. Aw, I just want them all! Good for you for properly socializing them and making sure they have all the necessary skills to be good cats in their new homes. I wish Vizzini's foster family had been as caring (although he is getting much better).

  3. Sweeties, all of them! And such a wonderful diary you've kept. I will miss them too. Big hugs to you and your mom from this family of kitty-rescuers.

  4. Aw, they're so sweet. Looks like you had a great Mother's Day with your furbabies.

  5. I'm going to miss them too! They are just so cute and I have loved reading these weekly updates!

  6. Oh, the babies are so sweet. Thanks for sharing them with us; I've really enjoyed this, and it is hardening my resolve to adopt a couple more.

  7. Bawling over kittehs growing up and leaving home. It's a weepy mom thing.


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