Monday, May 28, 2012

In Memoriam

Tiny Star-print Dress - gift
Vest - Papaya, thrifted
Zebra Chuck Taylors - gift
Leather star wraps - Target

Happy Memorial Day, US friends. Wearing my red white and blue (er, turquoise) for today. It's mega-mega hot here. The bugs are in full swing. I am itchy. Ugh. I'm not sure where my clothing ideas are going lately. I'm thinking maybe a black and white week this week. I have enough to do it.

I'm actually satisfied with my current closet, but still feel frustrated when trying to dress for the weather. It's hard when you go from needing 2-3 layers and a coat to a single layer and no need for tights at all. Wearing a single dress, does it get boring? How do you handle dressing for hot days of summer?

No big plans for today, but I did spend the usual Sunday with Mom and my kittycats.

I got "my" cats (Spike, Bruce, York) new collars. Mom bought "her" cats (Sammy and Annabelle) their replacement collars earlier last week. York was such a crazycat trying to chase the bell on his - while he was wearing it. The babies are still to small for theirs, but they have them tucked away for when they're big enough - which will be all too soon.

York was like a kitten on speed, bouncing off the walls, attacking everything possible. He did crash out for awhile to watch the movie with Mom and I. Bruce was happy to have a lap all to himself for most of the day.

Bruce says, "I love D! Dis is my hand nao."
York givin' me the squint face that Socks used to.
Kitten pass out pile


  1. I was staring at my clothes yesterday and thought, "wow. too much. overwhelming." So, I packed up a few items I thought didn't need to be there right now. For summer days I style up my summer dresses with necklaces and shoes. But when it's HOT it's all about the bare minimum.

    Oh, cute kitties.:)

  2. We have high humidity in our area so I really try to content myself with a single layer for most of the summer, but I mix it up with different colors and fabrics. Keely's idea about jewelry sounds like a good plan.

  3. Lots and lots of deodorant! Layering, too. Not only is the weather uber-hot - and wet down here - but I can almost set my clock by the noon menopausal hot flash :P This year I'm the hottest natured I've ever been; I used to hate sleeveless clothes, but now depend on them to get me through!

    I wonder who I'd have to kill to wear sneakers and a dress to work? I run around in dresses, skirts, and sneakers all the time when I'm not at work :)

    Love, love the tiny star print!

  4. Awww more kitty cuteness!! Dying over here! Totally dying! York my boy, you are just so super handsome!!

    I am concerned for the summer and trying to stay original too. Especially with dresses, I want to wear them, but I don't want them to get boring. I agree with those who have said dressing up/changing up an outfit with different accessories can really help for summer wear.

    I really like your look today though, I like the dress/vest combo and your necklace is really cute. Far from boring in my opinion!

  5. I can't even imagine the weather being so hot - we are still firmly in spring, despite a few really warm (for us: 80 degrees is HOT) days. It's even cloudy and rainy today - my bare legs are cold!

    Accessories are the way to go for hot weather: big ones!

    I love the kitty pictures. AWWWW!

  6. Oh those kitties! I hear ya. We aren't "hot" here yet, but even in the 80's, it makes me nervous for the summer. It is so hard for me to just do a dress alone, but sometimes it is just the most practical. Your hair is getting so long! It looks pretty and I like the vest! It is funny, but often i have the opposite problem with my closet--colors, colors everywhere! LOL

  7. We don't even have air conditioning in my house - that's how rarely it gets too hot here in Nova Scotia. When it does, I tend to wear one of my two unclingy cotton dresses. Everything else is just so unbearable to wear. That being said, tomorrow our forecast is for 11C. Still tights weather here.

    Oh the kittens!! *snorgle*

  8. Simple clothing mixed with fun accessories- so thankfull I can wear sandals and sleeveless shirts.

  9. I found myself thinking the same thing earlier this morning. I am totally happy with my closet EXCEPT for when it's a sweltering 97 degrees. Then I feel like I gained a billion pounds and nothing in my closet looks right. UGH. LOVE that vest and those Chucks! And the little kitties, of course!

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  10. I feel the same way when it gets hot, like a dress is too boring... but it's a necessity to survive the heat! So I try to style up dresses a bit differently each time - with hair scarves or necklaces or whatever, but some days I just can't!

  11. thank you for this! i never know what to wear this cute motorcycle vest i have with. i like how you paired it with a dress and chucks!


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