Friday, April 20, 2012

Mystery Solved

Deadwood Altair Dress - All Saints, gift from Megan
Star Belt, Cami - thrifted
Star Sandals - Poetic License
Earrings - gift from Debbi

Decided to take advantage of the hot day to bust out a cotton dress and sandals. Ahh! So nice. I jazzed up this plaid dress with star everything. This is the second pair of star earrings gifted to me by Debbi. You can see them here along with a close up of my sandals.

So today was full of lots of interesting things that I could ramble about, but I was sidelined by an email. A reader has found the answer to my quest for the name of my favorite Fluevog boots. At the height of my shoe shopping spree, I purchased not one - but two pairs of identical boots. Both from ebay, within the same week, from two different sellers. I got them in black and yellow. I sold the yellow pair back on ebay because my style wasn't quite where the yellow boots were. I kick myself for it because I wish all the time I still had them - alas, I know the buyer was a very sweet girl who gave them a good home.

Fluevog Jean Time circa 2004

Anyway, the answer was finally revealed to me! I knew these boots were originally from the Time family, but the emailer, Carrie, linked me to this post showing the boots are called the Jean! Possibly after Jean Shrimpton? As the other shoes in the family are the Twiggy and Bridget. This is one shoe family I'd love to come back.


  1. It's still so cold here - I wish I could wear a light dress and sandals! I love your dress.

    I think those shoes are definitely named after Jean Shrimpton. What great detective work!

  2. OMG I love those yellow boots! So cool! And yay for sandal weather! Enjoy your weekend Megan!

  3. I love those sandals you're wearing! And oooooh I totes wish I had those yellow boots! they are fun.

    ♥ laura
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  4. i recently gave away a bunch of pants to a friend and while i'm glad to get rid of some things from my closet sometimes i'm slightly regretful. so i totally feel you on the boots. those were pretty fab! speaking of fab shoes though i love your sandals. and you have the best all saints dresses!!!

  5. I have the same sandals as you, but mine are in a pink color. They aren't real comfortable, but they sure are cute! I'm so glad you are enjoying the earrings.

    1. Mine are actually pretty comfortable. I have a very curved shaped heel/Achilles tendon though and I can see how on a differently shaped foot it might not be the case. The back part fits a little oddly. Thanks, I really am enjoying the jewelry!

  6. Wow ! These buckle boots are awesome !!!
    Feel free to check out my blog :

  7. Still cool here too. Can't quite let myself go without socks yet. Your outfit makes me long for summer. You look great!

  8. Your emails are so informative, Vog Girl :) I love the yellow ones. I hope they come back to you


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