Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mail Magick

 Blouse - Express, thrifted
Hector skirt - All Saints
Star stud Sandals - Poetic License
Necklace - via Mom

Another day, another trip to the post office. I love snail mail, I love packages. I love sending them and receiving them. Emails are great for quick communication, but there's something special about sitting down, writing a letter, packaging up a pretty bundle of stuff, and mailing it out. Some people loath the post office, but I love walking in and knowing my letters and packages will show up on somebody's front step or mailbox and brighten up their day.

I typically do not wear much jewelry, but I raided Mom's jewelry box last weekend for some big chunky jewelry. This necklace was always a favorite because she wore it when she did a fortune teller LARP when I was very young. We stayed in some cabins. It was autumn and everything was orange and brown. I actually got to come along and spend my weekend with "Elves" watching me (and by that, I mean they wrote me in as a kidnapped kid!) and teaching me to make rice candles out of paper bags. And at the evening meal, we had professional belly dancers! It's still one of my favorite memories, and even better because I have the pictures too. I had a very "magical" young childhood.

Mom in all her 90s garb glory
Tiny Megan!
Cabins in the forest and extra tiny Megan among them
We later placed the candles to lead to each cabin at night
Lots of people
Dancing! Go Tiny!Megan go!
(See, I've always had a thing for black ankle boots)
Elves! (I thought these guys had real elf ears)


  1. Oh my gosh what fun pictures from your childhood! Tiny!Megan is cute! I love that you're wearing that necklace now, so awesome that it holds such wonderful memories for you!

    I agree, snail mail is fun! I like getting fun things in the mail and sending them too. Keep the Postal Service alive!!!

  2. Tiny Megan thank you for sharing this memory. Adorable.

    Necklace rocks!

  3. Aww I want to give Tiny Megan a big hug! And the necklace is awesome :-)

  4. How adorable! What a great memory! And you were such a cutie!!!! Love this post Megan. Thanks for giving us an insight to a special time in your childhood. Love your mom's necklace--so crazy cool! Made even better by its great memories.

  5. Your childhood sounds awesome and those little ankle boots on tiny Megan are awesome! I go to the post office like twice a week, so I know all the employees and they all know me and I even have nicknames for some of them. It's ridiculous.

  6. What awesome photos! You and your mom look so much alike. This is a great post sharing one of your childhood memories. Hope you are doing well.

  7. What a cool necklace - that's totally the kind of thing I snagged out of my mom's jewelry boxes when I was a teen. And such great memories and pictures to go along with it! What a cutie you were as a kid. :)

    I agree - love snail mail. I like to mail my nieces cards.

  8. Tiny Megan is sooooo cute! Love the childhood pics :)

    Great necklace, sandals, well, pretty much everything. You make it all look so easy :)

  9. Your childhood looks like it was pretty fun. I always like getting mail. Email is useful, but it is no substitute for real mail.

  10. Being kidnapped by elves is a pretty special childhood memory! I can't wait to receive my MMD package :-)

  11. OMG! Love the old photos. Go, Tiny Megan, go!

  12. What a great story! I love that photo of your mom and you were so so cute!!

  13. Oh, how awesome!!!! That is so cool that your mom did LARP. The necklace is wonderful and yes, what an adorable childhood photo!


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