Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wendy Brandes Uniform

 Top - Tadashi Shoji, thrifted
Pima Cotton Jeans - The Limited, thrifted
Shoes - eject, ebay
Bracelets - Target, vintage, ex-belt
Bags - Ecko Red, Timbuk2

Here is one of yesterday's thrifted tops. I saw the sheer sleeve poking out of the racks on the way to check out and after picking it up and trying it on, I fell in love with this hourglass shape and futuristic vibe. I struggled with what to wear it with for warm weather, and usually when that happens something goes unworn... so I decided to try the Wendy Brandes uniform. I tried her patented toothy grin, however I feel like I looked weird. I prefer my personal Smirk imo.

Wendy is the inspiration that made me actually looking up the clothing brands I thrift. She gave me the heads up on willi.smith, but her comment also inspired me to look up Carmen Marc Valvo and Tadashi Shoji. These clothes wind up on the Goodwill racks because processors don't recognize the brand from some of the top house names, so budget shoppers like me get a great chance at stumbling across these great pieces. I highly suggest letting your smartphone play a role in your thrift shopping. I don't recommend buying something because it's designer, but it will help clue you in whether you're buying something that could be higher quality goods than your average f21 fast-fashion.

Don't forget to also utilize your best thrifting tool - your hands! Your sense of touch can tell you a lot about a garment. This top for example is made of a strong mesh material with tight seaming, excellent fit, and that little bit of heft that lets you know you can really wear something without it breaking apart while you were it.

Also a small addition to today's post - this bag! OMGOMG. There's a super cute girl in one of my classes, and I couldn't resist taking a picture of her bag. A small shout-out of thanks to her for that.


  1. Ooooh I like this top on you a lot. It's super pretty and does have a futuristic vibe like you said, so it's also somewhat edgy. Awesome find. I need to go thrifting now that I can shop again. It's been too long. Too, too long.

    I've totally seen that bag and another one that looks like an owl - I think they were from Target and they are totally adorable!

  2. 1. You look SUPER hawt in that top. I'm glad you found it and got it!

    2. As adorable as your trademarked Smirk is, you have a BEAUTIFUL smile. Absolutely beautiful.

    3. Actually, no, I think it was just those two things on my mind. I don't think much. :)

  3. That top looks great on you, and that is definitely a Wendy inspired look!

  4. You are really a beautiful woman. You have a beautiful smile, but I guess I am so accustomed to your Mona Lisa smile (not a smirk) that it just doesn't look like "you."
    Tops that have the nipped in waist look fabulous on you.
    That purse is cute as a button (pun intended.)

  5. That bag is adorable! It's a fox, right?

    I always go by the feel of an item before I try it on. The softer, the better.

  6. Love your shear top and that bag from the girl in your class is SUPER cute! Great look Megan! I've become a lot more thrift savvy after blogging too. I learn from all you lovely thrift mavens on the web.

  7. Oh my god, I adore that top - look at your killer figure!!

    Totally agree on researching labels you don't recognize. Is willi.smith a good label? I thrifted a jacket by him/her not too long ago. Awesome.

    You have a great smile, hon.

  8. You're so pretty! Great top too. I like your WB outfit and smile.

  9. Great thrifting, Megan. You look beautiful, both smiling and half-smiling : > Wendy's a great one to consider when picking out an outfit - I would love to steal her look any day.

  10. Have you always been so perfectly curvy? If not - I want that top's magic!

  11. This is thrifting heaven!! You're right about feeling the fabric too. I also find that since I've been in the fashion game for years, I tend to recognize more obscure labels (especially from the 80's). It's always fun to know the origin of something you instinctively know is special.

    This is a good "Wendy" look! I love her, too!

  12. I am soo not good at thrifting and I envy your talent! Love the futuristic outfit indeed!


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  13. that top is radtastical! I love it. and uhm, that fox bag-- too cute for words :)

    ♥ laura
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  14. Beautiful top!

    You can find the fox bag on ebay

  15. Great post, great thrift finds, and I love your smiley photo :-)

  16. What an amazing top! I don't use a cell phone, but came across a sweater today that I bought without googling on the spot. Discovered that it is designer Italian, Luigi Basile. The clerk at the store wanted it...

  17. I love the WendyB uniform, and think you truly outdid yourself and WendyB with this top. I covet it greatly, and would steal from your closet if you ever let me come over...:P

    1. ;D I totally would! (And probably could, I think we're about the same size.)


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