Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Life: Week 2

If you've been following along on Sundays, you'll have already met the crew. If not take a moment to go back and catch up on:

And now welcome to Week 2 of Kittens! Little eyes open and ears beginning to flop, they like crawl around as fast as their wobbly bodies let them. They fuss and cry at all the new experiences they face.

Bruce (aka batface): Sweet little boy wasn't feeling well today. He's got a bit of a sticky eye from opening up and 5 kittens clawing to be the top cat during feeding time. A little bit of ointment is taking care of 'im, but he wasn't up for bright lights or photos, so I only got the quickest of headshots. Hopefully he'll be feeling right as rain soon.

Harley: Quickly becoming a drama queen, everything is the end of the world - when she's not showing off. She discovered she can roll on her back today, and gave me lots of cute faces and batted paws.

Lil Tom: Still my mom's favorite, and definitely the prettiest marked kitty of the bunch. He's got the cutest possible ears ever. Definitely takes after his Mom's big ears.

Calamity Jane: Or Miss Jane as she's become. She's got a little screech in her meow when she's afraid her Momma has disappeared or if she's hungry, but she's otherwise adventurous and loves peeking over the box when she's not being woken up from her beauty sleep.

Sergeant Socks: The unarguably sweetest of the bunch. He'll cuddle up to you and loooves pets. He's got the best eyesight so far and will stare up at you out of the box. He's got a stern face when it's not melting you with cute determination.

I did get video of the boys this week, however most were only a couple of seconds long, and not worth uploading to youtube. The kittens are definitely beginning to run around so hopefully next week I can let them roam and play while carrying the camera. This week, I tried to catch them from falling out of the box, off the couch or out of someone's hand. They're ready to rumble and will definitely be a feisty bunch by next Sunday.


  1. Soooooooooooo lovely, Mae.
    Thank you for sharing

  2. I'm not a huge cat fan but I loooove kittens! They are just too cute!

  3. So adorable. Lil Tom has what I call "sad eyes", just like my little Jetta. Heart melting eyes.

  4. Sigh, I can't stop playing the little videos. I love the tiny mews so much!! Thanks for posting.

  5. I'm really enjoying watching these little guys grow! They change so much even in a week's time! So adorable!

  6. Ah, so much cuteness! Love it.

  7. ACK!!! They are SO cute!!! Kittens make me happy. This makes me happy. :)


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