Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Full of Fluff

Tee - Ann Taylor 
Trousers - Ankle pants - Sandra King, thrifted, slimmed
Pearl Hart Pumps - John Fluevog
Bracelet - (gift via Debbi)
Necklace pendant - (gift via Keely)

In an attempt to make today a little brighter, I tossed on my super bright pink pants, a bright teal tee (I swear it's green-blue, but photographs blue no matter what), green shoes, purple bracelet, and chartreuse pendant. Taking one day at a time helps. I still love these pants to pieces.

I've got a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks, including my meet up with Lynne. And speaking of Lynne, she got her buttonflower and belt package! Check out her blog to see what she bought and I'll be sharing more about obi belts and special orders this weekend.

To hold you over until then - teething York! These kittens chew anything they can get their mouths around. Mostly it's been my fingers. They've known me since before their eyes and ears opened. My smell mixing right alongside Momma-cats. So chewing on my fingers is a favorite past time when they're ready to settle down for a nap. Not such a big problem when they're little, but yowch! those fangs get sharp fast. But this is a great learning time because York and Bruce learn by my Mom and I "crying" when they bite too hard. This teaches kittens to control their pressure so when they play as adult cats they know how to play without injuring.

(You can also see York's insanely dexterous paws in this video! Omg those things are insanely cute!)

Also I forgot to actually mention it in yesterday's post, but we're keeping York. 


  1. Yay for those pants again, I love them! I have to imagine they perk up your day just a little bit.

    And I love York!!! I'm so happy you are keeping him, he is a doll! Love him!!! Oh I want a baby kitty...but two kitties are enough for me.

    One day at a time is right.

  2. My sister, at 8 1/2 months pregnant, a couple years ago, found a small abandoned kitten (too young to be away from his mommy, too!) at her husband's workplace. Anyway, it worked out really well - she was able to teach little Socks all kinds of good habits relating to her little baby that would have been harder to teach an older cat!

    1. Absolutely. That's so awesome. Kitten behavior is so malleable at young ages, but when they get older, it's harder to train bad behavior out.

  3. You're keeping York 'cause you can't get him off your finger, right? Seriously, YAY!

    I need those pants in a skirt :)

  4. Yeah, one day at a time...so glad you have little York to lavish attention on.

    You look awesome - love all the brights together!

  5. Sorry to hear about your kitty loss! Good thing York will be around :)

  6. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!York is adorable! I want kittens again SOOO bad now! And I need those pants in my closet. For serious. And toss those Fluevogs my way too, please.

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  7. Love those pants sooooo much! The colors are amazing together.

    Sorry to hear about your kitty loss and illl friend. *hugs*

  8. The pants are to die for!! Love them with the shirt, too.

  9. Aw York! So glad to see a bright spot in your week! He is such a cutie!!! And so are your pants! Fantastico!!

  10. Grrr Blogger you comment eater!!!

    At any rate, York is just so cute and I love your little video to bits and bits! So glad to see something to make you smile!

    I saw what you sent to Lynne! You are so talented Megan! Good for you!

    I love graphic pants and these are no exception!

  11. I SAW your beautiful obi on Lynne earlier this evening!

  12. I love those pants. You better put a lock on your closet door...

  13. I love all those brights, and oh, the kitten is so adorable.

  14. My goodness, you have the most incredible shoe collection! I just went through like 4 pages of your blog just to see all of your fabulous footwear. I love Fluevog so I'm inclined to say this is my favorite pair, but they really are all gorgeous. :)

  15. Your shoes are amazing! I keep visiting a pair of John Fluevogs online but I don't think I'm ready to commit...


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