Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Life: Week 4 (Lots of Images)

If you've been following along on Sundays, you'll have already met the crew. If not take a moment to go back and catch up on:
Week 3 

Warning this post is really really long. However, there are lots of cute pictures along the way.

Somebody turned the kittens into sugar this week. They were pure sweetness. I had practically all five kittens in my lap, under foot, ON my foot all day long. For the first half of the day I was so busy going kitten crazy I forgot my camera. Thankfully by the first nap time I was able to start snapping pics. 

Today we had some milestones - Tom, Harley, and Jane had their first taste of solid food in the form of chicken. During lunch they smelled the food so we offered them up little shredded bites of cooked chicken. Tom practically ripped it out of my hand!

Later we tried them on soft food. Socks, who rejected the earlier chicken ate his entire portion of wet food - then promptly slept most of the day in my arms . Tom decided to run, hide, and cry from the living room during food time. Harley opted to check out the litter pan instead of eating - however kittens will be waiting a few more days since everyone tried to eat the litter. Oops! Everyone got milk time with Momma after their first dinner of real food.

Bruce - What a blossom he turned out to be. Loves kisses, begs to be picked up. He's still got a sweet face and is an excellent cuddler. Still sad because we've yet to actually find him a home (though Mom confessed if we don't find him a home, we'll probably keep him - but we are still trying). He's such a sweet cute boy. He also likes to sleep in the weirdest positions. Like on his back curled in my arm.

Harley - From loner to playful, she spent lots of time curled up in my lap today. She's a chewer, loves to nibble on my fingers. 

Harley asleep, Bruce awake
Such a sweet girl

Tom - This rambunctious boy is settling down a bit, but still loves to bounce off and cry just out of reach sometimes. However he did spend a good portion of the afternoon with Socks and Harley crashed out in my lap. Check my twitter @MeganMaeDaily for extra kitten updates on weekends.

Biting sister's face
Jane - Still full of herself. She realized that 3/5 kittens were not coming back to the pile and herded Bruce out from behind the chair. She decided to scream until she realized everyone was in my lap - I picked her up and she promptly took a bath and fell asleep. At four weeks, we do lots of sleeping.

Iggy Socks - aka Billy Socks, aka Socks Stardust, aka Iggyicklepants. Socks has pretty much won himself a home with us. Mom and I are kind of obsessed with his sweet face, Ragdoll-like temperament, and soft purrs. So far he's the little rockstar of the group. I hardly wanted to leave him today. Even more good news - Spike has taken to him! Spike, Mom's adult ginger cat, has mostly been scared or aloof when it has come to kittens, but he has spent some time sniffing and licking Socks.

I also got a little bit of video of him to show just how stoic he really is. All the kittens seems to wiggle and waggle all the time. But Socks? He's totally chill during downtime, just look out when he's playing!

Socks bonelessly crashed out.


  1. That's a lot of kittens but they are just adorable!

    1. They're definitely more than a handful these days.

  2. I just can't get enough of these babies!!! Love them so much!

  3. Too. Much. Cuteness. My heart can't take it! :) I love these kitty updates. You could fill a blog with nothing but kitties.

  4. Oh my gosh, I just want one! I love them.


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