Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Life: Week 3


If you've been following along on Sundays, you'll have already met the crew. If not take a moment to go back and catch up on:
Week 1
Week 2

This week, our milestones are playing, purring, beginning to clean ourselves, accidental piddles in the box requiring bedding changes, eyes beginning to focus and lots of floppy ears. I'm still learning to use my camera past "auto" and the mugshots were taken with low light options. I'll make sure to use that next week since the rest of the images are blurry or grainy. Sorry about that! Click any picture to embiggen.


Bruce - Feeling much better this week. Eyes are bright and clear. See how the light shines off them while he unhappily has his photo taken. Poor baby. His little bat ears are really sticking straight up now. He's still quiet and reserved. We're trying to specifically give Brucey lots of attention because his little sister often gets picked up twice due to his reserved nature.

Harley - Quickly turning into a cuddler! Miss thang spent the day staring up at me out of the box, quickly followed by bored yawns. She kept trying to climb out of the box to follow me.

LilTom - This sweet boy has a home! Mom's found someone with an adult cat who needs a new bud to give him some exercise. Tom is a playful kitten who will do great with another cat. He's getting awfully pretty, taking after his Mom's lanky features and Dad's patterning. So cute.

Miss Jane - And news I've been almost too excited to say - Both girls have also been promised to a home!  Jane and Harley will be going to the same home when the time comes. She's settling down as her sight and sound give her more to rely on and give her comfort. She was all about asking for attention. I had trouble with clear photos on all because of kittens turning away, but she kept running into the camera! Silly girl.

Sgt. Socks - Whatchu talkin bout, Socks? Sweet sweet boy! Still a cuddler, but definitely more up for traveling these days. He actually did climb out of the box and into my lap. Loves pets and making wicked hilarious faces. Still trying to talk Mom into keeping this one. Though she wants a new name for him. Got any good explorer/adventurer names? This mild-mannered fella needs something to balance him out. (And Mom has officially ruled out "Sarge")

And I can't forget my #1 furbutt, Spike. He decided to break free from his collar last weekend so I let him prance around with my leather bracelet around his neck. I had to hunt him down to get it back~! He did look pretty good in it. He and I got some one-on-one time today. He's not really fond of the kittens so he tends to hide when I've got one. Sammycat on the other hand keeps giving Mom the slip and disappearing outside. He does come back, but no pics of him today since he came back after I put my camera away.

With 3 out of 5 kittens already promised to new homes, I'm still hunting for homes for the other two and the Momma. Wish me luck!


  1. Oh, I have not previously followed along...but Jane was my immediate favorite.

  2. Oh, I love them all! So sweet. I would take Sgt. Socks in a heartbeat.

  3. Love the out of control flailing feets. That's a whole pile of cute!

  4. Yay kitty update! They are growing so fast, and they are so much fun! I love them all! I am glad they are finding homes already!

  5. These pics are the highlights of the day! I love them all, thanks for sharing them with us. PS I love the name "Sgt Socks"!

  6. you can't keep any of them? can you imagine having to take care of 5 babies? oy. Waffle was one of 8. The mom would look at you when you picked one up as if to say "oh thank god. I'm so tie tie"

    1. oh and this is none of my business but I am a worrier by nature and the recommendation minimum is 8 weeks to make sure the kittens don't have issues (12 is more the standard for "fully weened" but...).
      Younger and they might me prone to some issue. That's why many states make it illegal under 8 weeks. ugh. feel free to delete this. I just worry and sometimes people aren't sure.

      This is kinda a good article on some of it from CATS magazine.

    2. I personally can't keep any, unless by miracle I move sometime before all the kittens are promised to new homes. I totally understand where you're coming from. We will absolutely not be giving kittens away until they're eating and pooing on their own, but we will unfortunately have to do it closer to the 6-8 week mark because the financial strain and the strain the Momma cat is causing. So far she's already done a ton of damage to my Mom's apartment; she's not a indoor cat, but for the sake of the babies we're trying to deal with her going out.

      Not going to delete your because it is good info.

      We do plan to keep them as long as feasibly possible, but my Mom is not a professional rescuer, I can't help her except one day a week, and a shelter will not take them under 8 weeks either. So we're doing our best with the kittens health and happiness in mind, but still being aware we are limited in resources.

      Spike, my Mom's cat, actually got at 5 weeks because the person giving them away was leaving town and had no one else to care for the babies except their new homes. He was really too young to take, but was eating, littertrained and - other than a major sense of entitlement to his breakfast at 5 am, quite healthy and ridiculously happy.

    3. Also addendum to others reading: Kittens are actually closer to a .5 week in all photos posted due to the only day I see being mid-week from when they were born. So they are about 24-25 days in these photos rather than 21 days.

  7. Oh my goodness- you know how much I love cats- these little furballs are too adorable for words! Mr. Spike looks like my Marley- I love ginger kitties! Good luck on getting the other 2 adopted- I'm sure it will be no problem- everyone loves kitties!

  8. Although I'm scared of cats, this post is absolutely adorable!!!

  9. ooooooooohhhhh..... pure cuteness!
    They look like such darlings and i am sure they would be well taken care by their adopted families!


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