Friday, May 25, 2012

In Trade

 Tank, star wrap bracelet - Target
Skirt - the Limited, thrifted
Mary Janes - Coccinelle, swap

Rachel, a reader, emailed me awhile back interested in a Father's Day portrait of her family in Steampunk fashion (linked to prevent spoilers, but click through to see). In lieu of cash payment, she asked to do a clothing swap for the art. Now I've done craft swaps before, a small one with Pansy Lane, but we traded skill for skill. 

So Rachel and I hashed out an agreement and mailed me a package of goodies while I got to work. I enjoyed the project, and the swap yielded some interesting pieces for me to play with, some fit perfectly with my style, others may prove to be a challenge, but one I'm interested in trying out. I'm always open to flexible trades for buttonflowers or for art. 

The shoes were a part of the box 'o goodies. I've actually worn them twice, and I think I like them better with jeans than skirts. The leather has a really cool effect though, and they're comfortable. I'm still looking for the perfect pair to fill the "black flats" gap in my wardrobe, but I may just skip that and snag these Born sandals instead. (More shoe buying?! Who, me? Never!)


  1. Love the ombre skirt, Megan. And OMG, the price of the Born gladiator sandals is so reasonable. (More shoe buying? But of course! : > )

  2. Those shoes are so fun! I would say it's a great trade off! Love your skirt as always too! Glad you were able to work something out and I'm anxious to see the other goodies you received!

  3. I love the shoes - so cool! Lovely skirt!

  4. What fantastic shoes! I think you got a pretty good trade :)

  5. I love those shoes. They look like a pair of Fluevogs from a few seasons ago. Fabulous skirt too.

  6. Great skirt. Cute shoes. And where'd you get the pretty buttonflower? :)

    1. The buttonflowers are all thanks to you, Ally. ;)

  7. Glad you tried out the shoes. They're cute. I think they would look really great with jeans. And the skirt is fab!

  8. SOOOOOOO much to love here Megan! That two toned skirt is the bee's knees. Love it! And those shooooooooes! Amazing! Can't wait to see them with jeans as well. I think that the best part about art is the ability to share with others. Here you both share your talents with each other. How wonderful. Can I borrow your talent please? ;-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I like the idea of swapping trade for trade. I like the skirt and the shoe leather.

  10. Those shoes are really neat looking up close.
    Your portrait is amazing! Really, really cool.
    Your hair is just a beautiful color in the sunlight.

  11. Killa family portrait. I think that skirt is supposed to be mine :P

    Curiosity kills de Cat. What else was in the box? :)


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